The Best Video Interview Tips

tips for video interview

Nothing beats practice when it comes to preparing for your next video interview. In this article, you can practice for video interviews unlimited times for free. Each time you will get personalized interview feedback from advanced artificial intelligence software. There are also practical video interview tips so read the tips and practice in the video mock interview and you will do great in your next interview.


The hiring process is evolving with time. Video interviews are becoming more common than ever during the current pandemic. Whether you are an experienced professional or a beginner, you can ace your next video interview with research and practice.

Tips for Video Interview

Video Interview Tips
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A few tips for acing your next video interview and qualifying for the next round of the hiring process are listed below. These interview tips will help you pass almost any job interview.


Video interview tips

Perform a technology test

You must conduct a technical trial run before the video interview. You must ensure that the equipment you’ll be using in the interview is working fine. Also check that your microphone, camera, and internet connection are working.

Make sure that your username or ID is professional and that you have the meeting software installed and set up on your laptop. Perform a trial interview with a friend or family member a few days beforehand so that you can fix issues if any.


Charge your device

You must keep your laptop, tablet, or mobile charged on the interview day. Pick a spot close to the WiFi router for a strong internet connection. If you are using a tablet, keep it steady during the video call. Avoid using a cell phone for video interviews.


Dress to impress

Dressing up for an interview is a confidence booster. So you must choose an appropriate dress for your video interview as well. Avoid wearing colors that are too bright or irritating to the eyes.

Wear neatly pressed clothes with calm color schemes. Consult a friend or family member by wearing the outfit on your trial so that you know how it looks over a video call.


Ensure that your interview is distraction-free

Virtual Interview Test
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The location for the video interview must be free of interruptions and distractions. Ask your roommates, or family members to stay out of the location for some time. Put a sign on your door for delivery persons to avoid ringing the doorbell.

The background must be free of any clutter or laundry piles. The color scheme of the backdrop must not be too bright as it can be distracting for the interviewer. Adjust the light in a way that you appear bright but avoid glaring lights. Your face must be illuminated and visible. Prefer using natural light over artificial ones.

You must turn off email, social media, or text alerts during the interview. Also, turn off software updates or other notifications that might appear on the screen. Close unnecessary tabs and focus on the interview only. You must set a silent profile on your phone during the interview.

Be ready on time

Turn on your device and log in 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled interview time. Being well-prepared helps you stay calm and composed during the interview. Keep your hand-printed resume, job description details, and other important notes about the company nearby so that you can consult them if needed.

You must prepare answers for the most commonly asked interview questions such as:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Why do you want to work for our company?
  • Why do you want to leave your current job?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is your expected salary range?

Maintain eye contact with your interviewer

You must maintain good eye contact with the recruiter during the interview. Look directly into the camera instead of looking at staring at the screen or anywhere else.


Maintain  a good posture

Sit with a straight back and arms resting in your lap. You must prefer sitting on a desk or work table during the interview to maintain a good posture.


Project and pause

Virtual Interview Practice
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You must project your voice according to the answers during the interview. Take necessary pauses during the conversation. Cross-check your volume controls before the interview and ensure that the microphone is picking up your voice.

Keep in mind that digital connections can experience delays sometimes, so wait for the interviewer to finish speaking before answering their questions after a pause of a few seconds. Your answers must be well thought out and your voice must be loud enough to be heard clearly.

Share your appreciation before closing the interview

After the interviewer is done with all the questions, you must thank them for the opportunity. Also, send a written follow-up note within a day after the interview. On that note, you can express your interest in joining the job post and how you can be a great resource for the company.

The email must be personalized according to what you discussed in the interview to cast a positive impact on the hiring team.


A video interview must be well-prepared with as much hard work and interest as an office interview. You must ensure that your internet and devices are working correctly on time.  Make sure that the interview is completed without any distractions or interruptions and that the interviewer can listen to your answers. In addition to those, a few other tips can help you perform well during your video interview. For more details, here is a detailed guide to ace your next video interview.

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