Traits of the Best Personality Type 

Best Personality Type

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The Meyers-Briggs personality type indicator categorizes people into sixteen different personality types. Each type has a unique set of traits that differentiates it from others. The indicators are used to predict human behavior in certain situations. The personality type indicator is used by recruiters to scrutinize applicants and hire the most appropriate candidates.  

Every type has its strengths and weaknesses. The best personality type is determined depending upon the positive impact these people have on society. INFJ personality type is considered the best personality type as these people are idealists and empathetic. These people tend to make the world a better place and love to help people around them. They carry gentle behavior and make efforts to uplift the moral standards of society. 

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What Is INFJ? 

INFJ Personality Type
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The INFJ personality type stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. It is a rare personality type commonly known as the advocate. Less than 3% of people among the world’s population possess this type of personality. INFJs are extremely caring and love to help others. 

People belonging to this category are thoughtful and explore ways to have a positive impact on their surroundings. They are dreamers who love to implement the ideas that make them the best personality type. They have great respect for their values and beliefs.  

Each trait in the INFJ stands for the following:



People belonging to this personality type love to stay alone. They are focused on how they feel internally. They are not the best speakers but they are good at expressing themselves. They are creative writers and focus on strengthening close relationships rather than having a large circle. 

They are also firm believers and have great respect for their faith and religion. They follow their intuition to make decisions in life. They are influencers and have a positive impact on others. 



INFJs are very sensitive and suffer when people around them are suffering. They avoid making false commitments and avoid agreeing to things they can’t deliver. 



The people under the best personality type category are judgmental but are also very respectful of others. They do things the right way and are very well-organized. They like to plan things and invest a lot of energy in establishing a strong and efficient working system. They like to reconsider their priorities in life with time. 


Subtypes of INFJ Personalities 

Based on the traits, the INFJ personality is divided into two sub-types: 


INFJ-A (assertive)

These are confident people who analyze the situation before reacting. They are relaxed advocates during their social interactions. They are not carried away by emotions and offer the best and most practical solutions to problems. 

They are very stable and mature emotionally and think ahead of time with their futuristic approach. They are not influenced by the opinions of others and have an independent mindset. They don’t overcome past mistakes and sweep them under the carpet. This can sometimes lead to repetition of the same mistakes. 


INFJ-T (turbulent advocates)

The people under this category are very sensitive to stress caused by others. They get deeply involved in the problems of others. They feel exasperated by the problems of others. They are driven by emotions and get confused over the problems of others.  

They feel regrets and this can cloud their future decisions. The regrets can be helpful if they drive them to fix their mistakes and work upon them. They are flexible to change and don’t care about the risks while striving for bringing change. 


Strengths of INFJ Personality Type 

Personality Type Traits
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The strengths of the best personality type include the following: 



INFJs are amazing counselors and advisors. Their compassion and strong imagination lead to deriving solutions for problems. They are outstanding when it comes to resolving non-technical issues. They connect well with people and understand their feelings and emotions.


They are idealists and realists and can identify dishonest and manipulating people. They have a deep understanding of events, people, and feelings around them. They utilize insights to propose solutions for difficult problems.



The advocates have a strong impact on others through speaking. They are superior writers and orators. They understand their audience well and address them accordingly. 



They are strongly decisive. They grab opportunities and take chances. Strong willpower, organized planning, and conviction helps them in accomplishing great things. 


Determined and passionate

The advocates are very passionate and ruthless when it comes to achieving their goals. They stand firm once they decide to pursue a path. Their determination and zeal lead them to unmatched success. 



The INFJs are not self-centered. They are focused on devising ways to improve the lives of others around them. They love to help others and are interested in struggling for the greater good. 

Weaknesses of INFJs 

The weaknesses of the best personality type are mentioned below: 

  • Over-sensitive 
  • Private 
  • Perfectionists 
  • Need to follow a plan to get things done 
  • Can get burned out easily 
  • Find it difficult to socialize and make new friends 


Career Path for Best Personality Type INFJ 

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The best career paths for the INFJ category are those in which they can practice their creativity freely. Their strong conviction and views encourage them to become part of ventures that value principles. They prefer careers in which they don’t have to compromise on their values and beliefs. They strive to bring change in society and are top achievers. They are perfectionists and are hardworking. Take a free personality test on our website and know your personality type.  

The popular careers path that suit this personality type best include: 

  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Religious activists 
  • Artists  
  • Photographers  
  • Librarians 
  • Musicians  
  • Writers  
  • Creative artists 
  • Counselors  
  • Psychologists 


INFJs Hobbies and Interests 

The people belonging to this rare personality type have the following hobbies or interests: 

  • Gardening  
  • Meditation or yoga 
  • Dancing  
  • Hobbies revolving around nature 
  • Attending or organizing cultural events 
  • Cooking and baking 
  • Gaming 
  • Music 
  • Research and analysis 
  • Volunteering for different social causes 


Social Behavior of INFJs

INFJ Traits
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INFJs are very effective social speakers and can express their views impressively. They flourish in the creative industry and are deep and complex-natured. They search for meaning in relationships and friendships. They are great listeners and are attentive while interacting with friends and acquaintances. 



They are reserved and making friends is difficult for them. They prefer spending time with their close friends rather than expanding their circle. They don’t like it when people try invading their privacy. If they allow you in their close circle they can be very talkative and expressive. They can influence people around them silently. They need personal space to think and don’t require attention 24/7. They believe in quality friendships that are long-lasting and trust-based. 


INFJs in parenting 

They are great parents as they tend to understand others well. They have high expectations of their kids and set the bar very high while raising them. They are compassionate, kind, and caring and allow their kids to pursue careers of their choice. 


Romantic partners

They are amazing partners due to their sensitive and understanding nature. They take relationships seriously and stick with their partners through thick and thin. They seek sincere, authentic, and honest partners. Their perfectionist nature drives them to look for partners they are most compatible with. They help their partners evolve and grow and express their love for them frequently. Their love for sweet surprises makes them romantic partners.

INFJs at the workplace 

INFJs are high achievers and very competitive in the workplace. They are very productive and amazing team players. 

Celebrities With Best Personality Traits 

Famous people belonging to the INFJ personality type include: 

  • Plato (Greek philosopher) 
  • Geoffrey Chaucer 
  • J.K Rowling, an English novelist
  • Garry Trudeau, US-based cartoonist 
  • Jimmy Carter 
  • Edward Snowden 



INFJs are termed as the best personality type as they are highly compassionate, motivated, and driven people. They are very empathetic towards others and understand the feelings of people around them. They are hardworking and goal-driven. They are firm believers and have strong ethics.  

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