Components of Disc Personality Types

DISC Personality Types

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A variety of personality types are used to describe different behaviors and traits of human beings. Every personality type is a unique combination of personality traits. The knowledge of different characteristics related to each personality helps guide towards professional and personal success. 

The DISC personality model is commonly used in workplaces to improve the recruiting process and ensure that the most suitable candidates are hired for the job. 

DISC Personality Profile 

Almost a century ago, William Moulton Marston presented a theory about how to work with other people based on one’s personality traits. This theory became the basis of the DISC personality profile. The profile takes a look at how the different types respond to and influence others around them. Companies use it to assess communication, teams, and new employees. 


Four Personality Components

DISC Personality Profile
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Each letter of the DISC acronym presents four main components of the DISC personality profile.


DISC personality profile


The first letter of the acronym stands for dominance. This personality style is skeptical and bold. They like facing challenges created by the environment and enjoy winning. They prefer to rely on data, logic, and analysis rather than their gut feeling or intuition. They have a dynamic and assertive personality and always approach things with self-assurance. 

They are not too tolerant of opposing points of view and can easily get irritated. Their response makes them appear intolerant, indifferent, and sometimes even hostile. 



The influential personality type is accepting and bold. They like social interactions and are people-oriented. Connecting with people gives them energy and motivation.  These people have a welcoming and inviting nature that encourages others to collaborate with them. 

They like environmental challenges that allow them to be enthusiastic, outgoing, and optimistic. They like making people happy and are often hesitant to offer feedback to others. Their desire to please others also prevents them from paying proper attention to details.



The S personality type is accepting but also cautious. They love a stable environment and are motivated to offer help to others. These people love doing things through cooperation and have a patient and calm personality. 

Whenever they face a challenge they respond methodically and thoughtfully. They are always conscious of others around them and ready to provide them support and empathy when required. They are not good at handling change and can struggle if anything disturbs their routine. They can get stunned and even temporarily dazed by sudden changes. 



The C personality style is skeptical and cautious. They pay special attention to details and prefer a stable environment. They love showcasing their expertise and sharing their quality work with others. 

These personality types tend to overanalyze things. They become calm and objective when they reach a certain level of comfort.


Recognized Combinations of DISC Personality Types

DISC Personality Model
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There are four key components of the DISC personality model and they make up about 12 recognized combinations. Each combination has its distinct features that include weaknesses and strengths. 

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It’s rare for a person to belong to one combination in the DISC graph. Most people fall in more than one and even two combinations. The twelve combination results of the DISC personality are:



People ranking in the dominant area have a strong will. They are independent, inspirational, focused, and self-reliant. These individuals are not afraid of taking risks and keep their eyes on the big picture. 

They work best in fast-paced work environments because they are task-oriented. 

D types have trouble with planning, dealing with details, and teamwork. They can be impatient and their forceful predisposition can intimidate those around them. They like working independently and can often forget to include others in decision-making and problem-solving processes.


DC=Dominance and conscientiousness 

This personality type shows prevalence for dominance but is also influenced by conscientiousness. They make excellent leaders as they pay attention to challenges and the accuracy of the results. They are highly motivated to succeed and can be described as overachievers. 

They want instant satisfaction and in doing so they ignore listening and understanding their team members. They can achieve better results by slowing down and considering the long-term effects and benefits of a decision.

DI=Dominance and influence 

The DI style has a touch of influence with the prevalence of dominance. They have enthusiastic personalities and are action-oriented. They are full of unique ideas and bring a lot of out-of-the-box thinking to the workplace. These individuals are focused and are excellent team players. They produce their best result when there is a proper direction and a sense of urgency. 

The DI-style does not pay attention to the details and is not analytical. Careers that require analytical skills are not the best match for them. They are spontaneous and love change and adventure. Slow-paced workplaces are not the best place for them.



People with an exclusive I-personality are full of energy. They love to socialize and look forward to verbal approval from others. They can highlight positives even in the most difficult situations. These people have strong communication and socializing skills. 

I-personalities do not like predictable and consistent routines. Their performance is suppressed if they work in a strict structure and routine. They are people-oriented and prefer working in fast-paced places. To stay energized they need regular interactions and thrive while collaborating with others.


ID=Influence and dominance 

ID personalities have a prevalent influence style with a hint of dominance as well. They get energized and motivated by the success of their team. They do their best work when given freedom as it allows them to take risks and do things their way. ID individuals are attracted by less traditional positions like working remotely or in the sales field. 


IS=Influence and steadiness 

The combination of influence and steadiness makes a person empathetic and a great listener. Harmony and peace are valuable to them and they want to ensure success in every situation. They are highly interested in helping others grow and polish their skills. Interacting with others, treating them with kindness, and establishing strong connections make them happy. 

They are interested in making friends and it can be an issue because it fails to establish them as authority figures. They are not big fans of routine and have trouble making plans and rational decisions.  



DISC Personalities
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The S personality is dependable and sincere and that is why they act as a bridge between management and co-workers. Their excellent listening skills make them effective mediators. They are unlikely to take big risks and prefer to be thoughtful and deliberate in their actions. 

S types are not good at dealing with angry individuals and do not take negative feedback well. Emotionally charged environments are not for them as they find it hard to be productive in them. They like working in slow-paced work environments.


SI=Steadiness and influence 

SI personalities are supportive and exceptional team members. They can bring team members together and produce efficient results. They are brilliant listeners and care about their team members. They can become great leaders. Collaborating with other people is their strength so even while working in independent roles they like to involve other people. 


SC=Steadiness and conscientiousness 

SC personality is an amalgamation of steadiness and conscientiousness. These people are pragmatic and logical and want to finish the tasks on time. They are not great at working with technology but are quick learners and adapt well to things that help them accomplish their tasks. 

They are best suited for professions that require organizational skills and meticulousness. They love making rules and plans and creating guidelines. They are not as social as other DISC personality combinations. 



Conscientious people are perfectionists and pay close attention to details.  This personality is not easily influenced by emotions and relies more on logic. They are insightful and focused especially when they get to work on projects they find interesting. They prefer working in a slow-paced environment where clear tasks are assigned.

CD=Conscientiousness and dominance 

Conscientiousness and dominance make up the CD type. They enjoy doing tasks on time. They focus on details and are highly organized. In the workplace, CD’s personality is assertive. They make brilliant managers as they involve employees in their discussions to ensure their high standards are met. 

CS= Conscientiousness and steadiness 

In CS personality the emphasis is on conscientiousness and there is an influence of steadiness. This personality is defined by responsibility, reliability, and preparedness. They do their best when working in a proper routine. 

They are shy by nature and they can sometimes go unheard in the group. CS personalities are not comfortable asking questions.


Final Thoughts 

Each DISC style and the different combinations are defined by unique characteristics. No one style is better than the other because human beings use the four styles in their daily life. It helps define a person’s comfort zone and understand the underlying tendencies. The knowledge offered by DISC makes it easier to adapt one’s behaviors according to the situation and become better at interacting with people. 

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