Free Cognitive Test

Cognitive Test

What to Expect in This AI-Assisted Free Cognitive Test

The cognitive tests were designed to measure an individual’s general mental ability. The tests were first introduced at the end of the 19th century. These tests are different from other aptitude tests like numerical or verbal reasoning. A cognitive test assessment covers an extensive range of aptitudes. It includes spatial and mechanical reasoning so that it can assess the overall intelligence of an individual.

The shift between different subjects is hard especially if the subjects in question are not your strength. Completing the test in tight time limiting also makes the test challenging especially for people with lower aptitude scores.

A typical cognitive test online may include questions on the following topics:

  • Logical reasoning (free IQ TEST)
  • Mechanical reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Spatial awareness
  • Verbal reasoning

If you want to do well in a cognitive test for a job interview then make sure you get familiar with the variety of questions you might encounter. Practicing helps in dealing with the shift between different types of questions in a better way.


Who Uses a Cognitive Test?

Cognitive Assessment Test
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The process of hiring recruits is not easy. The cognitive ability test is considered one of the best indicators for identifying the abilities of potential recruits. It can help in assessing general aptitude and the individual’s ability to perform well under pressure and shift through a variety of challenges. Every organization wants to hire people that can make smart decisions and think on their feet. These are invaluable skills.

The cognitive tests are used by diverse industries ranging from armed forces to the finance industry. These tests are most useful in hiring processes for jobs that require complex and quick decision-making. Roles like a lawyer, pilot, engineer, and doctor require high cognitive scores. There is a strong relationship between high cognitive ability test scores and good job performance.

A cognitive ability test offers valuable insights to the employer. It helps in hiring better people and reduces the time of the process. The tests help bring down the financial cost of the recruitment process.

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Cognitive Test Assessment Types

Cognitive Test
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The cognitive ability tests cover a wide range of subjects. To get familiar with the test you can take this free cognitive test online and practice.

Here are some types of tests you may face:


Numerical ability test

These tests are designed to assess an individual’s aptitude for numbers. The questions of the test are mathematical such as data interpretation, financial analysis, percentages, ratios, and fractions. The questions are challenging and the time limit for completing the test is tight.

Practicing is the best way to make sure you do well in a numerical ability test even though it is your weaker subject.


Verbal ability test

The verbal ability test checks the level of communication skills. The tests include a passage and some questions at the end relating to the text. The answer must be based on the text provided. It is important to pay attention to what the question states and give a precise answer.

A high score on verbal tests shows that you have excellent communication skills. It also showcases your ability to quickly assimilate information.


Logical ability test

These tests use shape and pattern-based questions to assess problem-solving abilities. It also checks one’s capacity to think logically. The candidates look at a series of shapes and patterns and use logical thinking to find a connection.

You can use a free cognitive ability test to practice these challenging questions. Practicing helps enhance the accuracy and speed of the test and ensures high scores.


Mechanical ability test

The mechanical ability test checks an individual understanding of electrical and mechanical principles. The questions cover topics ranging from energy, pulleys, transformation, pressure, etc. These tests are commonly reserved for jobs in engineering and the armed forces. To achieve a good score, the test requires prior knowledge and homework.

Taking an online cognitive test is the perfect way of testing your knowledge of electrical and mechanical principles. Practicing also offers an understanding of the style of questions you are going to get and how efficient with the time you must be to do well.

Spatial awareness test

The spatial tests offer an opportunity to showcase your ability to manipulate shapes and images into three and two-dimensional forms and draw conclusions from the limited information provided.

It is not a common style of questioning and can be challenging. Practicing can help in getting familiar with the questions and answering them in the best way during a real test.


Tips to Get a High Score in Any Cognitive Test

Free Cognitive Ability Test
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Getting a good score in cognitive is essential for doing well in cognitive tests and getting the job. Here are a few tips that can help you in performing well.


Practice different types of tests

The best way to achieve a high score is to work through different types of tests you may encounter during the cognitive assessment. You can find all types of cognitive tests on the internet and practice so you are not overwhelmed during the test.


Work on weaker areas in free cognitive test

It is easy to marvel at the success of your strong areas but that will not get you the score you need to impress the recruiters. The key to success is identifying weaknesses and working on them. Focusing on weaknesses is uneasy and challenging but essential for exceptional scores.


Practice makes perfect

Cognitive tests are challenging and to perform best in the cognitive test for a job interview, practicing is crucial. Mock tests make sure that you can perform well under pressure. During the practice tests, it is essential to use a timer because you have limited time to complete the test. The time constraint builds pressure which can hurt your performance. But practicing helps in adapting to pressure and doing well.


Where to Find the Best Cognitive Tests?

There are excellent and versatile tests available online that can help in assessing the cognitive abilities of potential employees. If you know about the publishers of the test the potential employers are using then you can use their sample tests to practice. It will make sure you get familiar with the specific format and style of questions.

If you do not know whose tests a company is using you can always search for the best publishers online and select sample tests from the top one to practice. Some of the most popular publishers in the UK are SHL, Predictive Index, and Revelian.

You can practice unlimited times in this free cognitive test and get test results by artificial intelligence.

Practice Questions

The cognitive tests cover a wide range of topics. Every candidate is strong in some areas and not so good in others. There are always some areas that require hard work and practice. You can use a free cognitive ability test to identify your weaknesses and work on them.

Here are some sample questions that will give you an understanding of the assessments.

Example of numerical reasoning

numerical reasoning

How much power in gigawatts was generated by thermal power in a year?

  1. 11
  2. 30
  3. 47
  4. 62

Answer: Q1 = 10 GW Q2 = 10 GW Q3 = 14 GW Q4 = 13 GW which means the answer is option C 47 GW.

Example of verbal reasoning

Verbal reasoning

More tourists coming to the country will mean

  1. Fewer jobs in the restaurants
  2. Less demand for fast food
  3. Increase in jobs in many hotels
  4. Government is not concerned about creating jobs

Answer: An increase in travel has a strong connection to the success of restaurants and can translate into increasing jobs in the restaurant industry.

Example of word analogy

These questions are all about finding the relationship between words. Usually, two words are given and the candidate needs to find the connection for example:

Newspaper: Press: Cloth?

  1. Tailor
  2. Textile
  3. Fiber
  4. Factory
  5. Mill

Answer: textile

Example of logical reasoning

Select the shape that completes the sequence.

Answer: The given shapes are moving around the polygon. The arrow and the circle are moving anti-clockwise by 2 points. The square is moving clockwise 4 spaces which means that the correct answer is option c.

logical reasoning

Example of mechanical reasoning

mechanical reasoning

Calculate the force required to lift the weight.

Answer: Only one section of the rope is bearing load so the force required to lift the load is the same as the weight of the load which is 10 kg.

Example of spatial reasoning

spatial reasoning

Select the shape that is the unfolded net of the 3D shape.

Answer: Looking at the two ends the correct answer is option C.

Do you have criteria cognitive aptitude test (CCAT) coming soon, you can practice unlimited times for free and get feedback from artificial intelligence.


The cognitive test is effective in improving the recruiting process. It also helps the candidates as by taking a free cognitive ability test they can identify their strengths and weaknesses and prepare for job interviews in a better way.

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