Personality Type Test Guide and AI-powered Practice

Personality type test

Your ultimate guide to ace your Personality Type Test. Also, you can take a free personality test to get detailed insights about your personality, the test uses the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence.


What is a personality type test?

Personality tests have become an integral part of the hiring process and building the highest quality teams. These tests tell the recruiters about personality traits, work preferences, and motivations of individuals for specific job positions. It helps in ensuring that the potential candidate is an excellent fit for the job.

In today’s competitive world it is essential to make the best-suited career and educational decisions. The personality type test is effective in filtering potential employees.


Types of personality tests

There are two main types of personality tests

  • Self-report inventories
  • Projective tests


What does a personality type test offer?

The popularity of personality tests is increasing because they have proved to be highly effective in increasing the efficiency of the hiring process. They offer valuable insight into dominant personality traits and how they can impact workplace behavior.  Here are a few benefits of these tests.


Understanding candidates

Employers can use objective personality assessments to identify the required traits of potential candidates. It helps in filtering candidates for a specific position. If an organization is looking to hire an analyst then they would look for personality traits such as perseverance, curiosity, excellent communication skills, quick thinking, and empathy. The personality type test allows recruiters to make the recruitment process smooth.


Fast recruitment process

Hiring people is a time-consuming process and a personality type test can help in increasing the speed of the process. It assists in filtering the right candidates, saving the trouble of sitting through unwanted interviews.


Eliminating bias

The personality tests can result in a significant decrease in unconscious bias while hiring new people. The scores of the test allow recruiters to make a fair decision. The test highlights the skill set of the candidates and recruiters can identify candidates that are a perfect match for the job requirements.


Spotting Dark personality traits

Employers can use the personality type test to detect personality traits that make candidates unsuitable for an organization such as insensitivity, opportunist, impulsiveness, and self-obsession, and temperamental. Knowing the dark personality traits is essential for hiring the right people and comes pretty handy while recruiting for high-risk jobs.



Personality type tests are easy to administer and are cost-effective. A reliable test provides valuable information in just a matter of hours. These tests reduce the possibility of hiring the wrong people and increase the productivity of the organization. 


Gaining insight into candidate’s potential

Personalities tests help choose future roles because they highlight potential personality traits. Individuals showing high levels of critical thinking or stress managing or presence of mind are most likely to do well in a strategic leadership position. The assessment helps gauge employee agility and make sure their potential is recognized and properly utilized.


Disadvantages of personality type tests

There are so many personality tests available in the market that it becomes challenging to identify which ones are reliable. A lot of tests available online are invalid and it can pose a lot of challenges.

Here are some cons presented by personality tests


Misleading results

Taking an imperfect personality type test can do more harm than good because misleading results can lead to making wrong decisions. Unreliable results can become a hurdle in employee’s hiring decisions and end up selecting people that are not the right fit for the job.


Job-specific customization

Different jobs require different personality traits. If the personality test is not flexible then it is not going to produce accurate results.


Quality of content

Not all the personality tests available have the best content. Sometimes the questions are not clear and they can lead to confusing answers. Unclear questions impact the reliability of the test scores. Before taking the test it is important to get help from experts and ensure that the content is of the highest quality.


Inaccurate responses

The results of a personality type test are often compromised because the candidates do not answer honestly. They respond in a way that is socially desirable instead of exhibiting true desires.

To get the best results, it is essential to ensure that the test you choose is valid and reliable. On our website, we offer the highest quality AI-assisted personality type tests.


Why take a personality test?

Personality tests are becoming an integral part of recruiting process because they help in revealing core aspects of human personality.

Here are a few reasons personality assessments are important

  • Including personality assessments during the screening process allows recruiters to identify personalities that can easily fit in the team and perform effectively.
  • Recruiters can use the personality assessment to identify candidates that can fit in the culture of the organization and the requirements of the position.
  • The personality assessments help employers identifying dark personality traits and ensure they do not hire people that become a hurdle in the company’s progress.
  • Personality type tests can assist in selecting the right candidates for promotions and leadership development.


Personality Type Test Conclusion

A personality type test is an effective tool for improving the recruitment process. But to take full benefit of the test, it is essential to ensure that you choose the one that is scientifically reliable and validated. We offer AI-assisted personality type tests that provide an accurate description of personality traits.