Personality Test vs. Astrology

Personality Test vs. Astrology

To get detailed insights about your personality, you can take a free personality test at the end of this article. The test uses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to give you deep insights into your personality.

The effort to understand human personality is still undergoing. A variety of methods have been created to get an accurate reading of an individual’s personality. There are several online tests available that assess all the dimensions of the behavioral traits of a person. 

Astrology and Personality Traits

Astrology is an ancient study, and it has been used to describe traits of a personality for a long time. Just like other personality tests, astrology also divides people into different categories by taking a look at a variety of aspects. 

According to astrology, the mood, behavior, and personality of an individual are affected by the alignment of planets and stars. The date of birth of an individual also plays a role in it. The horoscope is written after observing the positions of stars and planets. All the horoscopes are personalized by the person’s date of birth. The horoscopes give predictions about the personal life of people and their behavior. The horoscopes also include advice on the best way to navigate one’s life’s situation based on the position of the astronomical bodies. 


Reliability of Astrology

Personality Tests
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Scientists do not believe in astrology, but millions of people pick up the paper every day to read their daily horoscope. The reliability of the horoscope is questioned because of the elements that are used to calculate the horoscope of a person. There is little scientific evidence to confirm that the orientation of the planets of the sun has an impact on a person’s life or behavior. 

The predictions can impact the mood of a person but it does not have anything to do with their accuracy. Most people read their daily horoscopes in the morning, and if it is full of positive predictions it can set the mood of the day.  The happiness is attributed to the placebo effect rather than the accuracy of the predictions.


Personality Tests 

Astrology and Personality
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The goal of astrology and personality tests is the same as both aim to identify dominant characteristics of a personality. The methods of finding that information vary in personality tests and astrology. 

Personality tests have become more sophisticated with time as they use artificial intelligence to sort out the collected data and provide swift results. 


Myers-Briggs typology

MBTI is a famous test and most people are familiar with its name. Many companies consider it reliable enough to include it in their recruiting process. They believe that it can increase the efficiency of the recruiting process. 

MBTI divides human personality into 16 personality types based on the dominant traits of an individual. The test comes in the form of multiple-choice questions. AI is used to analyze the answers and put people in the personality type that suits them best.


Big five personality testing

The big five theory presents a set of descriptors of traits that makes up a personality. After conducting a large-scale empirical analysis, the researchers decided on five key traits that can be used to describe different personalities. 

The scores are calculated using the answers and they reveal important information about the thinking and behavior of a person. It tells how high or low individual rates are on the continuum of all the five traits. The focus of the theory is solely on the five factors that completely encompass a person’s personality. 

The five-factor model is considered a reliable test for helping people in understanding their personality in comparison to others. It also gives a chance to assign characteristics a proper name and explore relationships between personality type and other life indicators such as succession academic, professional and social life. 


Similarities Between Personality Tests and Zodiac Signs

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Astronomy and tests for personality often face the same criticism because there are a lot of similarities between the two. 

  • One of the most common criticisms received by astrology is that the predictions or the 12 zodiac signs system do not have any theoretical basis. But if you look closely, the same can be said about Myers-Briggs typology because both creators do not have a professional or academic background in psychology. They based their theory on an analysis of the famous book Psychological Types by Carl Jung. 
  • Astrology and personality testing have a system that separates individuals into distinct groups. MBTI divides them into 16 different categories while astrology has come up with 12 zodiac signs. 
  • Both systems base the division of personalities on dominant traits. The traits are used by them to make predictions about the behavior of a person. 
  • The focus of astrology and MBTI or big five theory is on all aspects of a personality. They cover positive as well as negative traits of a personality. The aim is to fully understand an individual’s behavior and that cannot be done without taking both good and bad into consideration. 
  • The division of introversion and extraversion is common in both methods. The trait is used as a base to divide people into different types or in the case of astrology, zodiac signs. 
  • Zodiac signs and MBTI personalities have a specific vocabulary they use to talk about cooperation, fears, and emotions. The explanation given about personality based on the traits and other aspects is not written in stone. The information is open to interpretation.

These are some of the similarities that have been found between the two systems. Although the parallels have been theorized multiple times, there is still a lot of ambiguity regarding any overlapping patterns between the two. You cannot say that all the people belonging to the ENFJ personality type are Libras. 

Differences between personality typology and astrology

It is hard to find parallels between the two methods as both use entirely different criteria to categorize the personalities into different groups. 

  • Firstly, the assessment process used in personality typology is different. It uses subjective assessment to figure out the best four letters that are best suited to describe the type. The Myers and Briggs system uses the assessment to find which four-letter type is most suitable for a personality. The assessment is done on the answers to the questionnaire. The latest tests use AI to analyze the answers to categorize the personality. 
  • On the other hand, zodiac signs are assigned to people based on their day of birth. Astrology does not require any questionnaire. It takes the position of the sun, the moon, and planets into consideration and analyzes their projection to make predictions. The analysis of the personality is based on completely different things as compared to the MBTI. The assessment process is based on the belief that the environment and position of skies have a major physical impact on a person’s personality and life. 
  • Astrology and Myers-Briggs have different applications. The main focus of astrology is on relationships and emotions. It provides a way to be open about one’s insecurities, desires, and self-expression. Whereas Myers-Briggs testing is commonly used as a management tool, workplaces use it to improve their work productivity. The test has been made part of the recruiting process as it is believed to help find the best candidates. 
  • Astrology is consistent. The zodiac sign is assigned to an individual according to the date of birth and it stays the same for the rest of your life. The personality traits are also assigned according to zodiac signs. If you are born at the beginning of December, you are going to be a Sagittarius forever. On the other hand, personality types can change from time to time. Many people get slightly different results every time they take the test.


Personality Test vs. Astrology

Astrology and Personality Traits
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There is a lot of competition between astrology and tests devised to identify personality types. Whenever there is a discussion regarding the zodiac signs and type of personality it is a fierce one.  

Taking all the similarities and differences of zodiac signs and personality typology in mind it is important to accept that both methods have their place. Both can offer information that may come in handy in working and social life. 

Even if both the tests and astrology do not provide you with any viable information you can learn a lot about a person by the way they relate to the results. If a person is an ENFP and a Taurus identifies more with the traits defined by the zodiac sign then you will get an idea of how they view their personality. 

The zodiac sign and the personality type both are to some extent useful ways of looking at one’s personality. The results provide explanations and ideas about one’s behavior. 

You will know your zodiac sign from an early age as it is assigned with the birth date. Taking a personality test, later on, is an excellent idea to get a better understanding of the personality. 

They are also used in a professional capacity so they can assist in careers as well.   

Final Thoughts

Astrology and personality tests both have their following. Everyone knows about their zodiac sign and most people are aware of traits associated with the sign as well. MBTI, big five, and other personality tests are just as fun as reading a daily horoscope. They provide interesting information about a person based on their perception of the world and behavior. 

Our website offers free personality tests to people looking to take a deep look into their personalities. The AI-supported tests offer reliable results that can assist in making better professional and personal decisions. So, take a few minutes out of your life to figure out your personality type with a free online personality test. 

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