Job Interview Tips (12 Expert Body Language Tips)

body language interview tips

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Body language is just as important as properly responding to the interview questions. Body language helps emphasize points that allow hiring managers to see that you are confident in your abilities. It is important to adopt the right body language to convey desired messages to the interviewer.

We are going to discuss the importance of body language in detail and give some useful tips.

Job Interview Tips: Significance of Body Language in an Interview

Job Interview Tips
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Interview body language is useful in telling the hiring manager a lot of important information about the interviewee. Sometimes words are not enough to convey essential information. Hand gestures, facial expressions, and posture help convey what you cannot put into words.

Tip: The tone and volume of voice also count as your body language during an interview.


Twelve Body Language Interview Tips

Body Language Interview Tips
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Dress to impress

Making a good first impression is crucial and dressing well is the best way to do that. A well-groomed appearance shows the hiring manager that you are an organized and professional individual. Good dressing is also effective in boosting confidence.


Make a confident entrance

Being cognizant of the body language is necessary because you never know who you will run into in the elevator or the hallway. To make a memorable impression on anyone you encounter while going to the interview, it’s important to make a self-assured and confident entrance.


Waiting with confidence

Usually, the candidates are asked to wait for the hiring manager and interviewees should make sure that they are mindful of the message they are sending through their body language. Maintaining a good posture while sitting and waiting for the interviewer is an integral part of body language interview tips.

Tip: Make sure you rise gracefully from your seat when your name is called for the interview.


Take a step back

While walking to the hiring manager’s office you are most likely to be guided by a company representative. Make sure that you let the company representative take the lead and take a step back. Walk behind the representative and try mirroring their tempo and demeanor. It will show the hiring manager that you can easily fit into the office environment.

Maintain eye contact

Making eye contact is important because it shows the interviewer that you are engaged and interested in the conversation. Avoid staring intently because it can make the interviewer uncomfortable. While making eye contact you should hold the gaze for three seconds. If you are interviewing in front of a panel then maintain eye contact with the person asking the question. But make sure that you make eye contact with other panel members while answering.

Job interview tips: an upright posture

People tend to slouch while sitting and slouching is not good for making a good impression on the interviewer. Make sure that you pay attention to the body language while sitting. Keep the back straight so you do not slouch. Do not sit on the edge of the seat or lean on the table. To keep the tones consistent and confidently, keep facing forward.

Be careful with hand gestures

Hand gestures help express yourself. They are effective in emphasizing the words you are speaking. While interviewing, you should avoid touching your face and hair as these gestures make you look uncomfortable. Keep your hands in your lap so that you do not cross your arms. Crossing arms makes the interviewee look insecure and defensive.

Steer clear of nervous movements

It is understandable to be nervous during interviews but it is important to do your best to avoid nervous habits. Try to stay as relaxed as possible and keep the focus on interacting with the interviewer.

Mirroring movements of the hiring manager

Body Language Tips
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Keep a close eye on the mannerisms of the interviewer because mirroring them is effective in giving an impressive interview. It helps build rapport. If you are feeling too nervous while answering a question then you should just take a deep breath and relax your mind.

Job interview tips: a firm handshake

A good handshake is important because it shows the interviewer that you are a confident person. A weak handshake shows you are shy or nervous and if it’s too strong then it shows that you are too aggressive. Shake hands at an angle where the palm is facing up a little bit your hand.

Tip: Greeting the interviewer with the right body language lays the foundation of a successful job interview.

Be a good listener

Being a good listener is an excellent quality and during an interview, you should show the hiring manager that you are concentrating on every word that is coming out of their mouth. You should nod your head occasionally to show the interviewer you are not just physically but also mentally present.

Ending the interview

You should get up from the seat gracefully and if possible you should shake hands with everyone in the room. If it is not possible to shake hands with everyone then you should just shake hands with the person who escorted you to the interview. Never discuss how the interview went. Leave the office in a positive mood.



Body language in an interview conveys a lot of useful information to the interviewer. With small gestures, the candidate can prove that he or she is focused, confident and a perfect fit for the job. Consistent body language makes it possible to convince the interviewer that you are a worthy candidate and can be a valuable asset to their organization. Following effective body language, and interview tips is the best way of presenting yourself in an interview.

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