List Down the Most Rare Personality Types

Rare Personality Types

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There is always a tiny part inside the head that questions whether the decisions we are making are right or not. Personality quizzes offer a lot of relief by offering valuable insight into one’s personality. Identifying dominant traits lets you know your strengths and weaknesses allowing you to choose hobbies and careers best suited for your unique personality. 

The popular Myers-Briggs test consists of several questions and based on the answer an individual is placed in one of the 16 personality types defined by MBTI. The MBTI quiz is pretty elaborate and its results are considered quite reliable. 

Rare Personality Types 

Some personality types are more visible in the population, while others are not that common. It’s not easy to find which personalities have a larger presence in the population because of varying demographics. The Myers and Briggs Foundation has listed the rarest personality types in their data. 

Here is a list of some of the rarest Myers-Briggs personality types.



INFJ Personalities
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INFJ is considered one of the rarest types of personality. People with the INFJ personality focus on their internal thoughts and they need to spend time alone to get recharged. INFJs are excellent at understanding situations and making the right decisions based on their gut feeling. They are empathetic and identify other people’s emotional states. 

They tend to follow their heart while making decisions and do not pay much attention to the logical aspect of situations. Emotions have a larger impact on their decisions rather than objectivity. INFJ individuals feel at ease when there is a clear-cut roadmap in front of them. They are not comfortable with letting things play out on their own and like to have a plan and stick to it. 


Rarity of INFJ 

INFJ is a rare personality type because there are a lot of contradictions present in their personality traits. Although they are introverts, they are interested in meeting people and socializing with them. They also have a strong belief system and are assertive which is not common for introverts.   


Strengths of INFJs 

INFJs have a small but close-knitted social circle. They are highly compassionate, caring, and empathetic. They have a lot of loyalty to their close relationships. 

INFJs are empathetic because they can see things from multiple perspectives. Helping others is something they are passionate about and having a wide perspective makes it easier for them to provide meaningful assistance. 

They are observant and can easily read people’s emotions and thoughts. INFJs can easily guess what people are thinking even if they do not express it in words. They have impressive listening skills as it’s aided by their ability to read people.


Weaknesses of INFJs 

INFJ personalities are not good at taking criticism. They quickly become defensive whenever they are criticized. Their sensitivity towards criticism most likely stems from the desire to be perfect. They work tirelessly to complete the task at hand and always give the last priority to their needs. Their passion to achieve perfection can often lead to burnout and cause depression. 

INFJ people are not good at standing up for themselves, but they quickly stand up for people they care about. They have the skill of seeing the real faces of people, but once they get close to someone they can put extra trust in them. 

Getting to know INFJs is not an easy task as they are not forthcoming. They do not appreciate vulnerability and as a result, refrain from asking for help. Although they are ready to help others in solving their issues, they do not like asking for help when faced with a personal problem.



ENTJ Personalities
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ENTJs are natural leaders as they have a lot of motivation to organize change. They are great at identifying inefficiency and flaws and finding new and better solutions to get the job done. Coming up with long-term plans to achieve their vision is their specialty. Their quick wit and articulation make them excel at logical reasoning.  

Strengths of ENTJs

ENTJ personalities have an extremely strong will. Their resolve is not weakened by criticism. They are confident about their beliefs and logical reasoning that lead to their decision. They embrace criticism instead of getting offended by it. ENTJs never shy away from sharing their opinions. 

Efficiency, focus, and productivity are ENTJ’s dominant traits. They can multitask without any issue and provide the best results. They are not discouraged by the hurdles they face in achieving their goals, and their persistence ensures that they get what they want in the end.   

Problem-solving is one of the main strengths of ENTJ personalities. They are perceptive and can examine a situation from multiple angles. This ability allows them to come up with strategic plans to achieve the best possible results in their professional and personal life. Problems do not overwhelm them, instead, they provide energy and motivation to work even harder. 

ENTJs love getting challenged. They are aware of their leadership qualities and charisma and use them to motivate and inspire those around them. 


Weaknesses of ENTJs 

ENTJs have a sharp eye for spotting flaws and inefficiencies. Although it’s an excellent ability to achieve efficiency, it can also make them appear unrelenting and highly critical. They cannot ignore flaws, and people around them can find their blunt behavior rude. 

ENTJ individuals set very high standards for themselves and they also tend to hold others to the same standards. They have little tolerance for people who fail to satisfy their impossible standards. 

 People can find the unrelenting behavior of ENTJs arrogant as they often look down on people who are lacking in strategic thinking and decisive action. 

Empathy is not among their strong suits. They easily get impatient with people and fail to see their perspective. ENTJs have little regard for others’ feelings which is why they seldom make any friends. 



ENFJ Personalities
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ENFJs have a lot of love for humanity and want to dedicate their time and talent to improving society. They are great at spotting talent and potential in other people. Their ability to persuade other people to work on their ideas makes them a catalyst for human growth. 

ENFJ people like to stay busy and often work on multiple things at a time. They are ambitious, but their ambitions are not for their gains because they feel responsible for improving the world around them. They are referred to as the Teacher personality because of their interest in helping others in their growth and development. 


Strengths of ENFJs 

ENFJs are only interested in promoting peace and harmony. They aim to avoid conflict at any cost and have the gift of motivating people to work as a unit. In their opinion, positive relationships are the ideal path to achieve fulfillment in the workplace and personal life. 

ENFJ personalities are excellent communicators. They are proficient in communicating across a variety of media. Their ability to use the right words for any situation makes them excellent storytellers. They are comfortable talking in crowds whether it’s small or large. ENFJs enjoy being the center of attention and have no trouble being in the limelight. 

Persuasion is ENFJs strength and they can get people to follow the path they have chosen. They have a charitable nature. They help others with sincerity as there is no personal motive or gain behind their assistance and advice. Their sincerity makes them trustworthy and reliable and that is why people are compelled to not just listen but also follow them. 

ENFJs are a part of a solid social circle and they are always in charge of getting people together and planning things. Their leadership skills automatically put them in the decision-making position. They have no trouble in bringing everyone on board. They have an innate ability to mentor and teach those around them. Their idealistic nature allows them to see potential in others and their ability to judge enables them to create a path to utilize that potential. 

Weaknesses of ENFJs 

ENFJs are headstrong and often dive into things without fully understanding the situation. They are practical and they take action without thinking of repercussions. They have a lot of trust in their intuitive ability and are confident that they have everything figured out without concerning themselves with essential details. 

The Teacher personality enjoys being challenged and handling multiple tasks at a time but they can sometimes bite more than they can chew. Their excitement about potential opportunities can lead them to over-committing. They want to say yes to everything and have a hard time saying no. 

Making hard decisions is not easy for ENFJs. They do not pay much attention to details, especially information that lacks human elements. It’s challenging for them to handle hard logical and data-based conclusions. People may view them as unfair because they prioritize individual needs over the whole. They are also ready to accept exceptions rather than sticking to rules. 

ENFJ people do like sharing their feelings. The needs of other people are important to them but sometimes they fail to pay attention to their own needs and can suffer from an identification crisis. They can become lonely because they might feel no one truly knows or understands them.


Final Thoughts 

The rare personality types are an amalgamation of unique personality traits that are commonly found in the general population. Each personality has a unique amalgamation of characteristics. All the personalities categorized by MBTI have strengths and weaknesses. If you are interested in finding which personality you belong to, you can simply go to our website and take a quick personality test. Our personality tests offer reliable and valuable results making sure you get to know yourself more. 

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