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Openness to Experience

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Psychologists interested in individual personality differences are in favor of the Big Five theory. The model breaks down personalities into five main traits or factors. The five-factor theory proposes that each of the five traits is a spectrum and individuals are ranked somewhere between the two extremes. 

Defining Openness to Experience 

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The big five personalities propose five distinct traits that make up a personality and openness is one of them. People who are curious and adventurous are known as open personalities. They like experimenting and trying new things. The degree of openness is also connected to the way a person processes information. 


Sub traits of openness 

The five personality traits have six further independent sub traits. The openness domain comes with the following sub traits: 

  • Artistic interests 
  • Intellect 
  • Emotional 
  • Liberal 
  • Imagination 
  • Adventurous 


Personality Traits of an Open Person 

Openness Personalities
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Open people are not afraid of going beyond their comfort zone because they like new things. They look for things that are unfamiliar and unknown to them. Traveling to new places, embracing different cultures, and indulging in unfamiliar activities. 


Out-of-the-box thinking 

The imagination of a person can take them to so many exciting places. Imaginative people are creative and can think out of the box. People open to exploration always use fantasies to add more color and excitement to their life. 

They do not get limited by the facts and figures and believe that there are multiple dimensions to things and these layers must be explored. 


Emotional state 

Emotionality is not the sub-trait that is inherited. To have control over one’s emotions, it’s essential to practice and meditate. Practicing is effective in providing a sense of stable emotional state which helps uplift the character and other traits of a person. 

The emotional balance of a person comprises psychological and behavioral aspects. Feelings, thoughts, and actions of other people have an impact on the emotionality of open personalities. 

High emotionality gives people awareness of their thought processes and feelings and ensures that they can maintain a healthy balance. 

Control over one’s emotions gets rid of negativity and makes a person calm and resilient. Open people are better equipped to handle stressful situations as compared to people that score low in openness. 


The intrinsic artistic interest reflects a person’s creative and unique ability. Open people are highly creative and they like to pay attention to details and prefer to do everything perfectly. They are intuitive along with being imaginative. They can identify the artistic aspect of things and situations. Open people have a lot of attachment to nature. 


Risk takers 

Considering adventurousness is essential to get an accurate reading of an open personality, individuals interested in adventure have unique thinking and a versatile approach to life. They always prefer exhilarating experiences. They do not fear stepping into the unknown. They get bored of routines and tight schedules.

The intellect of a person refers to a person’s ability to understand unique concepts. Individuals with high intellect enjoy solving puzzles, brainteasers, and riddles. It shows one’s ability to reason especially in abstract situations. They prefer handling tasks that have intellectual content. 


Expressing opinions 

Open people do not give much importance to rules and often think they are above them. They follow their will and nothing else is as important to them as their opinion. 

They can easily put their feelings and emotions into words. They need to share their opinions with others. 


Accepting and flexible 

Being open is essential for forming successful relationships. An open person is flexible and willing to accept that their opinion can be wrong. They are also able to tolerate differences of opinion and will always listen to others patiently. 

They like experiencing new cultures, ideas, and belief systems. The trait is also reflected in parenting styles. Open personalities do not put too much emphasis on enforcing their authority and strict rules. They encourage children to share their opinions and express their emotions. 

The open nature makes it easier to enjoy sensory experiences like beautiful places, art, music, etc. They are amazed by unique and new things and are pretty curious.

Suitable Career Options 

Being open to experience is a crucial trait in good employees. Open people can adjust easily and contribute well to the workplace. A flexible attitude and critical thinking are required in all kinds of jobs. Open people do well in artistic jobs, advertising, and research. 

An open attitude is crucial for leadership roles. Leaders with high openness scores are curious, accepting, and imaginative. They make great leaders because they can quickly absorb information.

Finding out the dominance of the trait can assist in selecting the best career. Our website has reliable personality tests that offer accurate results. You can take the test to find how open your personality is and then decide which jobs are most suitable for you. 


How to Become More Open

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The trait of being open is not just inherent, the surroundings of a person also have an impact on their level. 

Here are some useful approaches, behaviors, and outlooks to become more open. 

  • Find time for a variety of cultural activities such as exhibitions, concerts, shows, etc. It expands one’s mind and makes one more tolerant of unfamiliar things. 
  • Experiment with different things. Try new hobbies and you will find that they will nurture your brain and contribute to its growth. 
  • Stepping out of one’s comfort zone requires a lot of confidence, so you should work on building your confidence. Start taking small risks and the success in these risks will act as confidence boosters. 
  • Physical and mental health are interconnected. To keep the mind strong and resilient, it’s essential to work on establishing mental strength. Exercising and staying active help become more positive and open. 
  • Adopt the outlook of first-time visitors or children. Such an attitude enhances humility and trains the brain to appreciate everything in a better way. 


Open people are not rigid in their beliefs and attitude. They find it easy to accept versatile thinking and new ideas and it makes it easier for them to adapt to different situations. Companies prefer to hire people with an open attitude as they can easily fit into the company culture. They do not shy away from experimenting and trying out new ideas. Open people tend to live unconventional lives and do not feel the need to work on fulfilling social expectations.

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