ENTJ Personality Type Guide (AI-Powered Test to Find Best Careers)

ENTJ personality type

Recommendations from Artificial Intelligence can help us life a happier life. A detailed guide to what makes the ENTJ personality type happy using artificial intelligence. What are the personality traits and what careers suits this personality type. Take this Free AI-assisted  personality test to get detailed insights about your personality traits and suitable careers.


The Myers-Briggs type indicator test is an introspective questionnaire that allows tells people about their personality traits. The questionnaire indicates different psychological preferences and how they are perceived by the people.

The Myers-Briggs ENTJ refers to the following personality traits:

  • Extraverted
  • Intuitive
  • Thinking
  • Judging

ENTJs are described as entrepreneurial, charismatic, and energetic. They are highly motivated and focused. They love fast-paced organizational work and are comfortable in a management or leadership role. They are good at earning other people’s trust.


Tip: ENTJs are not plagued by self-doubt.


ENTJ personality types are often given the nickname of commander because they have a desire to take control of situations. To excel it is important to find a career that is suitable for their traits and allows them to use their skills.


Careers for ENTJ personalities:

ENTJs like hard work and they are driven which is why they do great in structured jobs. They are not good at following and do not do well in chaotic positions. Here are some career choices that are good for ENTJs.

Project management:

Launching a project is a huge responsibility and ENTJs love the challenge. Project management is an ideal job for them. As project managers, ENTJs get to be involved in the management of projects and keep track of deadlines and the progress of the project. Their leadership and judgment skills make them excellent managers. They can take care of responsibilities like managing budgets and organizing tasks.


ENTJ personality types are extraverted and interaction with people energizes them. They love connecting with others and it makes them a perfect candidate for a sales job. They are good at selling things as they have a knack for convincing people. ENTJs are passionate and if they are enthusiastic about what they are selling they can do an exceptional job.


Healthcare requires a good work ethic, focus, and energy. Self-motivated people do well in the health industry. ENTJs have all the qualities that good healthcare professional. Several healthcare professions are suitable for them. Here are a few great choices:

  • Optometrist
  • Dentist
  • Physician
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Physical therapist


Auditor’s responsibilities include analyzing difficult financial documents and identify discrepancies. Auditing requires laser focus and focusing is one of the strongest qualities of ENTJ personalities. Auditing requires working alone but there is plenty of social interaction as they have to meet stakeholders, go to banks, financial institutions, and visit auditing government bodies. ENTJs make good auditors because they can efficiently manage their schedules.

Public speaker:

ENTJs are bold and confident and on top of that, they are charismatic as well. They make good public speakers because they know how to get the attention of the crowd and share their thoughts precisely. ENTJs have natural skills for public speaking and are ideal candidates for public relations, human resources directors, and are effective motivational speakers.


Tip: ENTJs are good at navigating challenges and crisis management.


Careers to avoid for ENTJ Personality Type

ENTJs are good at a lot of jobs but some are not a good fit for them. Here are a few jobs they should avoid if they want to have a good career.

Clerical work:

Clerical work is not a good choice for the ENTJ personality type. It is repetitive and monotonous work. ENTJs are not good at controlling and excelling under strict rules. It is not challenging enough for an ENTJ personality.


Receptions deal with people all day but the nature of the work is too repetitive for them. The job does not offer them a chance to use their entrepreneurial talents. It is an unfulfilling position for ENTJs.


ENTJs are leaders so they are not good at following orders and instructions. It is not a good idea for them to work with other people. It is an unsatisfying career choice for a passionate and energetic personality like ENTJ.

Social worker/Psychologist:

ENTJs like dealing with concrete problems and finding specific solutions so they should stay away from social work. The job of psychologists and social workers requires helping people interpret their emotions and ENTJs are not good at it. They prefer working jobs where they have an objective solution.


Tip: ENTJs can be dominant and stubborn.


ENTJ Personality Type Conclusion

To enjoy a satisfying career it is important to look for careers that match your personality traits. People need to know what they are good at so that they can make the best of the most suitable job opportunities.