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Artificial intelligence is now much more advanced, it can tell us deep insights about our personalities. This free test uses the latest advancements in AI. You can take the test for free unlimited times, we only ask you to please share it with friends and family.

You will get your results based on the “Big five Personality Traits Theory”, one of the most scientifically validated and reliable theories to measure personality.

Mental health is just as important as physical health in leading a successful and content life. Human beings are complex and it is not easy to predict their behavior but a psychology test is effective in measuring a sample of their behavior.

Psychology tests have proven helpful in solving some crucial problems about the behavior and mental strength of people. Psychiatrists and psychologists carry out tests to understand human behavior and diagnose mental health.

What Is a Psychological Test?

A psychological test is a systematic procedure used for human performance and behavior using a category system or a numerical scale. It is also known as psychometrics.

These tests are used to get information regarding humans thinking, behavior, and reactions. The psychological report includes the measurement of an individual’s traits, knowledge, attitudes, educational measurement, and abilities.

The tests are conducted in the following ways:

  • Interviews
  • Written assessment
  • Observation
  • Formal psychological tests
  • Consultation with mental health professionals


Objectives of Psychological Assessment

Online Psychology Test
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The purpose of psychological tests is to assess different attributes and abilities such as:

  • Neurological functioning
  • Personality functioning
  • Achievements
  • Abilities


Uses of a psychological test

The assessments to test the mental health and ability of a person have many uses such as:

  • Providing employers an efficient way of selecting suitable candidates for a position
  • Diagnosing psychopathology for example depressive disorder, personality disorder, etc.
  • Finding suitable careers
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Areas Covered

Behavior Assessment
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The results of psychological assessments are highly valuable. Here are some areas covered by the testing:


Adaptive behavior assessments

The test measures the practical and social skills of an individual and determines their ability to function daily basis at work, home, or school. These tests are usually conducted with cognitive tests.


Mental health assessment

The mental health assessment shares information about the medical history of a person and their family. It also tells about the current mental health status of an individual. It helps to identify issues and suggests a suitable treatment.

Psychiatrists and psychologists mostly start their appointments with a mental health assessment. It allows them to get an adequate diagnosis of a person’s mental state.


Cognitive testing

The cognitive test measures a person’s abilities like solving problems, vocabulary, memory, reasoning, and comprehension. These tests are commonly known as IQ or intelligence tests and are used by educators, organizations, and job seekers.


Aptitude testing

The test is used for measuring a human’s ability to perform a variety of tasks. It can identify strong areas and dominant skill sets along with weak areas. Some people excel at quantitative tasks while others are good at creative thinking or logical reasoning.

The aptitude tests are used by vocational therapists to figure out which jobs are best suited for an individual. They are used by career counselors and recruiters as well.

Forensic psychological testing

It is a legal field that determines whether a suspect is capable of committing the crime they are accused of. The test consists of neurophysiological and cognitive personality tests.


Educational/achievement testing

Educational testing is used for checking the progress of an individual in learning a specific subject and identifying the hurdles. These tests are the examinations students have to take in colleges and schools.


Personality assessment

These tests are used for identifying the personality traits of a person. It evaluates which traits are dominant and how a person may react to different situations. These tests are an excellent tool for increasing the efficiency of the hiring process.


Neuropsychological testing

The test is used for analyzing the workings of an individual’s brain. It assists in finding problems so the issue can be properly treated. These tests are often conducted after head injuries to check if the brain’s ability to retain has been compromised or not.


The psychological test results are not interpreted without context like their socioeconomic status, physical health, environment, etc. The tests do use some scientifically verified scales, but using these results as a standalone criterion can lead to misinterpretation.

Different types of psychological assessments are available online so they are easily accessible. But it is better to consult with a professional mental health professional before taking the test.


Validity of Psychological Assessments

Psychological Assessments
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There is a lot of talk regarding the validity of psychological testing. These assessments are a vital part of experimental research and clinical treatment.

A major concern with creating these tests is making sure that the test measures what you expect it to measure. It is possible that a test is designed for measuring the stability of a personality trait but instead ends up measuring transitory emotions resulting from environmental or situational conditions.

A valid test can help in determining if the test is doing what is supposed to be. Determining validity is essential to make sure the results are accurately applied and properly interpreted.


Types of validity

It is not possible to determine validity with a single statistic. It is done by research that demonstrates the relationship between the test and the behavior it is supposed to measure. The different types of validity are:

Content validity

The content items of the test represent the whole range of the things that the test should cover. In case the test is created to measure a trait that is hard to define, then an expert may be required to rate the relevance of each item. Each judge gives the rating based on their opinion so the items rated strongly by both judges are going to be part of the final test.

Criterion-related validity

The criterion-related validity means the test demonstrates its effectiveness in predicting indicators or criteria of the construct. It shows that the people who do well in the test are most likely to do well on the job as well.

Concurrent validity

It occurs when the criterion measures are taken simultaneously with the test scores. It shows the ability of the scores in assessing the current state of individuals. If the test created to measure the level of depression will have concurrent validity if it succeeds to measure the current depression levels of the candidate taking the test.

Predictive validity

When the criterion measures are taken after the test, it is called predictive validity. Aptitude or career tests are examples of predictive validity. These tests can help in determining success levels in certain occupations or subjects.

Construct validity

The test gets construct validity if it manages to demonstrate a relationship between the prediction of theoretical traits and the test scores. Intelligence tests are an example of measurement instruments that should get construct validity. A valid intelligence test must be able to measure the construct of intelligence instead of characteristics like educational level of memory.

Face validity

It is rarely used because it lacks sophistication.  The validity of the test is simply taken at face value. If the test results appear to measure the variable they are supposed to measure. If the test has to face validity then the researchers may choose to investigate the results further to get the reassurance of the validity of the test.



In psychological tests, there are no right or wrong answers. The information attained through the test is used to reach a diagnosis. These tests offer valuable insight into one’s dominant traits and weaknesses, making it easier to make the most suitable choices in professional and personal life.

We have high-quality and well-thought psychological tests on our website. Our AI-assisted tests offer valid and reliable results that can be used to comprehend people’s mental health and their caliber.

Personality Test Using Artificial Intelligence

Personality Test Using Artificial Intelligence

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