Extraversion as a Big Five Personality Trait

Extraversion Personality

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The Big Five personality traits or Big Five model is considered a reliable method of identifying personality traits. The method was applauded by the scientific community and is considered reliable when it comes to understanding personality. According to this theory, it is possible to measure human personality using five major dimensions. Each of the five dimensions is independent and unique. 

Five Key Personality Factors

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According to the Big Five model, the behavior and thoughts of a person are driven by different levels of the five key factors which are:

  • Extroversion 
  • Agreeableness 
  • Conscientiousness 
  • Neuroticism 
  • Openness 


Defining extraversion

It is the factor that describes an individual’s preference to look for stimulation from the outside world and desire for getting attention from others. It is closely linked with dopamine activity in the brain. Dopamine is the main chemical connected to the instinct of striving for one’s goals. Extraverts tend to have higher dopamine activity as compared to other personality types. 


Dominant Extraversion Personality Traits

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Extrovert personalities tend to display the following traits:



Extroverts find it easy to talk to other people even if they are strangers. They can communicate well with family members, co-workers, and friends as they are comfortable striking communication even with strangers. Talking is an effective way of exploring and organizing ideas and thoughts. Extroverts have a wide social circle and are popular among their acquaintances. 

They are very vocal about their concerns and feelings as well. They do not bottle up their feelings and find it easy to discuss their issues and problems. Simply talking about their day relaxes them and makes them feel heard. 

Get inspired by socializing

Extrovert people love socializing because it gives them energy and inspiration. Every person has a source of inspiration that keeps them energized and happy. If they spend too much time alone they become dull and uninspired. 


Approachable personality

They have an approachable personality and those around them feel that they can rely on them and talk to them about everything. They are great ice-breakers and can always turn awkward situations into comfortable ones. 


What Causes Extroversion Behavior?

There has been a lot of debate and research about what determines the dominant traits of a person. When it comes to being an extrovert, it is believed it comes down to key factors. 


It is a prominent genetic component of an individual’s personality. According to Twin’s study, about 40 to 60 % of the variance between introversion and extroversion is because of genetics. 



The experiences and environment of a person also play a significant role in shaping a person’s personality. Extroverts require more stimuli from their surroundings to stay active and energetic. 

It is not possible to divide people strictly into extroverts and introverts. These are two ends of a spectrum and there are a lot of people that sit in the middle of that spectrum. 

People who have both extrovert and introvert tendencies are known as ambiverts. They can show both characteristics depending on the situation, circumstances, and mood. 


Impact on Workplace Behavior

Extrovert Personalities
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Scoring high in extroversion is connected to several tendencies. A personality test can offer valuable information that can assist in making the important decision of choosing a career. Extroverts are not swayed by fast-paced life. They find thrill and joy in working hard and long hours. They do not find relaxation in sitting around and doing nothing.


Pros of hiring extroverts 

Extrovert people are great at interacting with people so jobs such as marketing, sales, public relations, politics, and teaching are ideal for them. They have the traits and skills to do these jobs successfully while enjoying them as well. 

  • Extrovert personalities make excellent leaders. They are assertive and are good at getting heard in a group.  
  • They can connect with others on a personal level as they like asking questions and also like to process their thoughts verbally. They quickly form close associations with others. 
  • Communication is one of their biggest strengths. They make excellent employees because of their effective communication skills. 
  • They are a valuable addition to any team because apart from meticulously doing their job, they are also willing to assist other people in difficult situations. 
  • Confidence is an essential quality of successful employees. Extroverts can perform well in whatever role they are given because they trust their abilities and are confident.  
  • Their upbeat attitude is contagious and is effective in improving the atmosphere of the workplace and making it more positive. 

Cons of hiring extroverts

Hiring new people is not an easy task. Understanding personalities has helped in increasing the efficiency of the recruiting system. If you are looking to hire an extrovert personality make sure you assess all the aspects of the trait. There are a lot of positives if adding extrovert individuals to your team but there can be a few challenges as well. 

  • Extroverts have difficulty in making objective or analytical decisions. They can sometimes come across as rude and aggressive. 
  • Validation of other people is too important for them. Other people’s opinions are highly valuable to them and not getting the nod of approval can discourage them.  
  • They want everything to be perfect and this attitude can be too intense for their peers making it hard to keep up with them. 
  • Extroverts like talking and sharing things but they are not the best listeners.  
  • Their passion to achieve the best can lead to creating unrealistic goals. They tend to fit in too many tasks within short deadlines. 



Extraversion is a measure of the level of friendliness, sociability, and energy of an individual. They are famously known as people’s people as they get inspired and energy from the crowd. Assessing one’s extroversion tendencies can help people choose the best career paths and help companies on creating a working environment that works well for diverse personalities. 

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