Who’s Most & Least Compatible With Scorpio

Scorpio Most Compatible Signs

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Astrology is one of the most popular and common factors associated with diagnosing a personality type. The astrological signs provide an interesting insight into how the ruling planets and elements associated with zodiac signs impact the personality of people belonging to that star sign.

The Determined Scorpio 

Scorpio is a sign that’s a huge fan of home life and wants to live in a stable environment. On the surface, a Scorpio seems calm and indifferent but a lot is going on under the surface. Scorpios are known to be mysterious as they’re not fond of sharing.   

They have intense and passionate personalities and so is their love. They want a partner who’s willing to explore different territories of relationship with them and establish a profound connection. Love is sacred to them so they’re interested in long-term partnerships and stay away from temporary flings. 


Scorpio’s Most Compatible Signs 

Compatiple Scorpio partners
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Compatibility is the key to success in a relationship. To be a true partner one has to embrace every aspect of another person’s personality. Some stars that have high compatibility with Scorpio are as follows.


Cancer and Scorpio 

Cancerians and Scorpios form the ideal couple because they find emotional peace in each other’s company.  They share the same level of emotional intelligence and have plenty in common to keep their interest in each other. They understand the mysterious nature of their partner. 

The attractiveness of these stars is amazing, they click together and can form a strong bond within little time. These water signs can satisfy each other emotionally. 

Cancer people are nurturing and sentimental. They can be patient and caring towards their Scorpio partner who’s secretive. 

Cancer personalities are intuitive and Scorpions possess a strong sixth sense. These qualities make it possible for these star signs to connect at a visceral level. Cancer is attracted to the fellow water sign because of its determination and resourcefulness. Cancer makes Scorpio feel confident by having their back in every situation. The understanding nature of Cancer encourages Scorpio to let their guard down and be comfortable in a relationship. 


Pisces and Scorpio 

Pisces and Scorpio are both water signs so it’s not surprising that they have a high level of compatibility. They’re invested and in sync with their emotions and it makes them an ideal couple. 

Loyalty is a cherished and sacred quality for these signs. They cannot have a working relationship with anyone they believe to be disloyal. Being intuitive is effective in making their bond strong. They’re good at identifying what their partner wants and it makes life easier and more comfortable for both of them. 

Scorpions are leaders and they like to be in charge. It doesn’t bother their Pisces partner as they’re happy to follow Scorpio’s lead. Scorpios are strong and prefer to keep their insecurities to themselves. They match well with Pisces who don’t have any trouble being vulnerable. Pisces love and have a habit of constantly complimenting their partner. 

The mood of a water sign can change in a moment which is why they’re unpredictable. They have highs and lows but the good thing is that they have an understanding partner that’s willing to put up with the intense emotions. 

Virgo and Scorpio 

Scorpio is an intense and aggressive sign and to calm them down they need someone calm and unassuming like Virgo. Virgo admires the confidence of Scorpio and the water sign appreciates that they’re challenged by their Virgo partner. 

A Virgo doesn’t mind taking the back seat in a relationship. They trust their partner’s ability to lead and make important decisions. By supporting their Scorpio partner they can bring out their gentler side. There’s no competition and no power struggle between the couple. 

The calming influence of Virgo is helpful for the Scorpios and they find it easier to show vulnerability. Opening up is a challenge for the water sign but Virgo’s peaceful energy makes it easier for them. 

The analytical nature of the Virgo is beautifully balanced by the emotional personality of a Scorpio. These stars have a lot of similarities among them and these similarities help in making their relationship a success. They like self-reflection and enjoy some quality alone time. 


Suitable Matches for Scorpio 

Suitable partners for Scorpio
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Other signs show reasonable compatibility with Scorpio. 

Aries and Scorpio 

The pairing of the water and fire sign isn’t an ideal one but that doesn’t mean that they cannot make things work. Their relationship needs work as it’s not easy to convince an Arien to commit. Despite the differences, the signs are attracted to each other. With a little resolution and effort, they can make things work.  

The differences between the two signs bring them together and satisfy their passionate nature. The practical approach of the water sign is balanced well by the whimsical nature of the fire sign. If Scorpio can stay away from jealousy and Aries decide to commit then these signs can have a beautiful relationship. 


Scorpio and Leo 

Both Leo and Scorpio prefer to be in charge. These are strong signs that like keeping the reins of their relationship in their hands. The key to their successful relationship is figuring out the balance so there’s no power struggle. 

Scorpios can get jealous from time to time and their jealousy can lead them to doubt the loyalty of their Leo partner. If these stars can keep their pride and desire to be in charge, they can enjoy a passionate and lasting relationship. 

Libra and Scorpio 

Libra and Scorpio don’t have a lot of things in common. They’re considered opposite signs as Libra has an analytical mind whereas Scorpios are emotional beings. Scorpios aren’t too sociable and prefer to keep a small circle.

On the other hand, Libra loves to mingle with people and attend plenty of social gatherings. They have a vast social circle because of their love to engage in light and interesting conversations. When both signs are willing to make a little compromise and accept each other’s personality traits, they can build a strong bond. 


Scorpio and Capricorn 

These signs are loyal, diligent, and ambitious. They expect great things from each other and are willing to do the hard work to achieve their lofty goals. The variable emotional levels of the signs can drive them apart. The practical approach of the goat sign doesn’t compliment the emotional personality of their Scorpio partner. When they establish a connection, Scorpio is effective in bringing out the emotional side of their Capricorn partner. 

Capricorns are humble people. Their down-to-earth personality allows them to appreciate the deep passion of Scorpio. They’re reliable and honest. These are traits that are truly appreciated by Scorpio.  


Scorpio and Scorpio 

Two Scorpio signs make a good match because they have common personality characteristics. The water sign is secretive and finds it hard to share their feelings and opinions with their partner. When they have a partner with the same traits and characteristics they feel comfortable and understood. They appreciate the emotional tendencies of their partner and their loyalty. The relationship can only endure the test of time if balance is established. Without balance, there are chances of constant friction between the partners.  

They’re an intense sign and there can be friction between them as both want to be the one leading in a relationship. The lack of mystery leads to monotony in the relationship. It’s also a challenge for Scorpios to have their negative traits reflected in their partner. 


Least Compatible Signs With Scorpio

Least compatible signs with Scorpio
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Certain zodiac signs don’t complement a Scorpio personality and are unlikely to form a meaningful relationship with them. 


Gemini and Scorpio 

It’s hard for Scorpio and Gemini to connect on an emotional level. Gemini personalities are a little lofty and are unable to understand the feelings of their Scorpio partner. Geminis are always interested in being part of social gatherings as they get to meet a variety of people. Striking conversation with other people keeps them happy and excited whereas Scorpio prefers keeping a small social circle.   

When things get tough, Gemini can often choose to tease as a coping mechanism which isn’t appreciated by Scorpio at all. The major conflict between the two signs arises because Scorpio considers Gemini superficial whereas Gemini believes that Scorpios are boring and bring down their mood.

Scorpio and Aquarius 

Scorpio thinks that Aquarius are emotionally shallow people. They find them indifferent and distinct. The emotional imbalance of the relationship creates friction among the partners. They fail to keep the relationship smooth and there’s constant disagreement among them. The emotional Archer sign is always fighting with the analytical nature of the water sign. 

Aquarians can be blunt sometimes and say harsh things that end up hurting their partner. Scorpios find it hard to forgive people. They’re unlikely to forget the rude behavior of their partner. 

Sagittarius and Scorpio 

Scorpios are introverts and they like to keep things private whereas Sagittarians are the opposite. The fire sign says whatever they’re thinking and doesn’t like sugar-coating things. Scorpios are serious while the archer sign likes keeping things light and fun. Scorpios are bothered by the easygoing attitude of Sagittarius. They challenge their Scorpio partner and Scorpios don’t like being challenged. 

Scorpios often find their fire sign partner to be insensitive and it can bring out frustration and anger. It’s hard for Scorpios to keep up with the reckless and impulsive behavior of Sagittarius.

On that note, how about reading up on Romantic Advice on What It’s Like to Date a Scorpio and see if this star sign is your romantic match.  


Final Thoughts 

Finding a perfect partner isn’t rocket science and several factors play a major role in finding the right person. Personality traits let people know about the common ground between two people and identify their shared interests.   

The environment, education, company, and interests are the influencing factors when it comes to shaping a personality. Astrology is also an influential factor. The star signs and personality assessments, together, are effective in creating a complete picture of your personality, identifying your preferences and compatibility with other personality types. 

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