Free Google Mock Interview (Using Artificial Intelligence)

Google mock interview

Find out what questions gets asked in Google interviews and how to best answer them. You can also take a free practice interview to check your personality and skills, this mock interview uses artificial intelligence algorithms to give you personalized feedback. 


Google is recognized as a tech giant and even landing a job interview there is a dream for anyone in the IT industry. It is one of the most valuable brands in the world. Google is known for a creative and unique approach to hiring new employees. Their interview questions are a little different from standard ones. The best you can do is to practice, you can start by taking this Google mock interview. 


At the end of this article, there is a free Google mock interview, questions from real Google interviews and feedback is given by Artificial Intelligence about your interview skills and personality and how you will be seen by your interviewer.  


Google is known for asking brain-teaser questions because they help in testing the sharpness of the mind of interviewees. These questions often have vague answers but are effective in gauging a candidate’s ability to perform well under pressure. The key to answering brain teasers is not having the right answer but think quantitatively and broadly.

Getting hired by Google is tough so if you are passionate about working there then make the best of the interview opportunity. Make sure that you are prepared for hypothetical questions that have no correct answer.

Tip: Practicing analytical skills and improving them is the best way to prepare for brain teasers.



Google Mock Interview questions

Business Insider shared some of the brain-teasing questions Google has asked interviewees over the years.

Google mock interview – What number of golf balls can easily be fitted in a school bus?

It is a difficult question to answer. Even if you are aware of the dimension of a school bus and the volume of golf balls, doing the math during an interview is nerve-wracking.Here is how you should answer it mathematically.Let’s assume the height of a standard school bus is 6 ft. and its width is 20 ft. It means it is 1.6 million cubic inches or 90 cubic feet and the volume of the golf ball is 2.5 cubic inches. Divide 2.5 cubic inches into 1.6 million and you will get 660,000 and it is the number of golf balls you would be able to fit in a school bus.

Questions like this are meant to evaluate a candidate’s problem-solving ability. Coming up with an accurate answer is not important but the answer should contain an approach and well-thought process.


Google mock interview – Explain a database in three sentences that are comprehensible to an 8-year-old?

Companies always prefer candidates that have excellent communication skills no matter what role they are hiring for. The question is designed to test the communication skills of the interviewee. Candidates need to find the easiest way of explaining a database which is complex. Use simple sentences to explain like ‘A database machine can remember a lot of things.


You have eight balls of the same size. Seven balls have the same weight and one is slightly heavier than the others. How can you find the heavier ball using just two weightings and a balance?

There is a simple solution to this problem. Take six balls and put three on each side of the scale. It will let you know in which group the heavier ball is. If the weight of six balls is the same then it will tell you the heavy one is one of the two you have set aside. Weight the two balls you have set aside and you will have the answer. If the heavier all is part of the six balls you divided into groups of three, choose the three balls that are heavier. Pick two of them and put them on the scale and if the weight is the same then the one you set aside is the heavier one.


Google mock interview – There are a 5-gallon and a 3-gallon jug in front of you. How are you going to measure out 4 gallons?

It is not possible to measure 4 gallons in a 3-gallon jug so a 5-gallon jug is required to get the results you want. The first step will be taking a 3-gallon jug, filling it up, and pouring it into the 5-gallon jug. Fill the 3-gallon jug again and pour it into the 5-gallon jug. As the 5-gallon jug only has space for 2 gallons you will have one gallon left in the 3-gallon jug. Now empty the 5-gallon jug and pour the one gallon remaining in the 3-gallon jug into it. Fill up the 3-gallon jug again and pour it into the 5-gallon jug and you will have exactly four gallons.


Google mock interview – What is the right amount to charge for washing all the windows in Seattle?

The question is confusing but surprisingly not too hard to answer. You do not have to think of an exact number of windows in Seattle to give a quote. The trick to answering the question is saying that you would charge $15/ window.


Google mock interview – Why covers of manholes are round?

It is an old question and has been part of Google and Microsoft interview questions. The question is meant to test a candidate’s ability to think fast.

·       Start the answer by saying that there are multiple reasons for its shape.

·       It is the best shape to resist the compression of the earth around it

·       They are easy to manufacture and transport

·       It is easy to split round covers and slip them into place

·       They do not fall through circular openings



When you are targeting a specific company in your job search it is important to have a well-thought interview strategy. Brain teasers are a common part of interview questions and practicing is the best way to prepare for them. Getting a job at Google is ten times harder than getting into Harvard. More than two million people apply at Google annually so the competition is stiff and standards are extremely high. To improve the chances of giving a successful interview make sure you have an efficient and smart preparation process.



Brain teasing questions are an important and essential part of Google interviews. Google uses these questions to test analytical skills and mental strength of the candidates. To make the best of the Google interview it is crucial to prepare for such questions. 

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