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Emotional Intelligence Test with free Feedback from Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence is now more advanced, it can tell us deep insights about our emotional intelligence. This article includes a free test that uses the latest advancements in AI. You can take the test for free unlimited times, we only ask you to please share it with friends and family.


Understanding EQ or Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is also known as emotional quotient or EQ. It defines an individual’s capacity to comprehend, use, and manage one’s emotions positively. It is also effective in communication, empathizing, defusing conflicts, and overcoming challenges.

It also helps to establish a link with your feelings and convert intention into action. EQ makes it possible to turn them into action. With EQ, people can make informed decisions about important things.

Key Emotional Intelligence Attributes

Four main attributes define EQ and they are:



An emotional intelligence quiz tells of your ability to keep impulsive feelings and behavior under control and find healthy ways to manage emotions. It helps in taking initiative, making good on your commitments, and adapting to evolving circumstances.



EQ helps in recognizing one’s emotions and understanding how they impact one’s behavior and thoughts. It makes you aware of your weaknesses and strengths.


Social awareness

You can conduct an EQ test for free and it will help in understanding your empathy. It offers better comprehension of needs, concerns, and emotions and improves one’s ability to pick up emotional cues and be comfortable in social situations. It makes it easier to recognize power dynamics in an organization or a group.


Relationship management

You can develop and maintain lasting relationships by inspiring, influencing others, communicating clearly, working well with others, and managing conflicts.


Emotional Intelligence Test Using Artificial Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Quiz
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Taking an emotional intelligence test can assist in performing your best, establishing relationships at work, and achieving your goals in life. Artificial intelligence has evolved now to give us a better understanding of our artificial intelligence attributes.


Importance of EQ

The smartest people are not always the most successful or happy people. Some people are brilliant in academics but are unable to achieve professional and personal success. Intelligence quotient (IQ) is not enough to lead a happy and content life. EQ is just as important as IQ as it assists in managing stress during the most important moments of your life and helps in achieving desired results.

The IQ and EQ depend on each other and both play a crucial role in leading a happy life. It is not possible to enjoy success based on just one of them.


What Are the Effects of EQ?

Emotional Intelligence Test
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EQ affects all aspects of your life and it is essential to understand its impact on one’s life.


Performance at work or school

High EQ helps navigate the social complexities of a workplace. It improves your ability to motivate, lead and move your career forward. During the hiring process, many organizations rate EQ as important as technical skills. They use EQ testing during the hiring process.

Physical health

Inability to manage stress can lead to professional and personal unhappiness. Continuous stress can lead to anxiety, depression, and other serious health problems. Stress when left uncontrolled leads to high blood pressure, increased risk of strokes, and heart attacks. It can suppress the immune system, lead to infertility and speed up aging. Managing stress is the first step to improving emotional intelligence.


Mental health

Uncontrolled stress and emotions harm a person’s mental health. It makes you vulnerable to depression and anxiety. It is not possible to build strong and durable relationships without emotional stability.


Effects of emotional intelligence test on relationships

Understanding emotions make it possible to control them. It allows a person to express themselves in a better way and also understand others’ emotions. It improves one’s ability to communicate effectively and establish strong relationships professionally and personally.

Social intelligence

Being in tune with one’s emotions is a crucial part of emotional intelligence skillsIt helps in connecting with people around you. Social intelligence makes it easier to differentiate between foe and friend.


4 Key Skills for Elevating Emotional Intelligence Test Results

EQ Test
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Learning skills that build emotional intelligence is possible. But it is important to understand that there is a difference between taking a test and applying them to your life. It is hard to focus on good things and your strengths when you are overwhelmed by stress. Working on improving EQ allows overcoming stress and managing emotions in a better way.

To build your capability of managing emotions and establishing connections you need to focus on following EQ skills.



To engage the EQ, it is essential to use emotions for making constructive decisions. Losing control of emotions prevents an individual’s ability to think clearly. Emotions are crucial pieces of information that can tell you a lot about yourself and others. Finding healthy ways for self-management improves one’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Here are a few tips for improving self-management skills:

  • Assessing strengths
  • Prioritizing responsibilities
  • Developing organizational systems
  • Creating deadlines
  • Be patient
  • Stay healthy and well
  • Evaluating progress



Managing stress is the stepping stone to improving EQ. Emotions have a significant impact on the actions of a person. Connecting with changing emotional experiences is crucial for truly understanding their impact on decision-making. To be self-aware, an individual must be mindful. Mindfulness shifts preoccupation with the appreciation of the present and has a larger perspective on life. Being mindful helps a person focus and stay calm.

Here are a few tips for elevating self-awareness:

  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Value feedback
  • Developing intuitive decision-making
  • Knowing emotional triggers
  • Setting boundaries
  • Self-discipline
  • Be open-minded
  • Take an EQ test
  • Meditate
  • Stay motivated


Social awareness

Social awareness allows a person to not only recognize but also interpret non-verbal cues. The cues enable you to identify other people’s feelings and their emotional state. It can help professionally because it helps in understanding power dynamics.

The relationship between emotional/social awareness and mindfulness is to establish social awareness. It is essential to recognize the importance of mindfulness in the social process. Staying in the moment is the key to social awareness because you cannot pick up on social cues if your mind is preoccupied.

Paying attention to the emotional state of other people does not diminish one’s self-awareness. Paying attention to others’ emotional states can offer insight into your own beliefs, values, and emotional state.

Here are some key tactics that can help improve social awareness:

  • Be a good listener
  • Repeat what you listen
  • Focus on tone of voice
  • Focus on body language and facial expressions
  • Notice details

Relationship management

People need to work with other people and the journey of connecting with others starts with emotional awareness and recognizing emotions that others are experiencing.

Once you have established emotional awareness you can easily develop emotional/social skills and make sure they can establish relationships that are fulfilling and fruitful.

Here are some useful tips:

Understand the effectiveness of non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication is involuntary and is effective in communicating your feelings and emotions. The muscles around the mouth, eyes, and nose help to convey emotions without using words. Recognizing non-verbal cues is vital for building lasting relationships.

Relieve stress

Getting rid of stress is essential for a happy life. Laughter, play, and humor are the best antidotes for stress. They help in keeping things in perspective and calming down the nerves. Humor is an excellent tool for sharpening your mind and being more empathic.

Learning from conflict

In life, there are going to be disagreements and conflicts because the needs of every individual are unique. But resolving conflict can be a learning experience. Finding healthy solutions helps in strengthening trust and building a strong relationship. When conflict is not considered a threat it can be used to promote creativity and freedom in relationships.


Emotions (EQ) Vs Brain (IQ)

Many researchers are debating which factor is better in predicting people’s happiness and success in life, is it how smart you are (IQ score) or your emotional intelligence score?

The good thing is that you can get feedback about your EQ and IQ from artificial intelligence. This free IQ test will give you results from AI according to the big five personality theory.



EQ is a crucial ingredient in leading a successful life and fostering healthy relationships. To improve EQ, it is essential to understand where one stands and the best way to do that is to go online and take an emotional intelligence test for free. It will help you identify attributes that require improvement.

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