Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Cancer Personality

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Cancer is the fourth of earth’s zodiac signs. Cancerians possess strong commitment qualities and are compassionate individuals.

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Symbol of Cancer 

Cancer Sign
Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

Cancer is often represented by a crab; it’s linked with Greek mythology as it referred to the crab that pinched  Heracles while he was fighting the Lernaean hydra. After being crumpled by Heracles, the crab was rewarded by Heracles’ enemy, Hera, and was sent to the heavens. It’s the instinctive nature of a crab to hide in its shell whenever it faces opposition, and similarly, Cancerians retreat into isolation when they are in a hostile environment. 

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Cancer Elements

The element associated with Cancer is water. Cancerians are very sensitive people who delve into the deeper meaning of things. The water sign is associated with emotions so these people take things very seriously which might affect their mental and emotional condition. They are receptive to the energies around them and try to logically connect with their surroundings. 


Ruling Planet 

Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer. The moon represents the delicate side of humans, the feminine side which believes in developing deep connections with their people and environment. The moon symbolizes the celestial mother figure, that’s why Cancerians are caring people who place family ties at utmost importance. 


Personality Traits 

Cancer Traits
Image by Szilárd Szabó from Pixabay

Cancerians can effortlessly sway between the emotional and material side, though sensitive, they are highly intuitive. 

Some of the typical Cancer personality traits are;



Cancerians take a bit longer to connect with people but once the connection is established, they are the most loyal people. They are considered the most devoted people; their loyalty is even beyond their own beliefs and judgments. They can go to any lengths to empathize with people they trust.



Cancer people are protective of their home because it’s where they feel most secure. They will take any imaginable steps to protect their home, peace, and loved ones. They always cherish their close ones whether it’s family or friends, they want to keep them under their wings. 



Nurturing is one of the features of the moon sign, also the feminine quality of Cancerians heightens this quality hence they are extremely caring. Their kind and generous nature is the result of this caring personality and they expect the same in return. 



Cancerians can take right and quick decisions due to their strong intuitive power. They can easily see through a person that’s why it’s difficult to deceive them. Their sensitive nature enables them to figure out their emotions easily which helps them to reach logical conclusions.



Cancerians are moody and can instantly shift from being humorous to being extremely serious. This rapid shift is part of their everyday life. 



Cancerians are wonderful company; they know how to charm their audience and have a good time. However, they demand attention in return and can go to any lengths to gain the sympathy that they feel they deserve.  

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Hobbies of the Cancer Star Sign 

Cancerian Hobbies
Photo by Jimmy Dean on Unsplash

Cancerians are creative and homely so their hobbies are centered on these two things. They like to indulge in artistic and thinking activities to pass their free time. 


Creative writing 

Cancerians are capable of creating a whole new world in their mind; they can develop excellent characters having realistic sensibilities. Their sensitive nature helps them in understanding human nature and their creative mind can aid in making them good writers. 

Home renovations

People with this zodiac sign are truly home buddies, they like spending a lot of time at home and want their place to be cozy. They decorate their home to give them a personal touch and enjoy providing a comfortable environment for their loved ones. 



People belonging to this zodiac sign enjoy solitary activities like cooking or baking at home, they enjoy such skills which not only allow them to work in their own working space but also nurture their creative side. 


Turn-offs for Cancerians  

Some things that are not appreciated by Cancerians are: 

  • The compassionate nature of Cancerians makes them allergic to selfish and ignorant people. A lack of empathy is not at all acceptable to them and they stay away from people who are not ready to compromise in a relationship. 
  • People who are strictly driven by logic are not appreciated much by this zodiac sign; they are emotional beings so only looking for scientific explanations might not appeal to them. 
  • Cancerians get exasperated by thoughtless and careless people, they regard people and relationships and put extreme effort into making their loved ones feel comfortable in their company. 


Best Career Choices for Cancerians

Cancer Careers
Photo by Kampus Production

Cancerians find solace in several careers due to their adaptable personality. 


Interior Designer 

People falling in this zodiac sign are inclined toward roles that involve creativity; they also want to be part of a positive change in someone’s life or surroundings. They are good at understanding instructions; their highly sensitive nature allows them to understand the requirements of their clients. All these characteristics make Cancerians good interior designers. 


Social Worker

Cancerians can become good social workers as their predominant qualities are compassion and sensitivity. They understand the needs of others and their supporting nature makes them take practical steps to responsibly fulfill their duties. 



A good listener makes up a good therapist therefore Cancerians are well suited for this profession. Their sensibility and sensitivity make them empathetic listeners, they can understand, support and connect with their patients’ problems and are eager to lend a supportive hand. 



Ambitious Cancerians can take up executive jobs to gain financial stability and job satisfaction which is their prime goal. Any executive post requires sound communication skills and Cancerians’ ability to understand other humans makes them suitable for this job. Also, they are extremely intuitive therefore they can make the best decisions for their employees, company, and stakeholders. 



In their capacity, Cancerians are fond of hosting people. They find pleasure in tending to people’s needs thus the role of a hotel manager sounds appropriate.  

People belonging to this zodiac sign will look out for their customer’s needs, they will be careful about all the major and minor details, and will provide ultimate comfort to their customers. Also, they will use their intelligence and management skills to improve the services of their hotel. 


Software Developer

Cancerians are quite good at problem-solving; they also excel in their role and are capable of becoming a valuable part of the organization. Their practical and creative skills prove useful in designing, installing, and maintaining software systems. 


The nurturing nature of Cancerians ensures that they take proper care of the people around them and might also cook for them. Their creative and imaginative mind would help in creating a variety of dishes, and they would think of making their client comfortable while enjoying their experience. Being a chef allows one to work in an isolated and controlled environment to satisfy their creativity. 



Cancerians have a maternal side and they aim to provide a non-toxic and comfortable environment to their dear ones. Also, they like feeling needed therefore being a nanny or babysitter will be a good career choice for Cancerians.

They will be able to sensibly connect with the kid, will use creative ideas to engage the subjects in numerous activities, and will be adamant to provide a nurturing environment for him/her. 



Caring individuals make up good teachers, so Cancerians can excel in this profession; their ability to engage people makes them successful teachers. Their creative side will help in bringing innovative ideas to their profession and their sympathetic side will help them in connecting with the students. Being homely-natured, they will create a conducive environment for the students in their classrooms. 


Worst Career Choices 

Worst Career for Cancerians
Photo by René Ranisch on Unsplash

Some careers are not well suited for Cancer personalities and these are;



Cancerians’ intuitive ability helps the in choosing between right and wrong but their emotional and compassionate personality might affect their judgments, therefore, this is not an ideal career for them. 


Flight Attendants  

People belonging to this zodiac sign are homebodies and they love to be in their personal space so frequently going to a new destination can be burdening for them. 



Though Cancerians are very creative and artistic, their over-sensitive nature makes it difficult for them to digest criticism. They might struggle while in the public limelight and cannot take criticism positively. 


Strong Compatibility 

Cancer people are compatible with zodiac signs that are equally passionate and creative. 

  • Cancerians have the highest compatibility with Taurus. Both stars place relationship on the highest pedestal, their loyalty, homely and sentimental nature facilitates in creating a harmonious relationship. Both horoscopes adore sensual experiences like a well-cooked meal or a cozy home which makes them an ideal pair. 
  • Both Cancer and Pieces are water signs which makes them a natural match, they are excellent in communication, and their sensitivity when combined is understood very well. Cancer’s sentimental and overly conscious energy is balanced well by the calm and understanding personality of Pieces. 
  • Though cancer and Leo appear to be opposites of each other, their loyalty and feeling of security make them a natural combination. 
  • Scorpions’ powerful personality facilitates Cancerians in staying humble, both signs are protective about their family and privacy which makes them a good match. 

Weak Compatibility 

Signs that don’t get along well Cancer are mentioned as follows: 

  • Aries are bold in relationships while Cancerians are shy. Aries are hyper and want to demonstrate their true feelings right away while Cancerians believe in a gradual build-up of closeness. This might create communication problems among both these stars therefore these two are not a good match. 
  • Cancer and Sagittarius are also unlikely pairs because their personality characteristics are opposites. Sagittarians are adventurous people who want to explore the world whereas Cancerians are most comfortable in their own cozy space. Also, Sagittarians are not committed enough to match the loyalty level of Cancer. 
  • People belonging to the zodiac sign Cancer follow their hearts while Aquarians are known to be directed by their minds. Also, Cancer desires calmness and stability in a relationship however Aquarians would like to try the different less traveled path. 
  • Pairing between Gemini and Cancer is a difficult one because Gemini’s versatility doesn’t get along well with Cancer. Cancerians thrive on commitment and want the same from their partners but Gemini is a more free-spirited individual.

Here’s a detailed guide on who’s most compatible (and least) with the Cancer sign. 


Popular Cancerians 

Famous Cancerian
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Lionel Messi 

Lionel Messi, one of the greatest footballers of all time, born on June 24th, 1987 is a considerate and devoted individual in both his personal and professional life.  


Elon Musk

CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk was born on the 28th of June 1971. His intelligent and innovative ideas have gained him fame and money, and his strong intuitive mind wades him to delve into unknown territories. He is one of the richest people on earth and owns various companies like tesla, spaceX, etc. 


Princess Diana 

She was born on July 1st, 1961. She was an emotional being and her sympathetic personality aligned with her role in various charities. Also, she was very protective and caring toward her kids. 

Nelson Mandela 

The first black president of South Africa was born on July 18th, 1918. He was a loyal and reliable person and his most prominent quality was empathy toward the marginalized community. 


Frida Kahlo 

She was a creative and sensitive artist born on the 6th of July 1907. She had a unique sense of art and expressed her feelings and emotions through her paintings. 


Helen Keller 

Teacher, writer, and disability rights advocate, Helen Keller was born on the 27th of June 1880. She was a sensitive and imaginative soul who fought for the rights of people and encouraged them to overcome challenges gracefully. 


Ernest Hemmingway

A celebrated American writer, Hemingway was born on the 21st of July 1899, he had a charming personality that could engage people easily. He liked connecting with people and writing about the layers of his experiences. 



Cancer is a special zodiac sign as they depict a genuine understanding of human emotions which is not found in any other star. Cancerians’ empathy towards fellow humans, sensitivity to others’ emotions, and intelligence to comprehend things are indeed enviable traits.

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