One Simple Tip to Ace Almost Any Interview

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It is a huge achievement to convince the hiring manager that you are the perfect candidate for a job. An interview can be nerve-wracking even for seasoned job seekers. 

During job interviews, interviewees are focused on themselves as they want to make a good and lasting impression. Talking about career highlights and skills seems like the most effective way to get the attention of the recruiter.

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People love talking about themselves and it is not just true for the interviewee but also the interviewer. It is human nature to focus more on ourselves than others so it makes sense if candidates want to spend the entire interview talking about everything they have done.

Hiring managers have a difficult job. It is challenging to listen to multiple candidates talking about their life and career, focusing on the same points.

People are often unsympathetic to the dilemma of recruiters who sit through monotonous interviews because they think it is part of their job. You may be right but it is not going to get you hired.

Tips for Interview: Effective Tricks for a Successful Job Interview

Tips for Interview
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The simplest trick to getting the job is to be a good listener along with a good speaker and get the hiring manager’s undivided attention. Focusing on the person conducting the interview and managing to get the interviewer to go off script is the best way to keep their mind during the interview. 

Here are some useful tips for using a simple trick to get the job.


Tips for Interview: Engage the Interviewer

Successful Job Interview Tips
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The key to a successful interview is to keep the recruiter engaged. To get hired, it’s important to take the smart approach rather than focusing on being right. Making sure that the interviewer’s mind does not wander is the key to getting hired. Here are a few tips for engaging hiring managers during the interview.


Ask questions

During an interview, the recruiter is supposed to ask questions but if you want to stand out then you shift the focus to the interviewer by asking a question. It is an excellent technique to steer the interviewer away from scripted standard questions.

When you ask questions then the interview will turn into a conversation making it enjoyable for both the candidate and the interviewer.

Tip: When you are asked to give an introduction, you can sneak in a question about the job description at the end.


Here is an example of how you can engage an interviewer by asking questions.

Manager: Can you tell me about your resume, starting from the beginning of your career?

Interviewee: Sure, my first job was with ABC Retail. I learned a lot about inventory management during my time there. My next job was at Wiggly devices, where I was hired for a marketing role. Before I tell you more about my resume, can I ask a question? I am confident it will help me understand the job description in a better way.

Manager: Of course, you can.

Interviewee: The ad mentions that you are looking to hire a product manager. I am guessing you need the new hire to manage the latest wireless products you have announced. Is that right?

Manager: Yes, we need someone to manage the development project and also take care of some of the existing products. We are looking to make some changes and cut some of the less profitable items, so there is more room for the latest models.

Interviewee: I would love to hear more about it.

Manager: Some of our products that were big sellers in the past are no longer doing well and …

Be prepared for standard questions

Capturing the attention of the hiring manager is essential for a successful interview. The best way of doing that is to prepare for standard questions. When you are well-prepared it shows that you are serious and genuinely interested in the job, giving you a good start. Turn an open-ended question like giving an introduction into a discussion and you will have the recruiter’s attention.


Tips for interview: Showcase your understanding

Candidates need to show the hiring manager that they understand the job description. Good knowledge of the position they are hiring for and what they expect from their hires is effective in getting the attention of the interviewer.

Tip: Asking intelligent questions shows your understanding and gets the interviewer off the script. 

Highlight problem-solving capabilities

The success of an interview depends on the candidate’s ability to convince the hiring manager that they have the problem-solving qualities required for the job. Never give a definite answer that can be dismissed as being impractical. Use the opportunity to show the manager that you have the skills to find the best solutions and put them into practice.


Interviewing for a job can make even seasoned employees nervous. The best strategy to succeed is to shift the focus from yourself to the person sitting across the desk. Engaging the interviewer makes the interview memorable and increases the chances of getting hired. 

MBA from the Australian Institute of business. Over a decade working for IBM Australia and Oracle Europe and the Middle East. Worked on Artificial Intelligence technology for many years and believes that technology can help everyone better understand his/her personality and find the job they deserve.