Expected Salaries for Jobs in Demand

Jobs in demand

Planning your career involves the exploration of high-demand professions. Here is a comprehensive research on which jobs are in high demand. You will know which career choices suit you best and resonate with your interests, skills, and personality type. After you select your suitable job, you can practice a mock interview for free and get detailed feedback from artificial intelligence about how your personality and skills match the required skills for the job.

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Jobs in Demand

Every industry comprises a list of hot jobs offering better opportunities, salaries, exposure, and several other benefits.

Tip: The fields that have flourished immensely during the past years include IT ( Information technology), health care, hospitality, and trade.

If you possess strong analytical and problem-solving abilities and love to gain hands-on experience then you can choose any of the below-mentioned career paths.


Top-Rated Health Care Jobs in Demand

High Demand Jobs
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The health care sector jobs with the most perks are listed below:


Physician Assistant

Average salary: $106,622 annually.

Job description

The major duties of physician assistants include aiding doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals in the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of patients. The vacancies for these job posts are open at private practices and hospitals.

Eligibility criteria

The assistant to physicians must have a master’s degree and a license from the state of work.


Jobs in demand: registered nurse

Average salary: $34.26 hourly.

Job description

The responsibility of a registered nurse is to assist health care professionals during treatment. They educate patients about taking care of their ailments. They must also provide emotional and professional support to the families facing a health crisis.


They must be certified professionals with a bachelor’s degree from a renowned university. They must also possess a license from the state they are working in.


Medical technologist

Average salary: $64,163 yearly.

Job description

A medical technologist collects blood and tissue samples of patients. They conduct tests on these samples for different illnesses.


A bachelor’s degree in medical studies is required in addition to a license.


Medical services manager

Average salary: $18.73 hourly.

Major responsibilities

The duties of a medical services manager involve directing, coordinating, and monitoring the daily operations at health care facilities. These facilities include nursing homes, hospices, and hospitals. They might be in charge of a single department or whole facility.


A bachelor’s or master’s degree in the relevant field.


Nursing assistant

Average salary: $13.42 hourly.

Job details

Providing patients with primary care at nursing homes and hospitals is the duty of a nursing assistant. They work under the supervision of a registered nurse and assist them in carrying out all tasks seamlessly.


They must have an associate degree or certification in nursing. Besides that, a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) qualification is required in some states.


Home health aide

Average salary: $11.99 hourly.

Job details

The home health aide professionals assist patients with disabilities and illnesses and help them in daily activities. They provide services at the homes of patients as well as in other settings.


A high school diploma with training and standardized tests passed.


High Demand Jobs in IT Sector

Most Wanted Jobs
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The top-rated jobs in the IT sector include:

Tip: The IT sector is booming in the current era due to easy access to the internet.


Scrum master

Average salary: $107,357 annually.

Job description

Scrum masters are also termed product owners and they lead product teams to the completion of the project. Their job is to manage team collaborations, plan product development, track the team’s progress, and interact with all the stakeholders involved.


A master’s or bachelor’s degree in information sciences or business. Some organizations require Certified Scrum Masters(CSM).


Application software developer

Average salary: $85,314 annually.

Job details

The introduction of widely available high-speed internet has made applications popular among users. Application developers create IOS and Android-based apps for various businesses, gaming companies, startups, or individuals.


People with a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences or other related fields are eligible to become app developers. The availability of boot camps and online courses has enabled people from other educational backgrounds to join this field as well.


Information security analyst

Annual average salary: $80, 972.

Job details

The job description of an information security analyst involves making sure that any possible security breaches are eliminated and computer networks are secured. The tasks completed by them include software updates, and implementation of new security systems. They also conduct training of employees on how to use internet resources.


A bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer sciences or related fields.

Operations research analyst

Average salary: $65,639 yearly.

Primary responsibilities

The duties of an operations research analyst include investigation and resolution of technical issues faced inside an organization. They develop solutions for helping businesses in working more efficiently and effectively with reduced expenses.

Eligibility criteria

They must have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, analytics, or computer science.


Most Wanted Trade Jobs

Popular Jobs
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The trade jobs that are popular among professionals nowadays are listed below:


Wind tribune technician

Average salary: $23.69 hourly.

Job details

Their job is to install, maintain, and fix equipment on wind farms such as wind turbines, etc.


Being a new profession, there are only a few institutes that offer this program. So most professionals gain experience through on-job training.


Solar photo-voltaic installer

Average salary: $17.58 hourly.

Job description

The responsibility of solar installers is to install, maintain, and repair solar panels and related solar equipment at numerous commercial and residential properties.


Solar installation programs are introduced at various technical schools nowadays. But most solar photovoltaic installers gain training on the job.


Construction laborer

Average salary: $14.75 hourly.

Job details

These professionals are construction experts and perform different tasks on construction sites. Their duties involve backfilling areas, operating small machinery, touching the painting, or cleaning up debris at the site.


This is an open field for entry-level contractors and does not have the minimum education required.


Material handler

Average salary: $13.28 hourly.

Job details

The material handlers are required at every site as they are responsible for managing supplies in inventories and logistics. They transfer materials to the required location annually or through different types of equipment. They also move products by loading them on trucks or other shipping mediums.


The eligible candidates must have the physical strength to handle different materials.


Hospitality Jobs in High Demand

Jobs in High Demand
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The most popular hospitality jobs are mentioned below :

Tip: Hospitality jobs require strong communications skills.


Tour guide

Average salary: $14.34 hourly.

Job details

The job specifications of a tour guide involve planning, organizing, and conducting sightseeing tours for tourists from around the globe. These tours range from sightseeing mountains to visiting museums and city tours.


A minimum of a high school diploma or an associate or bachelor’s degree in history, business, or hospitality.


Jobs in demand: cook

Average salary: $12.02 hourly.

Job details

Food is prepared by cooks in different settings. Cooks can seek employment in a variety of restaurants, hotels, resorts, schools, etc. Some people may also hire cooks for private households.


Cooks generally don’t need any formal education, they have on-job experience. Some cooks may get a degree from certified cooking schools.



Average salary: $11.63 hourly.

Job details

The job details of the bartender involve mixing cocktails and pouring drinks for customers at bars, hotels, restaurants, or resorts.

Tip: The bartenders must address the customers with a friendly and welcoming attitude.


No qualification is mandatory but they can attend bartending school to learn about trade basics and get hands-on experience.


Average salary: $10.96 per hour.

Primary job details

The servers are also termed waiters or waitresses and their job is to communicate the order of customers to the kitchen and then serve food to customers. They must keep the dining area clean and organized and serve customers with courtesy and grace.

Tip: The growth rate of the server’s job is 7% (BLS).


No formal degree is required. This job requires the ability to handle pressure situations and strong communication and social skills.



Before choosing a career path and preparing for it, you must be aware of the hot jobs of the current era. Your profession must offer good opportunities for growth and success.

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