What It’s Like to Date an Aquarius

Dating a Aquarius

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Life without love can become meaningless. Things become more enjoyable when you have other people to share moments of your life with. Many people adopt dating as a means to finding the perfect match.

Astrological signs and personality tests offer insight into various personalities to offer you a basic understanding.

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Dating an Aquarius Man or Woman

Aquarius is a distinct star sign. Aquarians like going against the flow and rejecting the status quo established by society. They approach their relationships with a similar mindset. Aquarians are good at re-imagining things that are possible in love. They love surprises and everything that goes against their expectations. They have an open mind and to get their attention it’s a great idea to try something extraordinary. 

The air sign is intelligent, sensitive, and curious people. They’re constantly looking for innovation and they want a partner who’s willing to put up with their way of thinking and respect their independence. 


Attractive Aquarian Personality Traits

Positive Aquarian Traits
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Aquarians are pretty selective about the people they let in their life. They want to be acquainted with people who’re witty, interesting, and intelligent. They prefer to take things slow and build trust step by step. In the beginning, they keep their partners guessing about their feelings and intentions. 

Understanding their personality gives you a huge edge as you know what to expect from your partner. Aquarians have colorful personalities and have the traits that make them excellent candidates for a romantic relationship. 



Thinking out of the box comes naturally to Aquarians. They’re non-traditional people so everything they do is going to be unexpected. Their active imagination allows them to always come up with unique ideas. When they fall in love they find memorable ways to surprise their partner. 

They have unusual ways of showing their love. Aquarians are considered eccentric by people who don’t understand their different approaches to life. They love excitement and their partner will have a lot of great adventures with them. 


Positive mindset 

Aquarians don’t like displaying their feelings but deep down they’re affectionate and warm-hearted. They show their affection by seeing the best in others. If any misunderstanding happens between them and their partner, they’re always willing to give their partner the benefit of the doubt.



Aquarians want a relationship where they’ll get enough space to breathe and be independent. They’re not clingy and they feel suffocated if they experience constant closeness. As they value their independence they’re not in favor of asking their partner to sacrifice their alone time. 

Their desire for emotional independence is often interpreted as indifference. But they’re never ignorant of their partner’s feelings. They understand that loving someone means embracing their unique personality. 



Aquarians think ahead and they’re willing to accept things that might be too advanced for others. They’re not reserved people and like to try new things. Having an Aquarian as a dating partner is relaxing because they’re always willing to try new things as they love adventure. They don’t like tension in a relationship so they keep things chill and calm. They don’t want to be held back by ancient traditions and rules that have become outdated.


Aquarians are the perfect example of the saying  “shoulder you can lean on.” When they love someone, they want to offer their partner complete support. They’ll always find a way to listen patiently to others and hold their hand to offer comfort. If you’re looking for honest advice then you’re lucky to have an Aquarius partner as they don’t sugarcoat things and offer genuine advice. Their moral compass is strict so they stand firmly by the side of justice.


Negative Aquarian Personality Traits

Negative Aquarian Traits
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Aquarius personalities are great but they’re not perfect. Just like everyone else, Aquarians have certain traits that others might find unpleasant. 



Aquarians can sometimes get too emotional and as a result, they may lash out at their partner. It’s something that rarely happens as they don’t have a habit of dwelling on small things. But they have a certain limit and when someone crosses it, they don’t hesitate to speak out their mind.

When they see some injustice they find it impossible to hold back their emotions and everything that they have been bottling up over time rushes out all at once. They may say mean things in this state to their partner which can hurt their relationship. 



The air sign isn’t good at sharing details of their life even with their dating partner. They hardly tell them about things that are going on in their life. They maintain their secretive nature even after being in a relationship for years. They don’t keep secrets because they don’t trust their partner, they do so because secrecy is part of their personality. But their trait can make their partner uncomfortable as they may think there’s a lack of trust in their relationship. 


Earning the trust of an Aquarian isn’t easy and they are extra vigilant when they’re in a romantic relationship. They never jump into a relationship without testing the waters. If you’re dating or planning to date an Aquarius then you must have the patience to wait for them to open up and break the status quo on their own. 



Aquarians tend to have strong convictions and are steadfast. Swaying their resolve is nearly impossible. Once they make a decision they stubbornly stick to it. Their stubbornness can cause a lot of conflicts in a relationship. 


Best Date Ideas for Aquarians

Date ideas for Aquarian
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Planning a date that caters specifically to the taste and preferences of your Aquarian partner is the best way to make a lasting impression. 


Volunteering trip 

Aquarians are always ready to grab any volunteering opportunity. Taking them on a humanitarian mission on a date is an excellent idea. Aquarians have a tough outlook but they’re warm-hearted people who like to help others. Whether it’s volunteering at an animal shelter or homeless shelter they’ll have a memorable time and it will leave a good impression on them. They appreciate a partner who can see the bigger picture and work towards achieving it. 



Aquarians love mysterious things and that’s why they love looking at the stars. The magnificent galaxy holds multitudes of stars and infinite secrets. The air sign enjoys the aerial view and is mesmerized by the shining stars. 

Sitting underneath the open night sky with millions of stars creates the ideal atmosphere for a date. You don’t have to go as far as astronomy as just a simple moonlit picnic is enough to make their hearts flutter. 

Learning new things 

Aquarians enjoy learning new things. They find interest in things they haven’t experienced before. You can ask your Aquarian date about activities they’re interested in doing or things they want to learn and plan your dates according to their answers. It’s one certain way of impressing your date as they’ll appreciate getting an opportunity to try something new in your company. 


Travel date 

 Aquarians enjoy any type of travel. A travel date is a perfect date idea for the air sign. If you’re not that far into a relationship to go on a road trip, then you can plan a night date based on the theme of travel and a particular location. You can use the date idea to inspire the water bearer star sign with ambiance and food. Such a date is going to satisfy their imagination and make them look forward to the next dates. 



Aquarius loves being surprised! Take them to an amusement park and try any ride or games that they want. They’re fans of adventure and there are several thrilling rides in the amusement park for them to try. It will also give you a chance to show off your spontaneous side which the air sign is going to love. 


Go on a hike 

Aquarian personalities are drawn to outdoor activities. They like staying active, so they’ll appreciate a chance to hike. Hiking is the perfect outdoor activity for a good date as being in nature creates a comfortable atmosphere. It provides a quiet and calm place to have a peaceful date. The serene setting is perfect for a peaceful date. 

Thrift shopping 

Aquarians enjoy thrift shopping a lot. It’s a fun activity for them as they get to search for gems that often get ignored by people. You can take them to all the thrift stores in the area and end the trip with a delicious meal and it will be a perfect date. 


Camping trip 

The spontaneous and creative Aquarian will appreciate a partner who’s willing to take them on a camping trip. Camping will show your Aquarian partner that you have an independent spirit. The calming ambiance of nature offers the perfect atmosphere for sharing and having good conversations. 


Final Thoughts 

Aquarius star sign is a lover of freedom and wants a partner who also likes to have some personal space. They have a personality full of mystery and a lot of layers. They take their time to reveal their true selves in a relationship. The water bearer sign is intelligent and has a progressive mind. Dating an Aquarian guarantees plenty of fun and exciting memories.

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