Virgo, the Deep and Hard Working Sign

Virgo Personality

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Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign and includes people that are born between the 22 August and 22 September. Virgos are practical people whose roots are deep in the material world. They want the best so they work the hardest. 

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Element of Virgo

Virgo is an earth sign and Virgos are grounded by the earth’s energy. It keeps them in the present moment and enjoys whatever they have. They embody pragmatism, structure, and reliability of their element. They value honesty. 


Which Planet Rules Virgo? 

Virgos are influenced by the speediest planet in our solar system, Mercury. By communicating they get to learn new things and increase their information. They have the mental agility to keep a large store of knowledge and utilize it whenever needed. 


Symbol of Virgo 

The symbol of Virgo is a maiden. The zodiac sign has traditionally been linked to the Virgin figure and it represents independence and impurity.


Personality Traits of Virgos

Virgo Traits
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Every zodiac sign has unique personality characteristics that define them. Some of the key traits of Virgos are;



Virgos are aware of the fruits that hard work can bear. They are real people and they know that working hard brings results. Whenever they have a project to take care of they will throw themselves into it completely. They will always give hundred and ten percent to anything they do. They ensure that they complete their project even if they have to go through a few sleepless nights. 



Virgos tend to think out of the box and they have an accretive mind and a unique perspective. They will always sincerely use their creativity to offer solutions. They use a variety of mediums to express their creativity like writing, art, dance, etc. 


Supportive and reliable 

If you are looking for reliable and supportive people, you will find no one better than a Virgo. They know how to take responsibility. When they are given responsibility for something they take it seriously. They are supportive and loyal to a fault. They will never back down and always stand behind you.  



Virgos tend to have a larger reservoir of patience as compared to other people. Their optimistic approach makes them happy and successful. They are willing to wait to see the best in people and for the circumstances to get better. 


Kind and compassionate 

Humbleness is among the dominant traits of Virgos. They are affectionate and worry about everyone around them.   

They are also sensitive people and find it hard to open up to people. They do show care for others but can get defensive with their feelings. They can easily get hurt as well because they are sincere towards other people and their sincerity is not always returned. 


Best Careers for Virgo 

Virgo Careers
Image by Werner Moser from Pixabay

Some key characteristics are attached to every zodiac sign. These unique personality traits set people apart from each other. We offer an AI-assisted personality test that allows people to determine their dominant traits and see where they fit the best.  

Some of the careers where Virgos have the best chance of thriving and having a successful career are. 


Virgos are analytical people who like to dive into details and pay attention to minor things. They like working in environments that have a set routine and are organized. They also have an aptitude for numbers so they are guaranteed to do well as accountants. 

They want to offer practical solutions to other people and help them. It’s satisfying for them to manage finances for others. 


Scientific researcher

People working in scientific research are dedicated people. They are always trying to find workable and practical solutions for any problem they encounter. The profession is perfect for the traits of a Virgo personality.    

The profession offers a systematic working environment which is ideal for them. They work hard to look for solutions that will get them results and also use and polish the analytical skills they possess.  



Being an editor is a profession that ranks high among the most suitable professions for Virgo. The job requires paying attention to details and strong communication skills. Virgos are good at both these skills. 

Virgos have the critical eye required to become a skillful editor. But they are perfectionists so, there is always a chance that they can become over-critical and spend too much time on one task.



Virgos possess a nurturing personality which makes teaching a great profession for them. The career allows them to spread their knowledge with people willing to learn.  

They make good teachers because they have exceptional memory. They can retain a lot of information and it allows them to be knowledgeable in their subject. They are good at paying attention to the individual needs of their students and providing them with the assistance they need. 



Caring for others is second nature to Virgos. They feel content helping others in distress. They listen to others and can be objective and they  feel satisfied with providing care to other people.

They can make objective decisions without getting influenced by their emotions. They are willing to provide the crying shoulder to those in distress.  Being supportive provides them with a lot of satisfaction. 


Worst Careers for Virgo

Worst Careers for Virgo
Photo by Bimo Luki on Unsplash


Being too active and enthusiastic is not like Virgos. They are thinkers and prefer to take things slowly. A fast-paced job can become too exhausting for a Virgo personality. 


Ambulance driver

Virgos have the caliber to perform well in most medical fields but driving an ambulance is not for them. Virgos tend to overthink things and they fail to make instant decisions. They tend to be slow drivers as they don’t like to operate under pressure. 



Organizing things is among the most favorite activities of Virgos. They have a great memory and have all the traits of a competent librarian. They ensure that the archives and resources are properly categorized and stored. They find a lot of happiness and contentment in guiding other people and providing them with services. 

Compatibility of Virgo

Virgo personalities are gentle and they don’t overreact. They always express their feelings patiently and gently. 


Strong compatibility

  • Taurus and Virgo are a perfect match. They are patient enough to slowly learn about each other’s needs and achieve stability in their relationship. Both are earth signs so they have plenty of common ground among them. Both are appreciative and caring. 
  • Virgo and Virgo are highly compatible. They can build a strong connection because it’s formed by the coming together of two Mercury planets and they have a good connection as they understand each other pretty well. They are caring people who are willing to make sacrifices for each other and it makes their relationship last a long time. 
  • Capricorn and Virgo are capable of having a long-lasting relationship. Both of them are up for new challenges in life. Both these signs can show appreciation for each other. There might be many ups and downs in their relationship but they can get through them and achieve the desired results. 
  • Virgo and Libra can form a complementary relationship. They can have a steady relationship even though there are similarities among the signs. 
  • Gemini and Virgo can form a wonderful partnership as they know how to nurture and guide each other. Geminis are good at increasing the confidence level in Virgos. Both signs are bound by unconditional love and it’s a union of great minds. 
  • Aquarius and Virgo are perfectionists and they want the best in life. Both signs are down-to-earth people with kind hearts. Earth and Air come together to form a long-lasting relationship. 
  • Cancer and Virgo can have a well-balanced relationship. They are in tune with their emotions and have an understanding.
  • Virgo and Pisces are great together. Virgos are excellent nurturers and they know how to accommodate their Pisces partners. Pisces know how to be the life of a relationship and make it exciting and romantic.  

Weak compatibility 

  • Scorpio and Virgo have a lot of similarities but they need to keep control of their negative traits to be on good terms. 
  • Virgo and Aries find it hard to form a good relationship. Virgos are ruled by the earth while Aries is a fire sign which makes them completely different from each other. It’s unlikely for their relationship to endure the differences.  
  • Leo and Virgo don’t get along as well. Both are passionate zodiac signs and they are willing to offer unconditional love. They can establish a steady relationship if the same level of participation is done from both sides. Without equal involvement from both partners, this leads to a loss of trust and support. 
  • It’s tricky for Sagittarius and Virgo to establish a steady relationship. They need to work on their mutual differences and find some common ground. If they manage to find a common goal they can work together otherwise they have to part ways. There’s nothing common among them.

Here’s our article Zodiac Signs Most Compatible With Virgo to read more on Virgo’s love compatibility. 


Virgo Celebrities

Virgo Celebrities
Photo by Emily Bauman on Unsplash

If you want to look at someone good at their job then you just need to take a look at Virgo people. Some of the most-known Virgo celebrities are,



The multi-talented Zendaya has cemented her status as an excellent actor, producer, and singer and has been part of the entertainment industry since she was a child. She has proved her talents with multiple projects.

She has been recognized for her talents and is the youngest winner of Outstanding Lead Actress and Primetime Emmy Awards. She does a lot of charity work and contributes to organizations like Toys for Tots, American Heart Association, etc. 



Beyonce is a singer, record producer, actor, songwriter, and humanitarian. She got initial recognition as a member of the group Destiny’s Child. Now she is the world’s best-selling and influential record artist.

She is dedicated to humanitarian causes like the Black Lives Matter campaign. Her recent project Bey Good Impact Fund partnered with NAACP. It gives grants to families who are suffering financially and suffered greatly during the pandemic. 


Blake Lively 

Like a true Virgo, Blake Lively has been dedicated to her craft since she was 11. Her role in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants gave a huge boost to her career. She got to be part of several other successful projects like Gossip Girl.

She has taken part in a variety of projects of varying natures. Her colorful career is filled with different types of projects. Lively is also a dedicated humanitarian and has been part of great work campaigns like Chime for Change by Gucci that raises awareness on several women’s issues. 


Chris Pine

Chris Pine is a talented actor who has shown skill and is a comedic artist. He became part of the Marvel universe. His role in Wonder Woman played a huge role in lifting his profile.

The audience loved the film and his role in it. It streamed for more than two billion minutes after the initial debut. 

Richard Gere 

Richard Gere is among the most known and recognizable actors in Hollywood. He has been in great demand and has given countless memorable movies. Despite his incredible wealth and success, he dedicates a lot of time to giving back to society. Helping others is the allure of Virgo personalities. 


Keanu Reeves

The Iconic Keanu Reeves has given many legendary roles to the audience. His down-to-earth personality has entranced audiences for years.

The Matrix is one of his most famous and iconic roles. Reeves has established a respectable persona because of his kind nature. He takes care of everyone around him on every project. He is highly admired for being a gentleman off and on screen. 


Michael Keaton

Keaton has been a huge force in the entertainment industry. He has been part of it for years and is always looking to take on challenging roles that allow him to show off his acting chops.

His Batman portrayal is missed by many and he is often asked when he will be returning to the iconic role.  



Virgos are known to be perfectionists and that can be their weakness as they tend to be obsessive. They are also kind, compassionate, and reliable and those are valuable traits to have. 

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