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Greeks strongly believed that the cosmos had an impact on people’s lives. The belief is still alive today as many people look at their zodiac signs to determine one’s personality traits.

The philosophy of stars has evolved and the current version is highly influenced by ancient Greece and Babylon. Its history is derived from the Tetrabiblos of the astronomer and mathematician Ptolemy, which were published about 1,800 years ago. 

The Zodiac Signs 

Ptomely divided the orbit of Earth around the Sun into 360 distinctive sectors and each one has a unique identification. It led to the creation of twelve zodiac signs. 



Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign. People born between 21st November to 21st December are considered Sagittarians.


Symbol of Sagittarius 

The sign is represented by the fantastical creature centaur that is holding a bow and arrow. It is half human and half horse and it represents ambition and optimism. 


Element of Sagittarius 

Sagittarius Personality
Image by Suhas Rawool from Pixabay

Elements are a representation of the basic nature of the zodiac signs. The elemental sign of Sagittarius is Fire. 

The fire signs have a fiery nature. They are aggressive, spontaneous, passionate, courageous, and creative. They are not afraid to take risks and try new things which put them in a better position to take full advantage of opportunities. 

It’s impossible to dominate them. Sagittarians possess all the qualities of a fire sign but what sets them apart from others is their determination and adaptability. 

Sagittarians make effective leaders because they quickly get inspired and are highly motivated. 


Ruling Planet 

Their ruling planet is Jupiter which is considered “greater benefic”. Whatever is touched by Jupiter, expands. It is known to be the bringer of relief, abundance, and expansion. 


Personality Traits of Sagittarius 

Traits of Saggitarians
Image by Masashi Wakui from Pixabay

It’s a sign that one is always seeking new and better things. They refuse to settle for the ordinary and are ready to strive for the best. 

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Here is a bird’s-eye view of the personality traits of the ninth zodiac sign. 


Adventure and novelty 

Sagittarians are influenced by the planet Jupiter and it grants them a sense of novelty and adventure. They belong to the ninth house in astrology which means they are born in the realm of spirituality and wisdom. They have a special affinity with higher education and foreign travel.   


Unruly and rational 

Sagittarians have interesting personalities. There is a duality that is represented by the symbol, the centaur. The half-horse part of the creature represents the strong, relentless, and unruly side of the personality. The human part portrays the rational and wisdom-seeking nature of Sagittarius. 

There is often a debate going on inside the head of a Sagittarian as they try to figure out ways to balance their rational and the wild side. 



Sagittarius is included among the mutable signs. They are excellent at dealing with change and mixing their daily routine according to circumstances.



Sagittarius may be flexible but they are firm when it comes to their plans, ideas, and beliefs. Taking dictation from others about their life is not their thing. They don’t think much of other people’s input especially if it does not align with their goals. They are independent souls that like to carve out their paths. 



Sagittarians are smart so they understand that not everyone has good intentions. But it’s in their nature to think the best of people. They believe that most people have good intentions and want the best for them. It’s not their naivety that makes them think good of others, they just have a good and soft heart. They don’t like dealing with negativity and pessimism until there is no other option. 


Deep thinkers 

The passion and adventurous part of the Sagittarius personality is highly evident and it often hides the fact that they are philosophical and deep thinkers. They like being in an intellectual and mental realm as compared to an emotional one. They like thinking about things and making big plans. 


Preferred Hobbies of Sagittarius

The hobbies of a person can tell a lot about their personality. Some of the preferred hobbies of people born under Jupiter’s sign are;  

Keeping pets 

Sagittarians love keeping pets, especially dogs and horses. They prefer bright and beautiful animals. They get along great with the animals and know how to take good care of them. 



Seeing new places and going to far-off land makes Sagittarians’ hearts race. Roaming and wandering around in nature is one of their favorite things to do. 



They are competitive and highly interested in outdoor games. They have the right mindset to compete and fully enjoy outdoor sports. They are thrilled by the challenges presented by the sports and the team-building experience they offer. 



Sagittarians are creative souls and they prefer to use writing to express themselves. They are deep thinkers, well-informed, and opinionated people so they have a lot to say. Words come easily to them and they are interested in entertaining people by sharing their ideas. 



Establishing healthy and lasting relationships is not easy for everyone. Sagittarians’ open-mindedness makes it easier to connect with people. But they don’t prefer to share too much personal stuff with other people so knowing them can be a little tricky. 


Sagittarius and Friendships 

Sagittarius gets along well with other fire signs. The trio can become fast friends quickly because they share a lot of exciting things like a sense of competition and willingness for adventure brings them together. 

Romantic relationships 

Sagittarians are passionate and when they fall in love, they fall hard. Their adventurous nature always keeps their partner entertained and excited. 

But they like freedom and want some room to roam around when they are in a romantic relationship. They are not a fan of being boxed on or locked down. 

The physical features are not enough to attract their attention and love. A healthy romantic relationship can only flourish if they are mentally attracted to the other person. They prefer partners that are educated, fond of lively banter, and have opinions of their own. 

  • Sagittarians like being inspired, excited, and passionate. They are most comfortable with Aries, other Sagittarians, and Leo. 
  • Apart from the other fire signs, they also enjoy the company of air signs which include Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. 
  • Dating earth and water signs is not the best option for a fire sign. They crave spark and adventure which these signs lack. Earth signs are too mellow for them and the water signs are too moody for them to handle. 

For more on Sagittarius’ love compatibility, have a look at our page-turner article Signs Most Compatible With Sagittarius.


Best Career Options

Sagittarius Careers
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Finding an exciting and appropriate career is one of the most important and challenging decisions of one’s life. The zodiac sign can offer some help in narrowing down the options as it offers some insight into the personality characteristics of a person. 

Some of the greatest career choices for Sagittarians are: 



They like jobs that allow them to speak different languages. Sagittarians have an affinity for foreign cultures and they have a knack to learn different languages. 

It’s a great career option for fixing language barriers, making it easier to communicate with people that speak different languages.  



Sagittarians have a lot of love for higher learning which is why being a professor is an excellent career choice for them. They love books and are always seeking knowledge. Learning new things excites them and keeps them on their feet. Being a professor suits them because they don’t just want knowledge but also enjoy sharing it with other people. 


Travel agents 

Sagittarians revere traveling as it inspires them and gives them peace of mind. It’s an ideal career for them. They find it easy to adapt to different situations and have the caliber to deal with the challenges that come with traveling. 

They are great at booking the best places and can always find the most suitable deals with the best rates for their clients as they have a deep passion for it. 



The fire signs are well suited for the role of a CEO of any business. Their ambition and creativity are unparalleled and it makes them ideal to helm a business or project. They have the talent and the personality.

Sagittarians are naturally charismatic which allows them to become effective leaders. They love to be in a position where they get to use opportunities to improve their and everyone else’s life. 



Sagittarians are good with words which means they are exceptional storytellers. They do well in marketing as they can come up with memorable stories to tell to the customers and earn their loyalty. 

They have an aptitude for sharing their enthusiasm with other people. They don’t shy away from interacting with customers and know how to market the service or product they are selling. They shine brightly in the role of marketers especially in social media marketing as they can influence the people they interact with. 



The fire sign considers it an honor to help other people. They love dedicating their time and energy to higher purposes and making positive contributions to society. Missionary and charity work is a great match for their personality. When they commit, they put everything into their cause and ensure that their goals are achieved. 


Worst Personality Traits 

Diplomacy is not their forte. They are not good at handling delicate situations which require diplomacy. Their straightforward nature compels them to see and say things as they are and it’s not a quality that is always appreciated. 

They tend to go overboard because of their expansive nature and find themselves in deep trouble. 

Monotony is not appreciated by Sagittarians. They may end up taking unnecessary risks just to have some thrill in their life. People belonging to the fire sign can be pretty reckless. 

Fun Facts 

  • Sagittarians are free spirits and they love their independence. They will fiercely protect their freedom so it’s better not to limit or restrain them. 
  • Sagittarians have short tempers and they are impatient. 
  • Their energy never runs out which can make it hard to keep up with them. 
  • They are a magnet for good fortune and success often follows them. Their unrealistic optimism mostly pays off. 
  • Sagittarians are great at detecting lies. It’s hard to deceive them because they have intuitive and sharp mind that manages to see through deceptions. 
  • They are introverts that can also be extroverts. One day they may be in a mood to share everything and the next day they would be calm and quiet. 
  • They are social but they are protective of their privacy. 
  • Sagittarians love being right. They try extremely hard to justify their point of view. 
  • They are food lovers and are always ready to try new and exciting delicacies. 

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Sagittarius Celebrities

Sagittarius Celebrities
Image by Chris from Pixabay

Here are some of the popular celebrities belonging to this fire sign.


Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift has a whole song about her zodiac sign where she talks about the classic traits related to the fire sign. She said she is an archer so she likes to stand back, assess situations, process feelings, take a breath, and fire. 


Zoe Kravitz 

Kravitz’s Sagittarian traits were praised by her mother during an interview. According to her mother, her swagger and charm are a given because she is a Sagittarian. 

Hailey Bieber 

Haley Bieber is known to live a life of adventure. She has great compatibility with her husband who is an Aries. 


Scarlett Johansson 

She stood up against the powerful Disney executives and made her case which led to a settlement. The whole incident showcased her courage. 


Charlie Puth 

The talented musician is also part of the Sagittarius club. He has always shown that he is not only talented but also has the guts to stand up for his cause. 


Brad Pitt 

Brad Pitt’s personality has an unmatchable charm and swagger. He’s one of the biggest Hollywood stars and is known for his outstanding filmography.  


Jamie Fox 

The brilliant Oscar-winning actor is also a Sagittarian. He has a charming personality and the ability to stand out from the group. 



Sagittarians are the center of attention at gatherings as they share their unfiltered opinions with people. They prefer taking risks and living on the edge. 

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