Which Signs Are Compatible With Cancer?

Cancer most compatible signs

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The Sensitive Cancer Personality 

Cancer personality
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The fourth sign of the Zodiac is known for its deep association with home and emotions. People under the Cancer sign are sensitive and can recognize the moods and feelings of other people. They have an excellent understanding of their environment and reflect the energy that’s surrounding them.  

Cancer is a water sign so Cancerians explicitly show emotions. They are too sensitive and can easily get offended when ignored. They prefer staying away from confrontation because they are not fans of drama.  

Cancerians prefer spending their life with someone who can contribute to creating a comfortable home. They want a partner who is willing to spend quality time with them and help in nurturing the intuitive nature of the water sign.  


Cancer’s Most Compatible Signs

Cancer compatibility
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The zodiac signs with the highest compatibility with Cancer are the compassionate and understanding ones. The most suitable signs must possess a high tolerance for small disputes and be able to acknowledge the sensitive nature of this water sign . 

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 Some of the ideal matches for Cancer are;  


Cancer and Taurus 

Cancerians and Taureans find comfort in each other’s company. They offer their partners emotional support. Cancer people are determined to make their partners feel loved and appreciated. Similarly, Taureans also take their relationship seriously and commit to it fully. Both star signs are loyal to a fault and remain devoted to their relationship no matter how many complications arise.  

There are hardly any communication issues between these signs. They believe that the strength of their bond depends on their honesty with their partner. Taurus personalities are talkative and make time to share their life events with their partner daily. They find it impossible to resist anything from their partner.  

Taureans are always determined to make their Cancer partners comfortable. They have what it takes to encourage their partner to come out of their shell and share their life with them. They provide the little push Cancerians need to open up. These stars take little time to establish a bond but once they do their bond is strong and they are unlikely to suffer from trust issues. 


Cancer and Pisces

Being water signs, these stars are expected to have brilliant chemistry. Their love and affection for each other make them empathetic. Their emotional connection is rock solid. Cancer signs are known for being caring and protective of their partners. Pisces have no trouble following the lead of their partners.  

They make a great couple because they acknowledge the importance of a good home. Cancerians are always willing to be affectionate and warm towards their partner while Pisces desperately want a good home life so they always appreciate the care of their Cancer partner. They always show patience towards their partner and make an effort to return their care and affection.  

Cancer is a family-oriented sign while Pisces is a dreamer. Cancer is well-equipped to nurture the imaginative nature of its fellow water sign. Pisces keep their head in the cloud and their partner plays a crucial role in keeping them grounded. 

In their relationship, Cancerians are likely to initiate conversation and break the ice. Pisces have an open heart which is irresistible for a Cancer sign. 

Cancer and Scorpio 

The similarities between Scorpio and Cancer are undeniable. The strengths of one partner balance out the weaknesses of the other. The attraction between them is strong and there’s a lot of potential for a healthy and lasting relationship.  

Scorpions and Cancerians enjoy going on shopping trips together especially when it comes to home decor things. Both are interested in creating a gorgeous and comfortable living space. The minds of both stars are occupied by thoughts of domestic bliss.  

The personalities of Cancer and Scorpio have several layers; their emotions are as deep as the ocean. Their relationship is based on loyalty and a desire for emotional security. Cancerians focus on maintaining the emotional energy of the home whereas Scorpions are more concerned with the nuances of life.  

Their desires and wishes mostly align and they enjoy working to achieve them together.  


Signs With Average Compatibility With Cancer 

Cancer average compatibility
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Some stars can have a good relationship with Cancerians but it may take more effort and compromise.  


Cancer and Virgo 

These star signs have a movie-like romance. Their relationship doesn’t result in immediate fireworks as they believe in taking time to analyze their compatibility before committing. They are shy at first but when they gain confidence they find it easy to build a solid bond.  

Both star signs are generous and big-hearted and they have the talent for maintaining meaningful communication. Virgos are protective of their emotions and Cancerians have to be observant to figure out how they feel. 

People belonging to both stars have balanced personalities. The marriage compatibility of the signs is high because there is an effortless understanding between them.  

Their supportive and caring nature nurtures their relationship. They don’t neglect each other. Virgos can appear stoic and can be a little critical but the Cancer sign is quick-witted and finds it easy to understand their perspective.

They experience disagreements as Cancerians can be a little too sensitive. They sometimes get too indulged in the past which is frustrating for their Virgo partner. Virgos on the other hand over analyze things and spends a lot of time breaking down things which is overwhelming for Cancerians.  

Cancer and Cancer 

The bond between two Cancer personalities is a good one. They are devoted to each other and their loyalty has no end. 

Both are sympathetic and work hard to maintain a good mood and fluidity in their relationship. They tend to focus on their home life and often become disconnected from the outside world.   

Cancer couples do face a few challenges and the biggest one is the constant complaints. They always want more than they get. Even if there is a small thing missing in their life they will complain about it.  

They spend a lot of time self-pitying and when they aren’t doing that they make themselves busy crying to others about their problems. Their habit of focusing on things they don’t have negatively impacts their potential and keeps them from achieving great things.  

Cancer signs are emotional and they can become erratic at times. When their emotions run high they become passive-aggressive and can be too mean to each other.  


Cancer and Sagittarius 

The compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius isn’t high, there is barely any attraction between them. Their relationship can run into a lot of complications. To make their relationship work they have to be patient and work hard.  

Both star signs prefer sharing their feelings with their partner but they fail to establish emotional compatibility. Freedom is highly valued by the fire sign and they don’t appreciate being bound. Quality time with their partner is appreciated by them as long as it doesn’t become an imposition.   

Cancer sign is attention seeking and wants to be the center of their partner’s life. They are highly invested in their relationship and work hard to make their partner feel at home. However, their desire to get reassurance from their partner can be suffocating for their partner.  

Communication is a huge issue between Cancer and Sagittarius. It’s a huge struggle for Cancerians to make their partners understand their point of view. The conversations between the two partners are full of ambiguity and silly things. 


Cancer and Leo 

There are stark differences between the personalities of the water  and fire signs. They barely have anything in common. A lot of hard work is needed for a harmonious relationship between them.  

Cancerians are introverted and emotional whereas Leos are extroverts and want to keep a big social circle. They need to communicate better if they wish to have a successful relationship.  

There are enough commonalities between these star signs. Cancerians don’t mind putting up with the intense passion of the fire sign. The childlike emotions of Leos assist in bringing Cancerians out of their shells.  

These stars might be opposite but they do bring passion and ambition to the table which helps bind them together. Both signs don’t appreciate criticism so they avoid nagging and nitpicking things.  


Least Compatible Signs With Cancer

Least compatible signs with cancer
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Certain astrological signs have almost nothing in common the Cancer sign. The stars that share low compatibility with the Cancer sign are as follows.


Cancer and Capricorn 

The attraction between these two signs can be a reasonable example of attraction between opposites. But their relationship is certainly not smooth. They are emotionally distant and pessimistic and these characteristics bring out the worst in both signs.  

The moodiness and over-emotional attitude of Cancerians can make the relationship too overwhelming for Capricorns to handle.  

Capricorns are workaholics. They focus too much on work and forget to pay attention to domestic affairs which can be annoying for Cancerians who are highly invested in making a warm home for their partner.

Because of their love for professional excellence , the communication gap between the two often becomes unbearable. Capricorns are honest with their partner if they find anything illogical but Cancerians are emotional and can get hurt by the straightforward comments.  

Cancer and Gemini 

These star signs can have a good tie when they get together but a long-term relationship isn’t viable as Cancerians find Geminis unreliable. Cancerians are highly committed people and they may feel like their commitment is not returned.  

Both star signs have trouble compromising as they have different expectations. They always feel like something is lacking in their relationship. They see life from different perspectives and often find it hard to be on the same page.   

Cancer and Libra 

These star signs have opposite zodiac elements, making them an unlikely couple. Forming a strong and lasting bond between these two signs is difficult as they can get into petty arguments.  

Libras are interested in new experiences and challenges whereas Cancerians are more interested in living a traditional life. They value relationships but it’s challenging for them to be on the same page when it comes to values and interests.  

The moodiness of Cancer can be too much for their Libra partner to handle and the passive-aggressive attitude of Libra isn’t appreciated by their Cancer partner.  


Cancer and Aquarius 

Cancer and Aquarius have the least compatibility because there are major differences in the way they perceive life. Their relationship can work only if they are willing to make compromises and look beyond the disparities.  

Cancerians are aware of their emotions and have a high EQ but Aquarians lack emotional awareness. They need to find ways to appreciate their partner’s viewpoint. It’s challenging for the two signs to get over the differences in their goals and motives.  


Cancer and Aries 

Cancer personalities are deeply interested in building a warm and cozy home. They don’t appreciate Aries’ willingness to jump into adventure. Aries aren’t consistent people and they jump from one thing to another without any difficulty. The fleeting attitude is seen as disloyalty by Cancer.  

These signs can become over-emotional over petty things.  It makes it hard for both signs to form any sort of bond. It can tear them apart and a relationship becomes unlikely.  


Final Thoughts 

The Cancer sign has a nurturing nature and gets easily offended when ignored. Their personality traits are shaped by several aspects such as their astrological sign, education, upbringing, and their company. Getting to know personality characteristics helps in making several important decisions in life. 

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