What Career Is Right for Me?

what career is right for me

What career is right for me? Answering this question right can make you a happier and more balanced person. The answer starts by understanding yourself. This article uses the big five personality traits theory. It’s one of the most respected theories in the scientific community. To get your results, you can take an AI-assisted free test.

Your results will show you your big five personality traits profile which will help you to choose the right job.


The initial job tests conducted for a position are designed to analyze the personality traits of the applicants. The answers portray the motivating factors and inspiration of the employees.

In the 20th century, researchers have introduced a Big Five Personality Traits model to gauge the aptitude of a person. These traits include Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.

The response of employees to workplace issues and pressure situations says a lot about the pro-active mindset of an applicant. This article explains the super five personality traits and how these qualities can bridge your way to your dream job.

Which Career Is Right for Me? Answer by the Big Five Personality Traits

Best Jobs for Extroverts
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The big five personality traits comprise a group of emotional and behavioral qualities. Each person has a different percentage of these below-mentioned traits.



This personality trait portrays your intellectual and curious nature. If your ratio of openness is high, you are likely to fancy exciting situations and explore new adventures. Having this trait proves you to be appreciative of knowledge as per your friends and family.



Having this trait makes you a focused and self-disciplined person. Being conscientious makes you an organized person who prefers pre-planned activities instead of spontaneous ones.



Extroverts are incredibly action-oriented and socially active people. These people enjoy working with others and prefer interactive situations.



This trait involves the ability of people to be kind, sympathetic, and considerate. Such people are most likely to be an integral part of group activities due to their helping and comprising nature. Seeking help from an agreeable personality is favored by family and friends.



This personality trait is generally measured to calculate the levels of pessimism and anxiety in a person. Commonly termed as emotional stability, this characteristic focuses on your calmness and resilience while facing difficult challenges.

Tip: A neurotic person has a pessimistic view of situations and doesn’t handle the situations well.


How to Test Your Personality for the Big Five Traits to Find What Career Is Right for Me/You?

Personality Traits Suitable Jobs
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Here are the steps to know which career is suitable for you:

  1. Take this free test.
  2. You will get your result based on the big five personality traits theory.
  3. Based on your score, check these suggested career options in the section named ” How to utilize personality traits during a job search.”

The test uses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence technology to get your big five results. The test looks like a questionnaire asking you to rate descriptive statements on a scale of one to five. One means strongly disagree and five means strongly agree.

Tip: Each question in the questionnaire is associated with one of the five personality traits. Some questions are also scored reversely.

The score of each question is fed to the artificial intelligence software which processes it according to some smart algorithms to give you helpful insights about your personality.


What career is right for me example questions

The questions included might ask you to rate the following word pairs:

  • (Being open to new experiences, complex ) this word pair portrays the trait of Openness
  • (Self-disciplines, dependable) this word pair portrays the trait of Conscientiousness
  • (Highly enthusiastic, extrovert) this word pair portrays the trait of Extroversion
  • (Generous, friendliness) this word pair portrays the trait of Agreeableness
  • (Easily upset, anxious) this word pair portrays the trait of Neuroticism

Some questions are more detailed and ask you to rate how much you agree with the given statements such as:

  • “I am a nature lover.” This trait measures Openness
  • “I always keep my promises.” This trait measures Conscientiousness
  • “I love being part of a group.” This trait measures Extroversion
  • “I always try to anticipate others’ needs.” This trait measures Agreeableness
  • I feel irritated easily.” This trait measures Neuroticism

The five-item personality inventory comprises over 3000 items with numerous variations.

How to Utilize Personality Traits During a Job Search

Best Jobs for Introverts
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Succeeding in your career not only depends upon your role and salary. It also relies upon how well you adjust to the company’s environment and culture. The culture comprises the work ethics, mission, and basic values of an organization.

Tip: Finding a workplace matching your personality becomes easier if you are aware of your big five scores.

Based on the prominence of a personality trait, the below-mentioned jobs match your nature.


If the ratio of this personality trait is highest then the following jobs are best for you.

Tour guide

Average salary: $14.01/hour

Job description: Tour guides are responsible for arranging trips for a group of people. Their job is to ensure the safety of the group members and demonstrate the historical and cultural background of all the landmarks.

Extraordinary presentation and communication skills are required to excel in this career. A minimum school diploma is required to become eligible for this job. In addition to that, extensive knowledge about the subject is also mandatory.


Average salary: $72,854 annually

Job description: The job of a commercial pilot is to operate an airplane and ensure the safety of the passengers and crew. You can also opt to become a cargo pilot and deliver important items.

Communicating with traffic controllers and monitoring weather conditions is part of this job. A pilot needs a bachelor’s degree and a license to become eligible.

Marketing specialist

Average salary: $69,988 annually

Job description: Conducting market research to find answers about consumer requirements, habits, and trends. Brainstorming and developing ideas for creative marketing campaigns. Assisting in outbound or inbound marketing activities by demonstrating expertise in various areas (content development and optimization, advertising, events planning, etc.)



Being conscientious makes you a person with a focused and attentive personality. The below-mentioned jobs fit well with these personalities:

Project manager

Average salary: $53,978 annually

Job description: Extraordinary attention to detail is required for this job position. You have to own and manage all project execution phases starting from project planning, time and cost, and management until the successful delivery of the project.

Sales manager

Average salary: $74,703/year

Job description: The responsibility of a sales manager is to design strategies for customer base expansion. You have to set target goals and quotas.

Looking for sales team members, training, and supervising them is also included in the job description of a sales manager. A bachelor’s degree in business or management is required to become eligible for this job.



If being around people makes you happier, then you must choose the following careers:

Event planner

Average salary: $15.79 hourly

Job description: As an event planner, you have to contact clients and cooperate with them to organize events, manage quest lists, and finalize locations. Catering and arranging audio and video equipment is also part of the job of an event organizer.

This career requires extraordinary communication and time managing skills for performing multiple tasks simultaneously.

Personal trainer

Average salary: 21.10/hour

Job description: Teaching exercise techniques and devising fitness plans for their clients is the responsibility of a personal trainer. They set goals for customers and monitor their progress throughout the journey.

The trainers must be focused and highly dedicated. Having a diploma in personal training is required to choose this career path.



Being an agreeable person makes you suitable for the following jobs:

Elementary school teacher

Average salary: $19.05 hourly

Job description: Elementary school teachers are responsible for composing lesson plans and teaching several subjects. Communicating with the parents and evaluating assignments is also part of the job.

A bachelor’s degree in education and a teaching license is required to become eligible for this job.

Human resource specialist

Average salary: $51,660 annually

Job description: An HR specialist has to prepare documentation for new hires, promotions, insurances, and terminated employees. You need to monitor that company policies are being strictly followed and resolve work-related issues of employees. A bachelor’s degree in human resources or related fields is required to choose this career path.


If you can stay composed in pressure situations then you must become one of the following:

Social worker

Average salary: $56,596/year

Job description: Social work includes a variety of career choices. It mostly includes assisting clients of different ages with emotional, physical, or mental illnesses.

Counseling people and communicating with law enforcement agencies are also part of the job description of a social worker. You must be emotionally strong and intelligent.

Psychiatric nurse

Average salary: $110,262/year

Job description: Diagnosing and treating people suffering from a variety of mental illnesses is the responsibility of a psychiatric nurse. Dispensing medications and directing your patients to social workers or therapists is also part of this job.

Registered nurses specializing in mental health are eligible to choose this career path.



The big five personality traits including openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and emotional stability are utilized for examining the personality of a person. You must choose a career that suits your personality well and helps you adapt to your work culture.

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