Customer Service Mock Interview

customer service interview

Customer Service Mock Interview Instructions

This customer service mock interview has questions from real interviews in large organizations such as Google and Microsoft. There are customer service and personality questions. In the end, you will get detailed feedback about your customer service skills as well as how your personality fits for customer service jobs. 
There are some multiple-choice questions as well as 5-6 video questions. If you do not have time for video questions, you can skip those but doing them will help AI greatly in giving you accurate results. For all video questions, take as much time as you like to prepare then record between 2-5 min so artificial intelligence can give you accurate results, repeat your video recording until you are happy with your answer. Your privacy is highly respected, this AI engine does not store any videos, it gets deleted once the analysis is finished.

Customer Service Mock Interview Questions

  • What are your personal career goals?
  • How do you define empathy? Can you give an example of a previous situation where you have used empathy?
  • What is your strategy for de-escalating angry customers?
  • Can you share an experience where you received unsatisfying customer service and ways it could have been better?
  • Was there a situation where you were unable to solve customer’s problems and share the outcome?

Before taking this customer service mock interview

Free Customer Service Mock Interview
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What interview feedback and results you will get from this customer service mock interview?

Your answers will be processed by an artificial intelligence service, it will check your answers, facial expressions, and voice tone. The artificial intelligence service will check how your skills match the required skills for customer service jobs. Additionally, you will get results about your personality, in general, using the big five personality theory. Here you can find more details about the big five personality theory.

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