Signs Most Compatible With Pisces

Pisces most compatible signs

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Astrology is one of the most common and popular ways of figuring out one’s preferences especially when it comes to finding true love. The compatibility charts of the zodiac signs along with the result of your personality test help improve your love life by finding an exceptional and understanding partner.

Pisces Characteristics

Pisces personality
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Pisces’ personalities are emotionally intelligent. They’re conscious of their emotional state and are understanding of others as well. They understand their sensitivity along with the emotions of their friends and close ones. 

Pisceans are loving people and are always ready to embrace the love and affection that comes their way.  They don’t like fighting and tension in a relationship so they’ll always work hard on keeping things smooth. The water sign has a gentle personality and finds it easy to connect with someone who can satisfy their soul. Their gut feeling is their guiding compass and it’s rarely wrong. 

Pisces’ traits are a reflection of their ruling planet, Neptune. Wisdom, inventiveness, and generosity are the dominant traits that define their characteristics.   

Compatibility isn’t an easy topic because there are many aspects involved in determining compatibility. 


Pisces’ Most Compatible Signs  

Pisces compatibility
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Finding love is important for people and everyone has their way of looking for the one in their life. Astrological signs are an excellent and popular source for identifying personality traits. They can assist in figuring out which signs are best suited for them. 


Soulmate signs 

Taurus and Pisces 

Taurus and Pisces make great partners as they share several personality characteristics. These star signs share creativity, passion for intellectual talk, and sensuality. Quality time with people they care about is precious to them. They can spend hours away from home indulging in creative activities and hosting parties for their social circle. 

Taurus can ensure that Pisces stays grounded. Taureans are practical people and they can build a beautiful life with Pisceans. It’s easy for these signs to form a friendly and romantic bond. Both prefer taking things easy and give priority to creating a comfortable environment. 

Taurus is relationship-oriented and their personality can work well with Pisceans who tend to establish romantic connections. 

Cancer and Pisces 

These star signs are a good match because both have tolerant and patient personalities. They’re sympathetic people. Cancerians can excite Pisceans with their innovative and creative ideas. Pisceans are spiritual people and they widen Cancer’s perspective by showing them a versatile world of spirituality and creativity. 

Cancer people are practical and they can keep Pisceans grounded and assist them in turning their utopian dreams into reality. Cancer appreciates materialistic things and they sometimes have difficulty understanding the minimalist approach Pisces have to live. Overcoming their differences only requires establishing emotional understanding.  

Cancerians understand the emotional ambiguity of Pisceans and bring some stability to their life. Cancer personalities crave stability and it’s effective in making their relationship last.  

Scorpio and Pisces 

Scorpio is not the easiest sign to be with. Scorpions struggle with sharing their emotions and innermost thoughts with their partner. The fellow water sign, Pisces is great at handling the introverted and secretive nature of Scorpio. These signs have a deep emotional connection which makes them perfect for each other. 

These star signs have a similar vision of the future which lays a strong foundation for a romantic relationship. Scorpions are born leaders and know how to take action when needed. Pisceans are a great match for them because they tend to lean on their partner for help in organizing things. Pisceans also have the skill to ease the stress of their partner. 

These star signs are like having an emotionally charged relationship. They understand each other’s need to spend some quality time alone which allows them to focus on themselves as well. 


Pisces and Capricorn 

It’s surprising how well Capricorns and Pisceans get along considering the difference in their personalities. The main reason for attraction between them is their shared interests. Capricorns like following rules and keeping things organized while Pisceans are dreamers and have a rebellious nature. Connection is established between these two signs due to their curiosity and desires to experience different things. They like living a grand life. 

These signs possess opposite skill sets but their skills fit together as if they’re missing pieces of each other. Capricorns are practical people and they work hard to ensure that the creative sketch of Pisceans comes to fruition. Pisceans add creativity and the structured reality of the goat sign. 


Suitable Signs for Pisces 

Pisces suitable partners
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Some star signs aren’t soulmates of Pisces but have traits to establish a good relationship with them. 


Pisces and Pisces 

Two Pisces signs have similar traits which makes them a viable match. Pisces are known as the healers among the zodiac signs and they’ll always find the best ways to help and heal each other. They even end up arguing about who gets to take care of the other. 

The pair runs into trouble because of their communication skills. It’s hard for them to open up about their feelings when they’re frustrated or irritated. If Pisceans manage to improve their communication and stay honest with each other regarding their emotions then they can form a strong bond. 


Leo and Pisces 

Pisces and Leo are a fine pairing, these signs complement each other pretty well. Leos can take charge of things and it makes up for Pisces’ tendency to be careless. The inventiveness of Pisces gives inspiration to Leo. 

They are each other’s comfort zone. They accept and understand their partner’s sensitive side. They may hurt one another when they feel insecure. Creating balance is the key to making their relationship work. Leos are leaders but they need to give charge to Pisces from time to time. It helps the sign in getting over the insecurities and keeping things smooth in their relationship. 

Pisces and Virgo 

Pisces and Virgo share a common interest which is being a helping hand. Their will to be the nurturer forms a strong bond between them. Virgo is good at identifying an issue that needs working on while Pisces know how to offer a listening ear and empathize. The signs can make their partners feel loved and appreciated. 

These signs don’t appreciate being judged and if it happens they end up bottling up their feelings. If these signs find a way to communicate with each other there’s little chance of any misunderstanding among them. 


Libra and Pisces 

Pisceans and Libras are dreamers and their pairing is a  magical one. Both have an interest in exploring life and all the great things it has to offer.  They hold great admiration for food, art, and beauty and they’re great at finding and appreciating beauty in each other’s personalities as well. 

Libras can struggle to stay grounded as they can get too involved in the world of fantasy. They can be a little indifferent to realistic situations. Their relationship flourishes when they keep one foot grounded in reality while exploring the mystical realities of the world. 


Unsuitable Matches for Pisces 

Some star signs find it hard to establish a healthy relationship with Pisces. 


Aries and Pisces 

Aries and Pisces have completely different perspectives of things which can cause conflict between them. Ariens can be rash and rude and their behavior can push away Pisceans and prevent them from sharing their feelings with their partner. 

Pisces are spontaneous and like to live in the moment. Their unpredictable behavior can be too much for Ariens, they have trouble dealing with their emotions. Both stars struggle to establish communication which makes their relationship rocky and unstable. 

Pisces and Gemini 

Geminis prefers to keep their emotions to themselves and their extroverted nature can make Pisceans uncomfortable. Pisceans prefer a partner that can show emotional vulnerability. Both signs experience mood swings, making it hard for either to provide solace to the other when things get tense. 


Sagittarius and Pisces 

These star signs are opposites of each other. There’s nothing common between them. The sensitivity of Pisces is alien to Sagittarius. They’re unable to be in sync with emotions like their Pisces partner.  

Sagittarians are honest people and Pisceans may sometimes find this quality brutal. They find the truth too harsh and feel like their feelings are misunderstood. Pisceans are expressive about their emotions but Sagittarians find it impossible to be open with their partner.  

They can only have a relationship if they choose to keep their fundamental behavior in check and work hard on understanding each other. If they are unable to do that their relationship is doomed. 

Aquarius and Pisces 

There’s little that’s common between Pisces and Aquarius. Both signs share a passion for helping other people but there’s a lack of any shared vision. Their opinion regarding the social action they should take is different. 

A Pisces personality is emotionally too complex for Aquarius to handle. Aquarians don’t have the patience to work on decoding their emotions. The stoic attitude of the air sign isn’t easy for Pisces to understand and they end up getting frustrated. They may feel alone even when they are in a relationship.  

Aquarius also has trouble being intimate which can push away Pisces. These signs aren’t a suitable match for each other.

Now that you’ve seen who’s most compatible with Pisces, how about reading up on what it’s like dating a Pisces?


Final Thoughts 

Zodiac signs are an interesting and fun way of doing some self-analysis. To get a better idea of one’s characteristics, it’s better to consider other factors as well like education, environment, etc. 

Hopefully, this guide will set you on the right path when choosing a life partner. A Piscean can have a long, healthy, and beautiful relationship with any of the star signs, including those deemed least suitable matches for Pisceans. This guide is only meant to push you in the right direction and avoid unnecessary conflicts that might arise because of the clashes of some signs. Have fun exploring!

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