What It’s Like to Date a Capricorn

Dating a Capricorn

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Love is the essence of life. The absence of love can create a void that cannot be filled by anything else. That’s why people go on dates and try so hard to find someone who will love them for who they are.

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Dating a Capricorn 

The earth sign Capricorn has a charismatic personality that gets people’s because of sarcasm and wit. Capricorns want a partner who’s stable and hard-working. They want someone who can shoulder the weight of their responsibilities. You can count on them to find memorable and different ways of showing their love.

They’re always looking to find ways to improve their relationship and are willing to work on their weaknesses to make the bond stronger. When Capricorns develop feelings of love and affection for someone, they’re willing to do everything they can to keep things pleasant. 


What to Expect From Dating a Capricorn? 

Capricorn personalities
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Capricorns are strong partners because they’re headstrong and consistent. They’re also independent people who rely only on themselves. Add to that, they’re natural leaders who don’t shy away from their responsibilities and aren’t afraid of making tough decisions. 

Some of the dominant traits of Capricorn that make them excellent partners in life are as follows.


Extremely loyal 

With a Capricorn partner, you don’t have to worry much about disloyalty. Loyalty is one of their strong traits and they like to fully commit and honor their relationships. Capricorns want to establish long and lasting relationships and it makes them particular about fidelity. Betrayal isn’t part of their dominant personality traits. But in return for their faithfulness, they want their partner to be loyal as well. 


Super reliable 

When you have a Capricorn for a partner you don’t have to worry about no one having your back. Reliability is one of the attractive traits of Capricorn personalities. They’re unlikely to disappoint you so making plans with them is fun and exciting. They’re master planners and take a lot of things into consideration like weather, traffic, etc. Considering the contingencies ensures that their plans are realized and they can have a great time with their partner. 


Strong determination 

The determination of the earth sign knows no bounds. It helps in a relationship because even when things get rough and challenging they’re not quick to give up on their relationship. They’re determined to address the problems, identify the issue, and fix their mistakes.

Capricorns always find time for introspection as it helps them in improving and they’re willing to fight till the end. If things reach a certain point where it seems impossible to continue then they will not drag on and quickly end things as they don’t want to hurt anyone. 


Intricate planners 

Capricorns live organized lives and like to plan out everything. They’ll never start anything in life without first creating a full map. They set goals and then decide the best ways to achieve those goals. Leave it to the Earth sign to plan the perfect vacation and they can manage it efficiently according to the available budget. They aren’t known to be creative or romantic but they’re good at planning date nights as they have a considerate personality. 

High ambitions 

Capricorns are going to make the life of other people better as they have high ambitions and motivate others to do their best as well. They’re interested in a high status and money and they live their life by setting up goals. Setting goals is not for fun and games, their ambitions are important for them and they take them seriously.   


Challenging Traits of Capricorns 

Capricorn dating
Photo by Mikhail Nilov

Certain traits make Capricorns challenging to date. Some of the negative traits that the Earth sign may possess are as follows. 



Capricorns like to dress to impress. They want to live a happy and comfortable life so they want to have a beautiful home and a car. But they know that earning money requires hard work so they never spend mindlessly. When shopping, they always search for sale items. Capricorns aren’t in favor of wasting things; always use them with great care. 

They’re also unlikely to spend too much on a luxurious dinner when they can manage it in a reasonable amount. They work diligently to earn money and don’t spend it mindlessly. Being frivolous isn’t in their nature. People find their lifestyle peculiar. They see that Capricorns work hard and earn well and yet are careful about their expenditure and maintain strict spending habits.  


Extreme work ethic 

Hard work is embedded into Capricorns, they give their all in their professional and personal lives. You’re never going to find a Capricorn slacking off but their work ethic can be too extreme for some people. Their dating partner may feel neglected and feel that the work takes priority over everything else.

Their partner will constantly feel like they aren’t spending adequate time with them which puts unnecessary strain on the relationship. 


Trust issues 

Capricorns have trust issues which aren’t good for a relationship. Their issues may not be visible at the beginning of the relationship and will start surfacing as the relationship progresses. The more they fall for someone the more trust issues they develop. The things others consider minor are serious to them. Their trust is delicate and fickle and gets broken over small things. They get jealous over little things and it becomes the basis of their issues. 



Capricorns carefully analyze everything before deciding anything so when they come to a conclusion they believe that they’re right. It’s extremely hard to convince them otherwise. If by any chance you manage to show them that they’re wrong by providing solid evidence they will not appreciate it. They’re likely to sulk a lot and be in a bad mood. When you are getting into a relationship with a Capricorn, it’s essential to be prepared for stubbornness. 



One thing that the Capricorn personalities hate is other people pointing out their weaknesses or flaws. They don’t appreciate when their mistakes are highlighted. The earth sign can be too self-centered and focus only on their point of view.


Brutal honesty 

A relationship with a Capricorn is not for weak-hearted and sensitive people as they’re brutally honest. They believe that they can do nothing wrong and are observant of other people’s actions. Although they get angry if someone points out their mistake, they’re quick to make others realize their shortcomings. Their selfishness makes them lack empathy. 


Date Ideas for Capricorns 

Date ideas for Capricorns
Photo by Shvets Anna

Capricorns like to work hard and do their best but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a playful side.  

Here are some perfect date ideas to impress and charm a Capricorn. 


A night out 

Capricorns are usually laid-back people and prefer to follow a strict routine, but they’re always ready to have some fun from time to time. They enjoy experiencing finer things in life as they have worked hard to earn them. Taking them for a nighttime outing to show off what you have earned with your hard work is an excellent way of getting into their good books. 

Getting a chance to have a conversation with their partner, while eating delicious food is a good date for them. Capricorns love dates that allow them to have meaningful conversations with their date while sitting in a comfortable place, eating their favorite food. 

Museum trip 

Capricorns can enjoy things that are properly planned instead of spontaneous plans. Museum hopping is an excellent choice for them. Capricorns love analyzing things and sharing their opinions with their partner. The activity is enjoyable for them as they get to spend time with their partner and analyze different aspects of history. They aren’t only interested in historical museums but also like visiting arts and science museums. They find intellectual tours a lot of fun. 

Escape room 

Working hard is in Capricorn’s nature. They cannot help it even when they’re on a date and having fun. They’re interested in activities that require critical thinking. Take them to an escape room and it will be a memorable date for them. The challenges provided by the activity keep them engaged and they can make great memories with their partner. 


Traditional date 

Capricorns are old-fashioned people who enjoy traditional type dates. There’s no need to try too hard to come up with an exotic date plan as you can impress them with a classic dinner date. They have a laid-back personality and want sincerity rather than a boisterous display of affection. Take them to see a movie and have dinner at a good place afterward and you’ll be able to make a good impression on your Capricorn partner. 


Final Thoughts 

Capricorns are interested in a partner who’s open-minded, organized, dependable, a strong thinker, and has an excellent sense of humor. The earth sign wants to ensure that their time is well spent. If you had doubts about dating a Capricorn before, now you have all the information you need to make a final decision. 

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