Conventional Personality Type 

Conventional Types

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Conventional personalities have a knack for working with data and numbers. They can follow given instructions and ensure that all the details of the tasks are taken care of.  

Conventional personality types are careful, well-organized, quiet, task-oriented, and responsible. They use their intellect, hands, and eyes to complete the tasks.  

Unique Skills of Conventional Personalities

Conventional Personality
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Conventional personalities have a lot of strengths and it is crucial to keep them in mind while choosing a career. Some of the qualities that allow these personalities to stand out are:



They thrive on setting tasks and planning because it allows them to efficiently achieve their goals


Attention to detail

Conventional personalities have high standards and they pay attention to even the smallest details to make sure they do their best.



They prefer structure and order and always have a methodical approach while completing tasks.


Time management

The conventional types are excellent at meeting deadlines. They will always finish their projects and assignments on time. 


Behavior of Conventional Personalities

Conventional Personalities
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Conventional personalities prefer working in environments that are predictable and stable. Here are a few ways conventional people handle different situations.


Conventional personalities follow rules to solve problems

Conventional personalities take care of problems by following rules. They prefer doing tasks that are led by others. They are not the leaders and are task-oriented. They do not prefer being in an authoritative position.  

They have a keen eye for details which makes them excellent at keeping the world’s records and transmitting messages.  

Neat and orderly 

Conventional personality types have a strong need to be certain and secure, which compels them to stick to a routine. They are interested in finishing things and taking care of all the details. They are practical, neat, and do everything in order. They like working with data that includes numbers, facts, and figures in structured settings.  


List of Possible Occupations

Coventional Personality Type
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Taking personality type into consideration makes it easier to find a suitable occupation. The occupations best suited for conventional personalities mostly include following routines and schedules, where they get to work with data. They do not prefer working with ideas. 

Some of the best occupational areas perfect for conventional personalities are: 



Accuracy, organizing, reliability, arranging, and creativity.  

Suitable occupations 

  • Desk editor 
  • Proofreader 
  • Translator 
  • Appraiser of art objects and antiques 
  • Web editor



Organizing, accuracy, reliability, and arranging combined with influence and entrepreneurship.  

Suitable occupations

  • Tax Inspector 
  • Supervisor of cleaning workers 
  • Police Inspector 
  • Notary 



Reliability, arranging, accuracy, and organizing with solving, research, and specializing. 

Suitable occupations

  • Web developer 
  • Filing clerk 
  • Accountant 
  • Payroll Clerk 
  • Police inspector 
  • IT systems administrator 
  • Database designer 
  • Policy advisor 
  • Quality inspector 
  • Legal secretary



Reliability, arranging, accuracy, organizing, working with hands, traveling, operating machines, and working outdoors.  

Suitable occupations

  • IT system administrator 
  • Supervisor of cleaning workers 
  • Distributing or post sorting clerk 
  • Medical laboratory technician 
  • Air traffic controller 


Organizing, reliability, arranging, and accuracy with social activities like working together and helping people. 

Suitable occupations

  • Guardian at youth care offices 
  • Social affairs officer 
  • Bank or personal clerk 
  • Secretary 
  • Sales support clerk 
  • Transport clerk 
  • Receptionist 
  • Executive secretary 
  • Mortgage clerk 
  • Legal secretary 



Conventional people find it hard to excel in careers that are too relaxed, spontaneous, and erratic. Free online personality tests are available online. They can help in identifying the best career paths.  

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