7 Sure Signs Your Interview Was Great (Signs an Interview Went Well)

Signs an Interview Went Well

Interviewing for jobs can be nerve-wracking because it is hard to know whether you have been successful or not. It is easy to second guess every answer and gesture as you do not get an immediate reaction. It is hard to determine whether you have managed to make a strong and memorable impression on the interviewer.

The good news is that some signs will let you know that the interview has gone well. 


What to look for during the interview ? Here are 7 signs an interview went well:


Signs an interview went well 1: The job interview was longer than initially planned

Interview schedules are a tight fit as candidates are slotted in between other commitments of the office. If the interview runs longer than the planned schedule by more than a few minutes then it is mostly a good sign. It shows that the interviewer is interested in your answers and wants to know more about you.


Signs an interview went well 2: The candidate feels a rapport with the interviewer

It is a vital sign that shows the interview was a success. Mostly you can feel from the start when you click with someone. If the interviewer greets your comments with a smile and the conversation is smooth then it means that you have managed to make a good impression. It is a good sign as it indicates you have managed to mesh with the work environment of the company. 


Signs an interview went well 3: The body language of the interviewer was positive

How can you ensure that you have managed to establish rapport? How can you evaluate the body language of the interviewer?

If the interviewer is leaning forward, making eye contact, and smiling then it shows that he is interested and engaged in the conversation.


Signs an interview went well 4: The interviewer asked about the prospects of the job

If the interviewer asks you if you are interviewing for jobs elsewhere then it means that they are interested and want to know how quickly they need to move to the next stage of the hiring process. After hearing about all the other great opportunities you are trying to avail, the interviewer will feel pressure and prefer not to let you go. If a second interview is scheduled before the first one ends then you are a serious candidate for the job.


Signs an interview went well 5: You were invited to get to know other people in the company

One of the key signs of the job interview going well is getting an invitation to meeting your potential coworkers. The meeting means that you are being evaluated by possible colleagues. Make sure that you are friendly so you make a good impression. Use this opportunity to ask questions as they will help in getting a better sense of the culture of the company.


Signs an interview went well 6: Staying in touch was encouraged

Getting a business card is a good sign, but it also a standard practice in some companies. Make sure you pay attention to what the interviewer said what handing you the card. If the interviewer says that you are free to use the direct line or the email address to contact them in case of any queries, it shows that you are likely to get a second interview. If the interviewer asks to tell if contacted to interview anywhere else or receive an offer from another employer then it will indicate that you are a serious candidate for the job.


Signs an interview went well 7: You are requested to provide references

If you are asked to provide references on the first interview it means that you have impressed the interviewer and are on a good tracked to getting hired. Make sure that you have strong professional references before the interview, so you can present them without any delay.


Understanding the signs of a good interview is important for avoiding stress and second-guessing. Even if you do not get a second interview you will know what to look for in your next interview. The best way to avoid interview stress is to practice, here you can practice 35 free mock interviews and get feedback from artificial intelligence about your skills and personality.



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