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INFP Personality careers

Recommendations from artificial intelligence can help us live happier lives. This article provides a detailed guide to what makes the INFP personality type happy using artificial intelligence. It includes personality traits and careers that suit this personality type. Take this free AI-assisted personality test to get detailed insights about your personality traits and suitable careers.


Taking goals, abilities, and interests into consideration is important when choosing a good career. You cannot have a satisfying career if you are not working in a place that suits your personality traits. The Myers-Briggs type indicator test divides people into sixteen different personality types.

Tip: The questionnaire of the Myer-Briggs test provides psychological insight and helps in selecting a career path where people can excel.

Overview of INFP Personality Type

INFP Personality Traits
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INFP is one of the sixteen personality types defined by the Myers-Briggs type indicator test.

INFP stands for:

  • Introversion
  • Intuition
  • Feeling
  • Perceiving

The INFP types are creative, innovative, curious, and inquisitive. They have an optimistic worldview and are good at inspiring people. They like abstract thinking and can find hidden patterns. INFPs can focus on the bigger picture and are not too concerned about details. They are interested in learning new things and inspiring change in the world. They find it hard to maintain their excitement level for too long.


Careers for INFP Personality Type

INFP Careers
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INFP types do well in jobs that have personal meaning and allow them to be more creative. They are sensitive to other people’s feelings and have a supportive nature, which makes them valuable members of any team.

Tip: INFP types do not mind spending time alone.

Here are some career paths that are suitable for INFP types.

Humanities and arts

INFPs look reserved to people that they are not acquainted with. They do well in arts and humanities because it allows them to work in solitude. They get to use their creativity and make something meaningful for them.

INFP types prefer the following jobs in the artistic field:

  • Fine Artist
  • Animator
  • Multimedia artist
  • Writer

Communications and commercial media

INFP types are good at building connections. They like discussing complex and difficult topics. They are interested in creative problem-solving. INFPs have a knack for visual arts and languages. They have the right skills for careers related to communications and commercial media. Some excellent career choices for them are:

  • Film editor
  • Photographer
  • Copywriter
  • Translator or interpreter
  • Editor
  • Graphic designer
  • Editorial director
  • Videographer


INFP personality types in technology and business

Nowadays businesses have become diverse and technology-focused. INFPs are not a fan of high-stress jobs that involve customer interactions. However, they are the perfect choice for roles in the business and technology sector that require creative and innovative thinking. Some of the roles that are best for them are:

  • UX designer
  • Technical writer
  • Design technologist
  • Fundraising manager
  • Content strategist
  • Human resources manager


Healthcare and education

INFP types are in touch with their emotions and they find it easier to understand other people’s emotions. Their understanding of the emotions of others makes them a good fit for the healthcare and education fields. Here are some suitable career paths for INFP types:

  • Massage therapist
  • Librarian
  • Museum curator
  • Physical therapist
  • Speech-language pathologist
  • Mental health professional
  • Guidance counselor
  • Archivist


Careers to Avoid

INFP Personality Guide

To enjoy professional satisfaction, it is important to choose a career that matches your personality type. Every personality type can succeed in any work environment by working hard but if you want to enjoy work then choose something suitable for your personality.

Tip: INFP personalities like working in quiet places as they find them more productive.

INFPs avoid sales positions because they are too stressful. Here are some jobs that are not a good match for INFPs:

  • Police officer
  • Sales Manager
  • Attorney/judge
  • Performer

INFP Personality Type Conclusion

INFP personality types are good at long-term planning and dealing with solitary creative jobs. It is important to take such preferences into account while looking for a job. To achieve long-term success, it is necessary to find something that allows you to use your strengths. Finding the best career can be hard work. Myer-Briggs type indicator test offers some psychological insight into personality traits that help in finding a satisfactory job. INFP personality types have excellent creative instincts and strong internal value systems.

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