General Mock Interview Questions

General Interview Questions

Instructions for General Mock Interview Questions

Best Mock Interviews
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Go to your next interview with more confidence by practicing general mock interview questions. At least some of these questions will be asked in almost any interview.

Questions in this general mock interview were selected from real interviews in small and large organizations. For sure, you will be asked one of these interview questions. After you complete the mock interview you will get interview feedback from this artificial intelligence interview service about your interview skills and personality. There are multiple-choice questions in addition to video questions in the detailed interview. If you do not have time for video questions you can choose the second mock interview.

General Mock Interview Questions

Common Mock Interview
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Here are the questions that you can expect in this mock interview, all common interview questions that get asked in almost every interview one way or another. They will be easy to answer if you practice and you can practice unlimited times with this AI-assisted interview service.
Here are the questions that you can expect:
  • What is your five-year career plan?
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What are your greatest strengths?
  • If we hire you, what will you aim to achieve in your first 100 days?

Tip: Will you build good relations with your new team? Will you focus on learning about the company and its business?

Describe how you overcame a difficult work situation?

Tips for answering this question:
Choose an example that helps you highlight the skills you have that are essential for the job you are applying for. The STAR method is perfect for choosing the right example.
  • Start with the situation
  • Mention tasks that need completion
  • Describe the actions you are going to take to complete tasks
  • Finish with positive results you have accomplished

Before taking these general mock interview questions

Check this article about general interview questions, it has detailed tips and the best answers for the questions that artificial intelligence will ask you.


What interview feedback and results you will get from these general mock interview questions?

General Interview Questions
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This artificial intelligence free interview feedback service will analyze your answers, face expressions, and voice tone, you will get detailed feedback about how your skills match what the interviewer is looking for. Take this test unlimited times for free until you feel comfortable going to your next interview full of confidence. There are over 30 free mock interviews on this website for other job types and industries.

Two Types of Mock Interviews

There are two types of this general mock interview. Choose one below and complete it. 

1- The detailed interview, to get more feedback from the artificial intelligence engine.


2- The short interview, takes less time, choose this if you can not do video recording now


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