Microsoft Interview Questions


Microsoft is among the most valuable companies in the United States with over 144,000 employees. Microsoft is a tech giant and stands in league with companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon.


The number of applications submitted at Microsoft amounts to 2 million each year. The hiring process at this tech giant is sophisticated. It’s important to get a know-how of commonly asked Microsoft interview questions to prepare well.

This article gives an insight into the hiring process at Microsoft and lists down a few questions asked during the interview and tips on how to answer.

At the end of this article, there is a free Microsoft mock interview, questions from real Microsoft interviews, and feedback from artificial intelligence about your interview skills and personality.

Hiring Process at Microsoft

Microsoft Interview Tips
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The competition is high while seeking a job at Microsoft as it offers the most popular in-demand jobs across America. The hiring process is divided into various levels. The candidates are keenly observed and tested during these stages to succeed.

The detailed resume and skillset of candidates are analyzed closely. Then the suitable candidates are called in for an interview.

Normally, a series of four to seven interviews are conducted. If the candidate does not perform well in the first three interviews then they might not be called for the next one.

The interview comprises several technical and behavioral questions. Candidates with a growth mindset are preferred over others. The interviews look for qualities like confidence level and ability to adapt to changes.

The way you answer the questions during an interview says a lot about what kind of person you are. Numerous online services are available where you can practice for an interview and receive immediate feedback on how well you have performed. One such example is Interview School.


Commonly Asked Microsoft Interview Questions and Answers

Microsoft Mock Questions
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The questions asked during an interview at Microsoft can be tricky and difficult. You must be well-prepared to handle such a situation. Your knowledge of computer science and programming will be tested comprehensively in your session with the hiring manager.

Tip: The interviewers also asked questions that are completely out of context to test your pressure handling and intelligence.

Seven tricky questions frequently asked during a Microsoft interview are mentioned below along with answers.

Why do you prefer Microsoft instead of Google?

This question indirectly means why you want to join Microsoft. The purpose of asking it in this manner is to check your insight on the industry knowledge of the candidate. In response to this question, your passion for becoming a part of Microsoft is measured.

Tip: You must explain with reasons why Microsoft is a preferred option in comparison to Google.

Microsoft offers more opportunities and projects compared to Google. You must mention how passionate you are about learning cloud-based technologies and Azure.

The business model of Microsoft is more sophisticated than Google’s. The earnings of Google come mostly from advertising. Whereas Microsoft sells its software products to the customers and gives them an enhanced user experience.


Microsoft interview questions: Define a database to a young child

In response to this question, you must not recite a definition you memorized from a book. You must explain it via an illustration and give the below-mentioned answer.

The database is similar to a crayon box that comprises various colors. If the computers require any color it goes to the box and extracts the desired color. For example, if the computer needs a yellow color, it will go into the databases (crayon box) and take out the yellow crayon.

How do we ascertain that the cards deck is shuffled well?

You must answer this question in a below-mentioned manner.

Tip: This question is asked to analyze the logical reasoning abilities of the candidate.

Initially, you have to determine the method to measure the shuffled deck. If it’s mixed well, the probability of all orderings is equal. Calculate the displacement between a new distribution and the initial uniform distribution. This is done by calculating the total variation distance via probability theory.


Microsoft interview questions: How will you design a GPS tracker for teenagers?

Microsoft Practice Questions
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This question tests your product design abilities keeping the target customer and main client in mind.

The GPS designed for teenagers must support smart parental control features such as how far a teenager can drive in addition to their driving hours. In this manner, the parents will be in control.


How will you explain the cloud to a layman?

A cloud is a bunch of data servers and networks. In the past, data was stored on locally placed physical servers. Now the cloud allows the storage of data that can be accessed remotely.


How do you design an alarm clock for the deaf?

The deaf cannot hear so to design an alarm clock for them, you must focus on triggering their other senses. The clock must get brighter near the alarm time to mimic the sun.

Your grandmother wants to know what the internet is, how will you explain it?

The next challenge put forward during the interview is to explain new technology to an elder person.

In the older days, telephones were used for communication. You had to telephone an operator and that operator connected you to the desired person.

Tip: The internet is similar to an operator and connects computers located at different locations.

This mode of communication allows you to share sounds, documents, videos, pictures, and other media files.



Getting hired at Microsoft is like a dream come true for most professionals. The interview process at this tech giant is quite challenging. You must conduct detailed research on Microsoft interview questions and answers and prepare them well for increased chances of getting hired.

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