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Virtual Video Interview

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The IT industry is progressing in leaps and bounds during the current era. With each passing day, new technologies and tools are being developed. AI-based automated technologies are used in all fields of life for enhanced productivity. 

Recruiters are also automating processes for making the hiring process more efficient and quick. These systems scrutinize the applicants quickly and less time is spent on appointing the perfect employee. It saves resources and offers accurate results. 

What Is a Virtual Interview? 

Virtual Interview
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A virtual interview is an innovation in the recruiting process. These interviews involve an AI-powered robot that conducts video interviews. The design and working of these systems are done according to the steps involved in the hiring process.  

The system assesses interviews of all the applications and shortlists the most appropriate ones. The selection is done according to the preferences set in the system. 

These systems are extremely helpful for organizations with a large bulk of applicants for vacant job positions. These automated systems use a smartphone or laptop to record the video interview of the candidates. The data is saved and analyzed through the software based on different metrics. These include a choice of words of the applicant, tone, answers given, and body language.  

A score is then given for each applicant and they are ranked according to the relative scores. The highest-ranked applicants are shortlisted for the next round of the recruitment process. Virtual interviews can be audio or video-based. The conduction can occur in real-time or recruiters can ask you to submit video recordings as well. 


Why Are Virtual Interviews Becoming Popular? 

Virtual video interviews are becoming popular among organizations nowadays. This is because these systems are efficient and offer the best results in minimum time. Some educational institutes have also started training their students to perform well in AI-powered interviews due to their rising popularity. 

The vital reason for their rise to fame is that these recruiting robots are quick and error-free. They allow the hiring team to compile results without investing time in a video call with each applicant. This helps companies by saving resources and appointing employees quickly for vacant job roles. 

The AI robots are not biased and allow the HR teams to focus on other important tasks. These systems are especially useful during the initial stages of the hiring process as it involves thousands of applicants. Hiring bots process all these applications quickly and produce valuable results. 


Working of Virtual Recruitment Systems

Video Interview
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Artificial intelligence has brought a revolution in the IT industry. AI-based recruiting systems are smartly designed to make the hiring process seamless and robust.  

The AI-based systems have transformed the way recruiters go through the hiring process. The process of discovering, developing, and hiring relevant talent has become more efficient and reliable. 

The video interviews are analyzed based on predictive and occupational science. Personality tests are also implemented to check whether the personality traits of the applicant resonate with the job description or not. These systems use artificial intelligence to augment the decision-making abilities of the applicants. 

The process of recruitment starts right after the applicants submit their resumes. Each applicant is sent a set of questions they need to answer in the video interview. The AI-powered system then rams an analysis of the videos. Data points determined by the recruiters are checked for each application. The smart system judges the applicants based on their words, gestures, and voice. 

Based on the information in the interview and CV, an estimation of skills, personality traits, attitudes, and behaviors is formulated by the system. A comparison of this data is made against the required qualities and current success stories to shortlist candidates. All these steps lead to the selection of people that are most suited for the job position. 


Tips to Perform Well in Virtual Video Interviews

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Giving an interview to an artificially intelligent robot sounds daunting. However, it’s not difficult at all. It works on the same principle as normal video-based interviews. The top tips for excelling in your virtual interview are as follows.


Test your technology  

Virtual interviews are conducted via digital devices. You must make sure that all the devices involved in the interview are functional. Check your laptop, internet connection, power supply, etc. before time.  

If the recruiter has specified a video calling software for the interview, you must download it beforehand and set it up on your pc. Also, ensure that the audio devices like the mic and speakers are also working to avoid any disruptions. 

Space must be neat and clean 

The virtual interview is usually given from the vicinity of your home. Choose a spot that appears neat and clean in the background. There must be no clutter to distract the attention of the recruiter. The background colors must not be too loud and the spot must be separate from the hustle and bustle of the house. 


Follow instructions carefully 

Each organization sends instructions to the applicants via email before the interview. You must go through these instructions thoroughly. Pay attention to all the details and prepare everything you need for the interview. Preparations must be made before the interview starts to avoid any delay or inconvenience.  


Communicate beforehand 

Communicating with your recruiter is very important to keep them updated about your presence. In case you are suffering from a health issue like cold, cough, allergy, etc., you must inform them before the interview.  

Mention everything that can affect the virtual meeting in any manner. If you have any special needs or disabilities mention that in a call before the scheduled date. 


Take time to get ready  

Being mentally prepared is vital for a great performance during the interview. You must prepare for a digital interview similar to a physical one. This will help you in developing mental strength and boost your confidence level. 

Create a reminder for the interview date and time and start preparing beforehand. You must be available and fully prepared for the virtual video call 5-10 minutes before the interview time. 


Dress accordingly for the virtual interview

You must dress well for the digital interview to cast a positive impact on recruiters. Dress formally and choose colors that are appropriate to the job role you are applying for. Dressing smartly has a positive impact on the recruiters and boosts your chances of being noticed. 


Behave courteously and smile  

The AI-powered recruitment system considers confidence level as an important factor while judging candidates. Smiling often means that you are optimistic and confident. You must present a positive outlook to leave a lasting impression on the hiring team.  

Maintain an upright body posture, smile more, and maintain eye contact with the camera for best results. Your body language must be vibrant and alert for a positive impact. All these above-mentioned factors contribute to a high employability score in intelligent systems. 

Keep a check on your tone and audio level. Avoid being too loud or too quiet. Speak clearly and maintain a pace that’s understandable for AI-based systems.


Stay focused  

Your prime focus during the interview must be facing the camera. Stay focused and answer all the questions without losing focus or getting distracted for good scores.

Avoid background noises and distractions 

You must ensure that there are no disruptions during the interview. Choose a separate spot at home where there are no other family members. There must be no background noise as it can make your answers inaudible. Avoid interruptions caused due to slow internet or notifications on your device. 

Remain confident and optimistic 

You must remain calm and positive during the video interview. Even if you don’t know how to answer a particular question, remain confident. Address the recruiters politely.



Virtual interviews are common among recruiters nowadays. Preparing well for these interviews is vital for passing the initial stages of the hiring process. The AI-based system monitors the gestures, word selection, audio, etc. of the applicants to rate them accordingly. You must prepare well for the interviews and follow instructions carefully for the best performance. 

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