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Helping you to better understand yourself and get the job offer you deserve using Artificial Intelligence

My Good Interview was created using a fund from not-for-profit organizations to help everyone to reach their full potential. Our team comes mainly from the European Union and Australia. 

Artificial Intelligence technology has recently evolved so it can now understand personality and give meaningful feedback. There are over 30 personality tests and practice interviews across many job types and careers.  We collect up-to-date interview questions, create interview mock and you get free detailed feedback report about your personality and interview skills created by Artificial Intelligence. 

Everything on this website is for free. The website was created using the work of psychologist, artificial intelligence experts, web designers and many others. Some of the team members hold Ph.D in cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence, they all  volunteered dedicating their precious time to create quality practice interviews and personality tests. The website only shows ads to cover the hosting costs etc. You can help too by sharing the free personality tests and mock interviews from this website with your family and friends.

Better understanding your personality and enhancing your interview skills by practicing mock interviews and personality tests will help you get the job you deserve, enhancing your life quality and positively impacting the overall human society.

By taking the free mock interviews on this website, you can see which job is better for you, which career might suit you better and get feedback about your interview skills. 


Your privacy is guaranteed

We do not ask for any personal information before you can take any test, hence your privacy is guaranteed. Test or mock interview answers are processed instantly and not stored on any database. You will not be asked to provide any  information that may identify you as a specific individual. An email address may be required when you choose to receive test results  by email. Such email addresses are never used for any other purpose.  We do not sell or share any of the information about you that is collected via our website.


EXPERTS FROM 4 scientific fields AND research backgrounds.


Years of experience in personality tests and artificial intelligence


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