Is This the Right Time for Career Change?

career change

Regardless of whether you are happy in your current job or not, the start of a new year is the time when we evaluate our career options. If you are not happy with your current job then the new year offers the perfect opportunity to rethink professional choices. A job is supposed to be rewarding and not just offer financial stability.

Switching jobs is not a bad thing. If you feel your talents are being wasted and your hard work is ignored then it is better to take a chance and look for a new career that fully appreciates and values you as an employee. However, changing jobs is not an easy decision.

The new year is here and instead of dedicating another year of your life to the job, it is essential to figure out if you are on the right career path or not.

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Career Change Question: What Did Last Year Offer Professionally?

New Career Path
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Take a look at your resume and check if it has been upgraded or is stuck in the same place as last year. Make a list of the new things you have learned.

When you dedicate your time and effort you expect more than just a paycheck from the job. It must offer credibility and add marketability to the resume.

If you are unhappy with your job and not sure if it is right to leave it or not then you should take the following quiz and figure out whether you are making a smart decision or not. Simply answer the questions and add up the point in the end.

What Career is Right for me? A Scientific Approach Using Artificial Intelligence

Career change questions

Do you have any new resume fodder?

Anything that you can add to the resume counts as resume fodder. Make a list of new things you have found at the end of the year.

The resume fodder includes new tools you used or new projects you got to do for the first time. Ask yourself about all the positive professional things you have experienced last year.

Choose an answer to decide if it is the right time for a career change

  • I managed to collect a considerable amount of resume fodder last year. I will need at least an hour to upgrade my CV. (3 points)
  • I only managed two interesting things that are worthy of adding to the resume. (1 point)
  • Last year, I did not do anything that will add any value to my resume. I did not learn anything new or complete any unique projects. (0 points)


Did the job enhance your visibility in the organization and offer credibility last year?

If the current job is constantly offering opportunities to grow and become more visible in the workplace then it deserves your time and effort. Workplaces that offer networking opportunities are excellent places to work.

A job that offers a helping hand to improve credibility is the one that deserves your talent. The decision-makers of the organization should value you and recognize your caliber.

Choose an answer

  • My visibility in the organization increased significantly last year. I was offered great opportunities to take my career to next level. (3 points)
  • I only had modest visibility and credibility opportunities last year and did not make much professional progress. (1 point)
  • I had no opportunities to increase visibility or add credibility to my career last year. (0 points)


Did you get any recognition for your work last year?

To have a promising career, it’s essential to be motivated. Motivation is the life force of professional success. Getting recognized for all the work you do is an excellent motivator.

Choose an answer

  • I know my work is appreciated because I have received rewards for my contribution. (3 points)
  • I am not sure whether the manager or other people are aware of my contributions or not. I was awarded a small raise but there was no other recognition. (1 point)
  • The organization does not acknowledge my hard work at all. (0 points)


How is your flame for the job doing?

If the current job is perfect for you then it will fuel your passion for the job. If your flame for the job is continually growing, it is worth sticking to. However, if the flame is diminishing then you need to explore other options.

Choose an answer

  • I am passionate about my job and I feel like an integral part of the team. (3 points)
  • Going to work is not my favorite thing to do but it is not too bad either. (1 point)
  • My work is monotonous and boring and the only positive thing about it is the salary. (0 points)


Time to Score the Quiz

After answering these questions, add the points and you will have an answer.

  • If the score is nine to twelve then you have an excellent job. It is the right place for you and you mustn’t get too complacent about the job situation. Make plans to increase your visibility, learning, and credibility at work, and keep the flame alive last year.
  • A score of six to eight points means that your job situation is average. It has some cons but there are benefits as well. If the job is providing no opportunities to explore the world then there is nothing wrong to forgo the benefits and test the waters.
  • A score of three to five is a clear indication that your talents are wasted at your current job. Start the new year with a question; what would you be doing instead of your current job?
  • Zero to four points indicate that the current job is not a good choice for you. A new year is a perfect time to decide whether you are going to allow the job to waste away your talent and skills or you are going to make a bold decision and quit.

Clear the Doubt

If you are doubtful and having difficulty figuring out whether to keep the job or look for a new one then you can use virtual courses to clear your mind.

Here are three courses that can help you:

  • Job-Hunt, while you’re working, is a useful and popular virtual reality course. It can teach you the best ways to hunt for a new job while still working with the old employer.
  • Getting the job you deserve is an excellent course for finding a good job. The course includes a lot of millennium wisdom for searching for the right job for you. It will help in stepping up to the job that is right for you this year.
  • If you are unsure where the career path lies, the reinvention roadmap can offer a step-by-step direction for your career. It also offers a strategy course and branding tips. It can assist you in comfortably stepping into a new career with confidence.

Tips for Making the Resume Relatable for a New Career

Career Change Questions
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Liz Ryan, founder, and CEO of the human workplace explains ways to make the resume more human instead of robot generated.

Most people write their resumes incorporating zombie speak and it is a terrible style to convey your professional prowess. It is important to use sentences that do not make you look and sound like a robot.


Highlight your uniqueness

When you are writing a resume, it is important to understand that everyone is unique. Make sure you are aware of the following things:

  • You have a unique story and no one has the same story as you
  • Your mix of talents is different than other candidates
  • Your personality is your identity
  • There is no other candidate like you
  • Make the resume sound human

A humanized resume incorporates the story of your life and career. Here are a few tips for making your resume better.


Eliminate corporate language

Here are some phrases that should not be a part of the resume:

  • Motivated self-starter
  • Exceeds expectations
  • Result-oriented professional
  • Seasoned business professional
  • Works well with the entire staff


Replacing corporate words

When you take out the words that make the resume seem robot generated then you will have to find better words to express yourself. Here is a sample that will give you an understanding of what a robot resume looks like.

Here is a traditional top section of a resume.



Contact details___________


Self-motivated and results-oriented professional with solid skill sets in negotiations, relationship development, communication, operations, marketing, customer service, and purchasing. I have proficiency in writing and am well-versed in vendor selection, policy development, communication, implementation, and administration.

Work summary

Name of the company__________

Maintaining and developing relationships with store operations to implement profitable marketing plans.

Collaborating with a wide range of operations staff to properly train them.


Improved human-voiced resume




Operations manager

I have been a manager at retail chains and handling their back-end operations since my graduation in 2000. I thrive in challenging environments as I have the combination of knowledge of the nimble process and quality human touch that keeps the staff and customers of the store happy. Helping businesses grow and contributing to the success of my colleagues is my passion.



January 2010-current

It is a retail chain that offers fireplaces and spas. When I became part of the company it was growing 40% annually. The processes the store used were written by me. After successfully implementing them in the first location they were introduced to other locations as well. I also trained the staff and became the advisor of the store manager on the process, training, and people-related issues.

Notice the difference between the two resumes. The second one is a big improvement as it is engaging and more believable. The first one is full of fancy words but not human enough to convince hiring managers of the candidate’s skill and abilities.


How to Find the Best Career for You

Questions to Change Career
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Finding the perfect job is not easy. Sometimes the job is good but it does not pay enough and sometimes pay is good but the work is not exciting. If you are frustrated at work then it indicates it is not the right job for you.

The recruiting process is not easy and can be heartbreaking at times. Applying and going to interviews can take a toll on a person. Job-seekers often feel rigid and beaten down as they face communication challenges and communication hurdles.


What to do

The recruiting process is difficult because the candidates do not make the rules. But the good news is that a person gets to make decisions about their life. It is possible to break the tradition by adopting better job searching rules.


How to Choose a Career

  • The first step to finding an ideal job is to decide what you want. Take some time to decide what you want from your career. If you do not make a decision then others will make it for you and you will end up being unhappy and unsatisfied. A person has all the power when it comes to deciding on a career.
  • The next step is picking a direction for the career. Once you have a direction, it is easier to build a brand. It helps to highlight your skills and show you are fully qualified for the job of your dreams.
  • Once you have a direction, it is time to figure out what kind of business pain you can solve. Every organization faces challenges and problems. It is crucial to know your ability to solve business issues. It gives credibility to your resume.


Amelia worked as an office manager and she did not like her job. She got laid off and it allowed her to ask herself an important question about her job. She asked what business pains she solves. She has not thought about it before and it proved crucial in her job search.

While answering the question, Amelia realized that she was solving a wide variety of problems for the company. Some of the things she solved were:

  • Keeping a schedule of the CEO organized
  • Ensuring high-priority items are not skipped
  • Prevent small problems in growing
  • Calming unhappy and unsatisfied customers

You will need to write a pain letter. It is different from a traditional cover letter. Send the pain letters directly to hiring managers through the mail instead of using recruiting portals as it is a more human approach.



Taking charge of your career is the best decision you can make about your professional life. You can start by taking baby steps and simply asking what do you hate about your current job and what in your opinion is a perfect job for you. Start a journal and fill it with your dreams and aspirations. There are organizations like Human workplace that offer virtual courses to help people find the best new career and enjoy a successful professional life.

MBA from the Australian Institute of business. Over a decade working for IBM Australia and Oracle Europe and the Middle East. Worked on Artificial Intelligence technology for many years and believes that technology can help everyone better understand his/her personality and find the job they deserve.