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Practice makes perfect and to help you shine in your next interview, you can practice unlimited times for free by taking the mock interview at the end of this article. You will get personal interview feedback from AI-assisted interview software.

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking and the best way to boost your confidence is to practice interview questions beforehand. Practicing can help in refining and polishing interview skills. A mock interview can help in preparing for a real interview. The candidates can practice in a genuine setting so that they are comfortable during the interview.

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Defining Mock Interview

Mock Interview Practice
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A mock interview is a practice interview that gives the interviewee an idea of what to expect in a real interview. It helps come up with effective responses to potential interview questions, get familiar with the interview setting, and improve nonverbal communication skills.

To create a mock interview, all you need is a list of relevant questions and someone who can provide feedback. The best choice for an interviewer is a professional from your field or a career counselor as they can offer valuable feedback. If you cannot find anyone, there is always the option of mock interview practice online for free.


Why Try a Free Mock Interview?

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Mock interviews offer an opportunity to practice various encounters on the job interview so that you are well prepared for the real one. They are like study sessions that can boost your confidence and establish your ability to perform well.

Here are a few benefits of trying mock interviews:


Reducing stress and anxiety

Attending an interview is stressful and it is not easy to perform your best under pressure. Taking advantage of an in-person or online mock interview is effective in overcoming anxiety.


Boosting confidence

Confidence is vital for successful job interviews. When you are confident, it is easier to remember all the important things that will increase your chances of getting hired. Without confidence, people often forget skills and experiences that are relevant to the job.


Getting constructive feedback

Mock interviews are helpful because they can clarify responses to some questions by identifying weaknesses and making improvements accordingly. The interviewees do not get feedback during real interviews.

Be ready for behavioral questions

Behavioral questions are an essential part of interview questions and they are also the hardest to answer. A mock interview will help in mentally preparing for these questions.


Practice is crucial for achieving perfection. Take as many mock interviews as you can to perfect the responses. These interviews unlike the real ones, do give the candidates a second chance to perform better.

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Tips for Preparing for a Free Mock Interview

Free Interview Practice
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Here are eight simple steps for preparing for a mock interview and making the best use of it.

Dress for the occasion

If you want to increase your chances of success in job interviews then it is essential to take mock interviews seriously. Whether you are doing an in-person or free online mock interview practice, appearance is a vital factor in impressing the interviewer, so make sure that you dress appropriately. The mock interviewer must evaluate the professional attire as part of the testing process while giving the feedback.

Mimicking the setting for a free mock interview

To get familiar with the real interview setting and be comfortable, make sure you copy the interview setting. It allows candidates to focus on interactions and responses.

For an in-person interview, conduct the interview where there is a desk between you and the interviewer. For phone or online interviews, select a quiet place with good reception.

Find a capable interviewer

Selecting the right interviewer that will be able to provide valuable feedback that can help in making improvements is important. There are online platforms that offer free online mock interview practice and provide appropriate feedback. You can also go to a local career center to find someone willing to offer mock interviews in your field.

Bring relevant documents

In real interviews, the candidates are required to bring copies of resumes and portfolios. To mimic the setting, make sure you bring them along during the mock interview.

Be patient

In a mock interview practice, you should not be hasty in answering the questions. You have the time to come up with thoughtful responses that relate to your skills and qualifications. Use the STAR method for as many questions as you can because giving real examples of how you used your skills and expertise is perfect for giving an impressive interview.

Good answers must include the following elements:

  • Situation: give context for the situation you are discussing
  • Task: make sure you mention the role you played in handling the situation
  • Action: tell the steps you took in detail
  • Result: explain the results you achieved through your actions. Make sure you include facts and figures

Know the company

Always research the company you are interviewing for. Nowadays you can find all the information you need on the company website. It is essential to know things like company values, mission statements, and recent changes. Try including the research in the mock interview answers as it will show your interest in the company is genuine.

Reviewing interview criteria

Provide the interviewer a syllabus or ask the counselor their criteria for determining the success of the interview. The interviewer must provide clear feedback so you know where you excelled and which aspects require improvements. You can take several mock interviews with multiple people and use feedback to determine which areas need more work.

Record the mock interview

The mock interviewer must be able to offer constructive feedback but you should record it as well. Revisiting the mock interview allows you to identify weaknesses that the mock interviewer might have missed. It will allow you to take notes regarding hand gestures, posture, and facial expressions. Listen to the speed and tone of your voice and make sure it is positive and conversational.

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An in-person or a free mock interview online offers an excellent opportunity to perfect a job interview strategy. It helps in identifying weaknesses and learning about your strengths. Mock interviews help take on competitive challenges and achieve your goals.

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