7 Easy Steps to Write a Great CV

How to write a CV

Do you want a CV that stands out from the rest? Here are 7 easy steps from experts on how to make your CV stand out from the competition. You can also practice for your next interview with artificial intelligence and get feedback about your skills and personality.

Job hunting is a grind as there are too many details to handle. Job seekers have to line up professional references, research prospective employers, and check the salary range for the position they are applying for. Recycling the old resume with a few upgrades is tempting.

If you want to get an interview call you should resist the temptation to recycle the old resume. Make sure you polish the resume and customize it according to the position you are applying for.

How to Write a CV in 7 Easy Steps

Writing a Resume
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Here are a few tips to boost the resume and make it more noticeable.


How to write a CV

Create a lead

Every resume must start with contact information. On top of the resume, you should mention your name, email address, phone number, and if possible links to your LinkedIn profile and the website. All of these things belong in the header.

An objective statement under the contact info was common. But hiring managers prefer a short and engaging paragraph, so it looks like a profile. The paragraph should provide a quick summary of your training and experience. You can expand the qualification later in the cover letter and resume.


Impactful content

The focus of the resume should be on work experience. Listing the old jobs in chronological order creates an impressive visual. While writing your accomplishments and duties, it is smart to take the result-driven approach.

Use action verbs and quantifiable results to explain how you excelled in the position. Instead of just writing you oversaw project management, you should specify the role and then mention the steps you took, and the results you achieved. Mentioning facts like growth in sales revenue or money saved is going to make an excellent impression as it will tell the recruiters that you made a difference.

Add soft skills

Interpersonal skills are vital for a successful career. Mentioning skills is crucial as they let the recruiters know that you have what they are looking for. Highlighting things like creativity, time management, problem-solving, verbal communication and effective writing are prized skills.

The resume and cover letter must be well-written. Make sure both are properly organized and without any spelling mistakes. Tailoring them to the role you are applying for is the key to getting an interview call. Frame the work accomplishments and history to highlight abilities like leadership, collaboration, and adaptability. You can ask your colleagues to write recommendations that mention your soft skills.

Take a look at this article for a guide on which skills to list on a resume.


Emphasize tech skills

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Technology is part of everything nowadays so it is necessary to highlight your technical skills in the resume. The skills tell the recruiters that a candidate is suitable for administrative or any other role that requires tech knowledge. You can add the level of proficiency for each tech-related skill. If you have any certifications, then it is smart to mention them in the resume.

Use the job description to customize the resume. Discuss the expertise of the software or tool required for the position. Mention the relevant software in the work history as it will embellish your professional experience.


Make it memorable

The recruiters are going to receive hundreds of resumes for a position. If you want yours to get noticed, then you will have to make it unique and memorable. Mentioning things like fluency in a foreign language offers a candidate an edge over others. Adding passions and expertise is the best way to stand out from the competition.

Recruiters are interested in getting a complete picture of potential hires, so mentioning outside interests is a smart idea. But be careful as you do not want to go overboard with the details because over-sharing does not help. The resume is a professional document, so share things that allow you to showcase you are an excellent hire.

Use keywords

Nowadays, companies scan cover letters and resumes for keywords related to the available job. Customize the resume, so that your cover letter and resume are relevant for the job posting you are applying for and are memorable.

Check for mistakes

Recruiters go through dozens of resumes, and they need little reason to put yours out of consideration. Make sure that you check the resume carefully for mistakes. Never send it out without proofreading. Grammatical and spelling mistakes are common. A read-through and spell-check allow you to focus on each word and make it better. To ensure there are no mistakes, you can ask a friend to double-check everything.

People make silly spelling and grammatical errors all the time for example misspelling fired to fried, references to referees or base salary to bass, etc.

How to Write a CV Conclusion

Having an impressive resume is essential for professional success. Resume writing tips help create a good resume. Employers are looking for people that can make an impact. They want result-driven and distinctive professionals, and a good resume will showcase that you possess these valuable traits. Find out why you never hear back after submitting your CV

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