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Recommendations from Artificial Intelligence can help us live happier lives. This detailed guide helps us understand what makes the ENFP personality type happy using artificial intelligence. Included in the guide are personality traits and careers that suit this personality type. Take this free AI-assisted personality test to get detailed insights about your personality traits and suitable careers.


The profession you choose depends on your interests, goals, and opportunities. The unique traits of your personality also play a vital role in choosing your career path.

The preferred choices and likely decisions of a person can be calculated with the help of the Myers-Briggs personality test questionnaire. The results of the test can be utilized to align your career goals according to the personality types you possess. It will help you make use of your natural talents and strengths to a maximum level.

This article discusses an overview of ENFP personality traits, careers best suited for them, and jobs they must avoid.

Overview of ENFP Personality

ENFP is an abbreviation of Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Perception. The combination of these personality traits can be a fit for various organizations. The people with ENFP personalities are innovative, daring, and an inspiration to people around them.

8% of the total population possess an ENFP personality type. The majority of them are women. The ENFPs are extremely understanding about the functioning of other individuals and groups.

Tip: The ENFP personality can perceive people’s minds and actions easily making them unbiased leaders.

They love to work in organizations with exciting environments and experimental learning cultures. They perform best in every career path they choose.

ENFP personalities are outspoken and friendly. They like to work in casual environments where their creative skills are polished.

They avoid pursuing careers in the corporate or bureaucratic sector. They prefer passion over money.


Best Careers for ENFP Personalities

ENFP Careers
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ENFPs crave job opportunities that are meaningful and innovative. Interior designing, theatre, music, visual arts, and other branches of artistic fields are preferred by ENFP personalities.

Tip: ENFPs can become amazing writers and graphic designers.

The people belonging to the ENFP group of personalities having a high extroversion ratio opt for a career with maximum social interactions. They are motivated individuals and love to work as a teacher, social worker, a member of the clergy, or healthcare professionals.

The best fields for people possessing ENFP type are mentioned below:


Arts and humanities

The professions related to arts and humanities resonate perfectly with the ENFPs. If you like to take risks and have a strong desire for creativity then the following careers are best suited for you.

  • Host
  • Comedian
  • Writer
  • Musician
  • Show performer or actor
  • Screenwriter

Commercial media

The expressive nature of the ENFP personality type makes them ideal for a career in commercial media.

Tip: Commercial media jobs are of low risk and pay well.

The below-mentioned jobs are well-suited for this personality group:

  • Producer
  • Editor
  • Anchor
  • Reporter
  • Copywriter
  • Web designer
  • Graphic designer
  • PR specialist
  • Photographer

Product, sales, and customer service

ENFP personalities are outstanding at networking and persuasion making them perfect for careers in customer services.

They can easily catch up with the changing trends of the industry and portray their creative skills in this field by looking at the bigger picture of things.

Tip: ENFPs can be good entrepreneurs due to their dynamic and charming personalities.

Suitable career paths for these personality types include:

  • Account manager
  • Product manager
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Real estate agent
  • Sales manager
  • Retail sales associate
  • Customer support representative



ENFP personality types excel at establishing strong social connections. This makes teaching perfect for them. They love to speak up in public and give presentations. The following job opportunities are relevant if you are interested in joining the education industry:

  • Schoolteacher (elementary, middle, and high school)
  • Instructional coordinator
  • Director for a childcare center
  • Guidance counselor


Social services and healthcare

The healthcare industry is flourishing with each passing day. The ENFP personality types are very good at one-on-one interactions making them a perfect consultant for patients.

If you want to pursue a career in the fields of exercise, nutrition, or mental health you should choose any of the following professions:

  • Social worker
  • Personal trainer
  • Dental hygienist
  • Medical assistant
  • Counselor
  • Physical therapist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Chiropractor
  • Massage therapist


Careers ENFP Personality Types Must Avoid

ENFP Online Assessments
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The career you choose must align well with your career goals, motivations, and natural talents. Professions that require long working hours with monotonous work routines can prove to be draining and stressful for ENFPs.

The careers ENFP personality types must avoid include the following:

  • Computer sciences
  • Chemical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Laboratory sciences


How to Make the Most of Your ENFP Personality?

ENFP Types
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Every personality type defined in the Myers-Biggs personality test reacts differently to various situations.

ENFP types on a good day

These personalities portray the following traits on their good days:

  • Ever ready for performing or giving a presentation
  • They are well-prepared to plan long term goals creatively
  • They love to take part in team-building activities, interact with clients, and communicate with their co-workers

ENFPs on a bad day

On their bad days, they behave in the following ways:

  • Feel unstimulated and lonely
  • They don’t feel good about working for a long day on a comprehensively detailed task
  • Hesitate to rework on a task already completed


ENFP Personality Type Conclusion

The personality type of a person can provide useful insight into the career they should choose. People with an ENFP personality type are open to adventures and have a positive outlook. Their charisma and strong social presence make them a valuable part of the team instantly.

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