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Recommendations from Artificial Intelligence can assist us in living happier lives. This is a detailed guide to what makes the ENFJ personality type happy using artificial intelligence. Included in the guide are personality traits and careers that suit this personality type. Take this free AI-assisted personality test to get detailed insights about your personality traits and suitable careers.


The Myers-Briggs type indicator test defines sixteen different personality types. They are known by acronyms. The types specify different personality traits that help in understanding human mentality in a better way. It can help in making one of the most important decisions of one’s life: choosing a career.

The ENFJ is one of the sixteen personalities defined by Myers-Briggs. The personality type makes up about two percent of the population. ENFJs are known as protagonists because they are ambitious, charismatic, and energetic.

ENFJ is an acronym for:

  • Extraversion
  • Intuition
  • Feeling
  • Judgment

Overview of ENFJ Personality Type

Myer Briggs Personality Test
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ENFJ personality types are natural leaders and have a strong presence. They are honest about their opinions and can easily articulate and defend what they believe in. They are highly driven people and are not easily distracted. ENFJs are empathetic and intuitive. They are always interested in helping people around them and making the world a better place

Tip: Their personality has a balance between a desire to help people and a strong value system.

Common traits of ENFJ personality types are:

  • Charismatic
  • Energetic
  • Tolerant
  • Altruistic
  • Reliable
  • Empathic
  • Passionate
  • Confident
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Careers for ENFJ Personality Type

ENFJ Personality Guide
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ENFJs excel at careers where they get to work closely with people and enjoy socializing. They prefer jobs that allow people to make a good impact on people’s lives.

Here are some careers that are best suited for ENFJs.

Guidance counselor

ENFJ personality types have an empathic nature and the trait makes them good counselors. They are good at learning other people and finding the best solutions to help them. Being a guidance counselor is satisfying for ENFJs as they get to improve other people’s situations.


ENFJ personality types as teachers

ENFJs make great teachers because they are naturally inclined to help people. Teaching is perfect for this personality type because they are skilled at teaching other people. They are empathetic and empathy is an essential trait for teachers. They understand students and can evaluate their skills and needs. They can easily relate to the students and connect with them.

Public relations account management

To excel at a public relations account manager post, it is important to have the ability to understand the motivations and needs of customers. Since ENFJs are intuitive, this allows them to easily navigate difficult situations. They have excellent self-control and are valuable employees for organizations and brands. They have the skills to do well in fast-paced work environments.


Sales manager

ENFJs crave personal interaction, which makes them competitive candidates for sales managers. They are interested in finding out other people’s interests and identifying their needs. They are self-motivated and well-organized. They are good at building a big client list and making good sales.


ENFJ personality types as art directors

ENFJs love the arts and they have a knack for understanding and evaluating the preferences of other people. They have all the necessary skills to do well in the art director position. ENFJs are good at identifying concepts that will attract large groups of people. They have great communication and teaching skills which help pitch ideas to potential customers.


Human resources director

ENFJs are sociable and charming and they find it easier to relate to others. They are well-suited for human relations jobs and like workplaces that are productive and comfortable to work in. Their intuition allows them to understand other people’s emotions and they are great communicators.

Tip: ENFJs are so in tune with the feelings of other people that they often ignore their needs.


Careers to Avoid

ENFJ Careers
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ENFJ personalities are talented and skilled individuals but some careers are not a good choice for them.



Accountants tend to work alone mostly which is not suitable for ENFJs.


IT specialist

IT is not a good choice for ENFJs because the focus of these jobs is more on technology than people.


Law enforcement

Law enforcement has a lot of opportunities to offer that may appeal to ENFJs, but it is not the best choice for them. It does not suit the personality traits of ENFJ personality types.

Mechanical engineer

ENFJs like personal connection and do not like workplaces where they are mostly working with machinery. This type of work is clear-cut and ENFJs are a fan of ambiguity and nuance.


ENFJ personality types like learning and they work well in a social environment. They prefer jobs where they get to interact with other people.


ENFJ Personality Type Conclusion

Knowing one’s personality traits is valuable. Myers-Briggs personality type indicator has provided sixteen personality types. ENFJ are people’s person and are excellent at forging lasting relationships and friendships.

Finding a satisfying job is not always easy. Knowing personality traits is helpful as it tells you which workplaces are good for you. ENFJ is one of the sixteen personality types defined by Myers-Briggs. ENFJs are good at reading people and like interacting with them.

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