Teacher Interview Questions (Best Answers and Free Practice by AI)

Teacher Interview Questions

To ace your next teacher interview you will need to review best answers for common interview questions and practice a mock interview. Luckily you can do both here, after reading the below best answers, take a free mock interview, you will get detailed results from this Artificial Intelligence software about your teaching skills and personality.


Teaching is considered one of the noblest jobs in the world. It is among career paths that give an individual an opportunity to change lives of other people. Teachers get to regularly see and measure the impact they have.

A job interview for high, middle and elementary school is intimidating. The best way to ensure that the interview goes smoothly is prepare well. Practicing standard interview questions can help in giving an impressive interview.


Tip: An average school interview is about twenty minutes long so make sure you are ready to make the best of it.

What is the hiring process?

The interview experience can differ for each interviewee. Most teachers are hired in the summer as it is when positions open up.

The interview process can be:

·      One-on-one meeting with future principal

·      Group panel interview  Group Interview Tips from Experts

·      Sample lesson presentation delivered in front of administration and team of teachers

The process and length depends on the needs of your target district. Some prefer hiring new graduates and developing their skills while other districts choose experienced educators.

Tip: Teaching provides incredible professional and personal life experiences.


Common Teacher Interview Questions


Give an example of prepared lesson and the results you achieved?

It is a common question in interviews for a teaching position so it is important to be prepared for it. To make your answer more impressive you can also bring artifacts from previous lesson plan. Every teacher has a unique approach for preparing lessons as teaching is an individualized field. The interviewer wants to know what the candidate’s
approach is towards teaching. Highlighting the outcomes achieved by the lesson
plan is essential.

Why you want the job in our school?

It is essential that the interviewee is familiar with the school he or she is
applying for. Read the mission statement and values in the website. Considering
things like local community the school is serving, approach towards curriculum
and student population diversity will help in coming up with a good answer.

Tell about a time when you had a disagreement with a colleague. Share details on how you handled it?

Teachers, just like any other colleagues sometimes disagree. The interviewee is looking
for an answer that shows cases candidate’s ability to fit well into the new
team and handle disputes professionally. To validate the answer include an
example of team dispute you may have faced before and steps you took to resolve it.

Share best way to collaborate with fellow teachers?

Collaboration is an integral part of teaching and a daily requirement. Teachers constantly
have to work with each other as they have shared goals of getting students
ready for next grade. Share a situation in which you had a proactive role in
encouraging or creating a recurring collaborative time with the team.

What is your opinion about correction and discipline in a classroom?

Working with children is not an easy task. The classroom behavior can get out of hand
and the interviewer wants to know that the candidate has the ability to handle
the situation if things get out of hand in classroom.

Share details of how you work with students to get an understanding on how their
behaviors have an impact of fellow students. Being proactive is the key to
successful classroom management. It is important that the students understand
the workings of a classroom as it will discourage bad behavior.

What is your favorite subject to teach?

The question gives a perfect opportunity to share personal motivations and passions
that did not make it to the resume. Make sure you have a subject and a clear
reason for choosing it. Vague answers are not a good approach. The answer
should showcase your passion for education.

Do you have a flexible approach regarding grade levels you would teach?

The licensing and regulations of different states regarding which grade you are
eligible to teach vary. Having the flexibility to teach more than one grade is
a huge plus. It gives you an edge over other candidates.

Can you share your biggest weakness as a teacher?

It is a part of almost every question no matter what role you are applying for. Choose
something that you lacked as an educator but have worked on overcoming and
improving the weakness. Make sure you mention a weakness and highlight how you
have managed to turn it into a positive.

What is your strategy for handling pressure?

Teachers have to deal with different parents, manage challenging goals set by the
district and the school and occasional friction with colleagues. They face a lot
of pressure and the interviewer wants to know that you have the capability to
handle pressure. Share how you thrive under pressure as it pushes you to
perform your best. You should also mention your ability to easily adapt and
meet changing requirements that come with the job.

Why you chose a teaching career?

When answering the question you should shine a light on what part of the profession
appeals to you most. You can mention your love for learning or connecting with
children. You should also focus on what you can bring to the table as a
teacher. You can say that knowing you can make a difference in children’s life
is a big motivation for choosing the profession.

How do you meet the needs of a classroom in the presence of differentiated learning

The question presents the perfect opportunity to share your experience of working with students with varied learning requirements. If you have taught students that need
in-classroom assistance or an ESL student then you should mention it. Make sure
you mention the strategies you used to fulfill the educational needs of these
students while managing the classroom as a whole as well.


What is your approach to handling a disruptive student?

Every classroom has a disruptive student which why this question is common in interviews for teachers. Never answer the question by negatively mentioning a previous
student. Share the approach you took to understand the root cause of the
disruptive behavior and how it helped in relating to the student on a personal
level. Talk about all the steps you took to work with the student and parents
to establish a collaborative plan to improve the situation.


Discuss a situation in which you collaborated with your fellow teachers to overcome a

Teachers are mostly concerned with individual goals, but they also have team goals, and they require
efficient collaboration. Choose a past scenario where you collaborated with fellow teachers to find a solution to a difficult situation. Emphasize the role you played in the collaboration.


What is your opinion about technology in the classroom?

Technology is becoming an integral part of classrooms, so interviewers are looking for candidates that
can easily adapt to the technological changes. Discuss how you have incorporated technology in your classroom before.


What is your reaction to negative feedback from administrators and parents?

Answer this question with a neutral approach. It is never a good idea to share past experiences with a
negative tone. Discuss how you are open to feedback, good and bad, as it helps in improving your skills and become a better educator. Teaching jobs are challenging, competitive, and are hard to land. Make sure that you are prepared for the questions and answer them confidently.


Teacher Interview Questions Summary

Teaching is a competitive profession. It is important to go into the interview well-prepared so that you can easily talk about specific subjects like educational philosophy, local community around the school you are interviewing for and mission statement of the school. 

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