Entry Level Interview Questions

Entry level interview questions

Do you want to stand out from the crowd of fresh graduates? Go through these best answers for commonly asked entry level interview questions to ace your next interview. At least some of these questions will be asked in your next interview.

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While applying for an entry-level position, the majority of the candidates possess similar qualifications. This makes it more challenging to land your first job and initiate your career. 

For guaranteed success, you must practice the frequently asked questions thoroughly and prepare the best answers that are unique and precise. 

Hiring the right employee for a full-time position is vital for the success of an organization. This makes it difficult for the first-timers to exceed the expectations of the recruiters. 


Categories of Entry Level Interview Questions 

Entry Level Interview
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There are four major categories of the questions asked from fresh graduates. These include: 


The core 5 interview questions

These basic questions are part of almost every interview and enable the recruiters in getting to know their applicants. 


Entry-level specific

These questions are specific to entry-level candidates.


Interests or academic questions

These questions are asked based upon the interests or academic qualifications of the candidates relevant to the job role.


Situational queries entry-level interview questions

These questions are asked to judge your reaction in certain situations and your approach to handling different situations.


Common Entry Level Interview Questions

Interview Questions for Fresh Graduates
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Acing your interview becomes easier when you are well-prepared for it. You must read the job description thoroughly and prepare accordingly. You must be aware of the company’s products and services. 

The frequently asked questions during an entry-level interview are listed below: 


Introduce yourself, please

This question is asked to initiate the conversation and break this ice between the interviewer and the interviewee. The answer must be focused and precise and highlights your strengths and qualifications. 

You must mention briefly where you grew up, the school and college you attended, your majors in university, etc.  

You must also mention any internship program you were a part of and what were your responsibilities there. Finally, inform the interviewer about your motivation for applying for this job. 

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Mention your strengths and weaknesses

To prepare for this question, you must consult your colleagues, friends, and family members. Ask them what strengths and weaknesses do you possess according to them. 

Avoid using cliche terms like workaholic and perfectionist as these qualities are not interpreted as positive traits. No one is flawless and you must own your shortcomings and turn them into your strengths 

Your answer must be honest and you must be flexible for changes and improvements. 


Mention a few examples of difficult situations you handled

The purpose of this question is to figure out what you have learned from certain situations. Also, your response determines your reaction in difficult scenarios. 

You must be well-prepared to answer this question and mention at least three scenarios that highlight your problem-solving skills. 

Tell your interviewer about a conflict you resolved in school, a difficult situation you faced with your peer, or a project you completed successfully as a leader. 

How was your experience at this internship mentioned in your resume?

No one can elaborate on your experiences better than you. This adds up as a huge advantage while answering this question. 

Answer this question confidently and sell your skills intelligently in response to this question. Discuss your job description and the responsibilities you fulfilled during your time there. Wrap up all the details quickly. 


What are your career goals for the next 5 to 10 years?

You must have a solid reason for responding with the answer that you haven’t planned for long-term career goals yet. However, you must mention your career aspirations and show a keen interest in the company and job position you are applying for. 


What part of this job position interests you the most?

The answer to this question must be focused and precise. You must explain how your qualification and skills resonate with the requirements of the job role.  

Also mention how this job opportunity matches your career goals and how you can contribute to the progress of the organization. 


What do you like about our company?

You must conduct some research about the company you are applying to before the interview. This question is asked to judge whether you have done enough research or not. 

You must be aware of the company’s goals, products, and services, culture, and ethics. If you lack any knowledge about the company, it leaves a negative impact on the hiring team. 


How has your internship prepared you for this job? 

If your internship has similar responsibilities as the job you applied for, you must focus on the tasks you performed and the milestones you achieved. 

If the internship was of a different genre then describe how you handled the pressure and completed deadlines, mention your strengths as an active team member, and other similar traits. 


How has your classwork prepared you for this job position? 

If any of your school project experience was relevant to the job role, you must highlight it in response to this question. 


How would you rate your communication and writing skills?

The interpersonal and writing skills taught in school are very different from the actual skills required while working in an organization.  

This question is asked to ensure that you are aware of the significance of strong communication skills in professional life.  

You must also be good at writing clear, concise, and respectful work emails, memos, etc. 


What was the reason behind choosing this major?

 You must have a solid reason for choosing your major like your interests, career opportunities, etc. Be honest and communicate your reason clearly during the interview. 


Mention your most favorite and least favorite classes?

Avoid giving generic answers to this question. Be honest about the classes you loved during school and the reasons you enjoyed the subject. Explain how that particular subject seems interesting and attractive to you. 

The purpose of this question is to get aware of your areas of interest and things you are passionate about. 

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Were you involved in any extra-curricular activities during school? 

This question is asked to judge whether your extra-curricular activities have any significance in the job role you are applying for.  

The answer must also depict that you have a life outside work or school and you love to experience new things and explore new horizons. 


What do your past professors and managers think about you?

You must respond to this question by explaining what you think about how your supervisors or teachers viewed you. Support your answers with a few examples of what they have said about you in certain situations. 


Have you ever worked a part-time job?

Part-time jobs are a huge plus for candidates looking for entry-level job positions. Around 80% of students work as part-timers before graduation. This helps them in getting familiar with the work environment and ethics.  

You must highlight your part-time jobs in your answer. Also mention what you have learned from the experience and how it has taught you to be a better team member and enhanced your interpersonal skills. 

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Mention a situation in which you handled a tight deadline

This question is asked to judge your ability to handle pressure. You must think of such a situation while preparing for the interview.  

Don’t hesitate to mention your weakness in this answer. Explain how you overcame your setbacks and handled the situation smartly to get the work done on time. 


Explain your experience of working as part of a team and define your role as well

The ability to communicate well with your peers is the most important soft skill one must possess. You must have a few examples in mind in response to this question. 

You must explain the team projects you were a part of and what responsibilities you completed successfully and helped your team in progressing forward.  

If you have acted as a team leader, don’t forget to mention it as it casts a positive impact on the recruiters. 


Describe a situation in which you explained a concept to your class fellow or colleague

Entry Level Mock Interview
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Graduating recently means that you have spent a major amount of time learning from teachers. Being more knowledgeable is a huge advantage as it makes you eligible for sharing your knowledge and teaching others in the future. 

Mention a scenario in which you explained a concept to your fellows and what strategy you adapted for ensuring that the other person is learning well. 


Mention a situation in which your teammate or co-worker disagreed with you and how you handled it?

Disagreements can arise in any team. The purpose of this question is to judge how you handle such a situation and can you reach a consensus at the end of the day.  

Resolving your differences and taking your team forward with you is a very significant skill in professional life. 


How did you handle criticism at work or school?

Entry-level professionals have to face a lot of feedback and criticism. Your reaction to this feedback helps you in improving your performance and performing better at work. 

Mention a situation where someone criticized you and how you worked on the points highlighted in the critique. The recruiters judge your ability to listen to the advice of others and make behavioral changes accordingly. 


Final Thoughts 

The pool of candidates applying for entry-level jobs possess almost the same skill set. To be distinct among the crowd of job seekers you must thoroughly prepare for the commonly asked entry-level interview questions and give the best answers. This will ensure that you land your dream job. 

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