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Capricorn Personality

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Capricorn is the second last of earth’s zodiac signs. Capricorns possess unique and powerful spirits. 

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Symbol of Capricorn 

Capricorn is represented by a sea goat. It showcases the resilient nature of the sign as a sea goat keeps on climbing even when the weather conditions are extreme. Capricorns’ resilience and determination pay off as they manage to reach heights that others can only dream of. They have a deep-seated internal emotional sensitivity which is represented by fishtails in their symbol. The dichotomy in the symbol of the sign is a true representation of their personality traits. 


Element of Capricorn 

Capricorn Symbol
Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

Capricorn is an earth sign and Capricorns are patient, grounded, and practical people. They are concerned with ways to make their ideas work within the limits of time and space and because of that, they often achieve material success.  


Ruling Planet 

Saturn is the ruling planet of the second last earth sign. The planet is known to be inflexible and strict. The influence of the planet is constricting rather than expanding. But those who manage to meet the high standards of the planet get to enjoy enormous rewards. 


Personality Traits 

Capricorn Personality Traits
Photo by Nishikino Maki on Unsplash

Earth signs tend to be self-reliant, ambitious, stoic, and practical. To determine your personality traits, you can take the AI-assisted personality tests on our website and see how well you fit into your zodiac sign. 

Some of the typical Capricorn personality traits are; 



Capricorns always want to do their best. Whenever they decide to follow a certain path they stay committed. They give everything they have to the task they are doing. They can become obsessed with status and get too successful. Their ambition can make them workaholics as well. 



When Capricorns decide to do something they never leave it in the middle. They will always finish what they start. They might not be the smartest people in the room but they are most likely going to be the most hard-working. They are often successful in achieving their goals because they are extremely persistent.  



People belonging to this earth sign are down-to-earth and perceptive. They don’t have any misconceptions and know precisely what they want in life. They don’t live in the clouds or build castles in thin air, Capricorns have their feet firmly rooted in the ground. 

Their realistic approach can often make them pessimistic. They are sometimes so focused on gazing down that they end up missing great opportunities. Their minds are more concerned with negatives instead of possibilities. 



Capricorns don’t have the patience to endure the scorn of other people. They don’t like being made fun of no matter what the intention and they don’t take mocking lightly and are likely to respond strongly. 



Capricorns don’t live in dreamland. There is little space in the mind for fancy and impractical thoughts. They want to improve their surroundings and build a better society. They will always adopt a practical approach to make things better. They are intuitive and smart enough to understand how things work. 



Capricorns are organized and disciplined people. They have strong willpower and are patient. They don’t shy away from making sacrifices and can control their desires and urges. They have solid personalities that are not easily swayed. 


Capricorn Hobbies 

Capricorn hobbies
Photo by RODNAE Productions

Capricorns are children at heart and they love things that provide instant gratification. They want to have all the drinks, ice creams, sweets, shoes, etc. Capricorns find a lot of solace and enjoyment in doing the following activities. 

Games and puzzles 

People belonging to this earth sign are highly interested in games and puzzles that have a high level of difficulty. They prefer trying out games like escape rooms, especially the ones that few people have managed to solve. They have an organized and methodical mind which is perfectly suited for these kinds of things.

Problem-solving is in their nature. Whenever they are presented with a challenge, they will automatically start looking for a viable solution. 


Gardening and DIY projects 

Home is Capricorns’ favorite place to be. They love spending time at home and doing some home-related activities. They prefer to spend time doing practical activities that help in improving their home and make them more beautiful and comfortable. 

Gardening is one of their favorite activities. They enjoy spending time with nature as it gives them comfort and peace.



Learning new things and gathering knowledge are among Capricorn’s favorite ways to pass time. They like the fact that they know enough to outdo other people. Reading allows them to acquire uprising skills and invaluable knowledge.



Some things that are not appreciated by Capricorns are: 

  • The flaky attitude of people is not appreciated by them. They don’t appreciate when people act ignorant and don’t make firm decisions. Capricorns are organized and get annoyed by the attitude of people who like to go with the flow. They don’t find such people reliable and trustworthy. 
  • Capricorns don’t like banter and don’t appreciate mocking and teasing. Keep their super-sensitive nature in mind. 

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Best Career Choices 

Capricorn Careers
Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash

Capricorns are persistent and hard-working and they can do anything they put their mind to but some careers are best suited to their personality characteristics while some aren’t. 



Being an accountant allows Capricorns to use their logical mind and solve things with practical and logical solutions. The accounting methodology has a structured framework which is preferred by this zodiac sign. They can use structured methodologies to organize clients’ finances and offers them the best ways to keep track of their money. They are great advisors regarding money matters. 



The career of an analyst is extremely gratifying for Capricorns. It offers them an opportunity to use their logical mind to evaluate data and determine possible results. There are a variety of analyst positions to choose from like cost estimator for products, determining investment trends for investment companies, business analyst, insurance actuary, etc. There are analyst positions available in economics and marketing. 



Capricorns have a lot of passion and one of the careers that can appease that fire is that of an architect. They get to bring together their love for structure, math, and order. Using their strengths, they can transform their creative thoughts into physical shapes like apartments, offices, homes, etc. 

It gives them great satisfaction to know that they are leaving marks of their creativity across cities with the buildings they design. They can also have grandiose ambitions and make a huge impression by designing housing developments, etc. 


Creative Director 

Capricorns enjoy the challenges presented by the position of creative director. They are likely to enjoy a career with a marketing or advertising company. They have a lot of confidence in their abilities and have great interest in planning marketing campaigns and directing content for websites selling products or services.

Giving presentations is their specialty and enjoy being in a position that allows them to shape the future of brands. 


Entrepreneurs need consistent ambition and drive and Capricorns have these qualities. Self-employment requires a lot more hard work and effort than being an employee at a company or firm. It comes with a lot more responsibility but there is no one else who is better equipped to handle the pressure that comes with being your boss than a Capricorn. 

Capricorns are detail-oriented and can create great business plans based on meticulous research and solid facts. Their plan is always going to be precise and thorough. 


Healthcare professional 

Capricorns are natural caregivers. They often choose the healthcare profession because it provides them with an opportunity to help others and make a positive change in their life. It gives them satisfaction and makes them happy. They find joy in knowing that their interaction has helped people and made their lives a little better. 


Human Resources Manager 

Capricorns love the opportunity to be the face of the company. They perform brilliantly in a role where they get to serve the employees while being a bridge between them and management. It’s appealing to Capricorns because it involves handling everything regarding employment. They are great at dealing with the administration of company policies and practices. Planning and organizing activities is a lot of fun for them. 


Supply chain manager

It’s an ideal designation for this earth sign. The logistics and organizing that come with the position offer them great enjoyment. They have the talent for evaluating and analyzing data and making the right decisions for the organization, It’s a challenging career that is embraced gladly by Capricorns. 



Capricorns have an innate desire to help others including children. They are aware of the importance of educating children and acknowledge their role in building a better future. They are highly motivated to inspire young minds and allow them to think critically about important matters. They can see the difference their effort is making in the life of young kids and it’s highly gratifying to them. 


Worst Career Choices

Worst Career for Capricorns
Photo by Katerina Holmes

Some careers are not well suited for Capricorn personalities such as; 


School counselor

Capricorns enjoy helping other people but they don’t do well as a counselor as they are not good at dealing with emotions and feelings. They are direct and blunt and these are not the qualities well suited for a person counseling young minds. 


TV personality 

Being in the spotlight is not appreciated by Capricorns. They are reserved and aloof people who don’t want to share their personal information with people they don’t know. 

Strong Compatibility 

  • Capricorns have the highest compatibility with Virgos. They make the most harmonious and well-matched pairing. They can work alongside as they offer comfort and relaxation to each other. Capricorns can be a bit moody but Virgo’s communication skills make it easier for them to handle moodiness. 
  • On paper, Capricorns and Pisces appear to be opposites of each other but their common interests can build a bridge between them. 
  • Capricorns often feel that other people cannot understand them so they appreciate the company of other Capricorns. It makes them feel that they can be themselves without facing any judgment or criticism.
  • Taurus and Capricorn share a strong work ethic and can do whatever is necessary to complete their task. They will stay true to their commitment even if they have to give up opportunities to have fun. Both of them are steady people who understand each other completely. 

Weak compatibility 

  • Capricorns and Leo can easily get into an argument and there is no special spark between them. They share traits of stubbornness and hard work. They are constantly competing with each other making it impossible to work together. It’s troublesome for them to form a relationship as Leo’s passion is often too much to handle for Capricorns. They are quiet and prefer to live in the shadows.  
  • Libra and Capricorns are also unlikely pairs because their personality characteristics are total opposites. Capricorns tend to be pessimistic and can have lofty goals whereas Libras are happy-go-lucky people who are not in favor of becoming workaholics.
  • Capricorns and Aries are not considered suitable romantic partners. They clash with each other making it impossible to satisfy each other. The boldness of Aries can be too much for the earth sign. 
  • Pairing between Gemini and Capricorn is a difficult one because Gemini’s versatility is not their cup of tea. Capricorn’s love for a set routine is frustrating for Gemini. 
  • Aquarians are rebels while Capricorns are traditionalists. It’s hard for these zodiac signs to find common ground. 

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Popular Capricorns

Famous Capricorn
Photo by Dawit on Unsplash

Muhammad Ali 

Muhammad Ali, the world-renowned boxer, was born on the 17th of January 1942. He was a great advocate for equal rights and freedom.  

Kate Middleton 

The elegant and sophisticated Duchess of Cambridge is also an Aquarius, born on the 9th of January 1942.  

Michelle Obama 

The wife of the first black US president is a Harvard Law School Alum and also the author of the famous book Becoming. 

Lewis Hamilton

The British race car professional was born on the 7th of January 1985. He has achieved multiple driving titles and is still winning. 

Jared Leto 

The Oscar-winning actor has given a lot of memorable roles. The member of Thirty Seconds to Mars was born on the 26th of December 1971. 


Capricorns are responsible people and they always prove to be upstanding citizens. They may appear cold on the surface but deep down are friendly and warm people. 

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