Myers Briggs Personality Test Free Result by Artificial Intelligence

Myers Briggs Personality Test Free

In this post, you can take a free online test to get deep insights about your personality. The test uses artificial intelligence to give you accurate results.

The MBTI or Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is a test that identifies an individual’s preferences, strengths and their dominant traits. It is a self-report inventory in which the candidate is given a questionnaire that was developed by Katherine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Myers and it was based on their work with personality type’s theory of Carl Jung.


Development of Myers Briggs Personality Test (MBTI)

Carl Jung’s theory about psychological theory fascinated Myers and Briggs. They recognized that these theories can have applications in the real world. They started researching and developing indicators that can be used to understand the differences of individuals.

The first version of the test was created in the 1940s. Myers and Briggs started giving the assessments to family and friends. They kept on improving the test and continued to develop it over the next two decades.


What is the Myers Briggs Personality Test (MBTI) ?

People are identified as one of the sixteen personalities based on their answers to the questions. The purpose of the test is to give respondents a chance to understand their personality traits along with their weaknesses, strengths, possible career preferences, compatibility, dislikes, and likes.

No personality type is better than the other. Each personality type has different traits. The tool is not designed to focus on weaknesses rather it offers a better understanding of one’s personality and making the best decisions.

The questionnaire is based on four different scales and these scales are:


Extraversion (E) – Introversion (I)

The dichotomy of extraversion and introversion was first explored By Jung in the personality type theories. It was used to describe the way people will respond and interact with the world. People are often familiar with these terms but MBTI uses them in a slightly different manner.

Extraverts are defined as action-oriented, energized, and enjoy frequent social interaction. Introverts are the opposite as they tend to be more thought-provoking, in favor of spending time alone and they enjoy meaningful social interactions.

People exhibit both introversion and extraversion but always tend to have a preference for one or the other.


Sensing (S)-Intuition (N)

The scale looks at the way people gather information from their surroundings. According to MBTI people are either dominant at sensing or intuition depending on the situation. People who are good at sensing focus on reality and what they can learn from others. They are interested in facts and hands-on experience.

People who prefer intuition pay more attention to impressions and patterns. They are interested in the future, abstract theories, and possibilities.


Thinking (T)-Feeling (F)

It focuses on how people decide things depending on the information they gathered from their intuition or sensing. People that are inclined towards thinking put emphasis on objective data and facts. They are logical, impersonal, and consistent while making a decision.

Individuals that prefer feelings prioritize emotions and people while making decisions.


Judging (J)-Perceiving (P)

 The last scale is about how people handle the outside world.

People who lean towards judging prefer firm decisions and a strong structure. Individuals in which perceiving is dominant are flexible, adaptable, and open.

The scales assist in describing an individual’s dominant traits and how they perceive new information and make decisions.


Personality Types defined by Myers Briggs Personality Test -MBTI

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test offers valuable insight into one’s personality. All types are valuable. Recognizing one’s strengths and weaknesses is vital to lead a happy and successful life.

There are sixteen types of personalities that are listed by a four-letter code. These types are as following

  • ISTJ- The Inspector
  • ISFJ- The Protector
  • ISTP- The Crafter
  • INFJ-The Advocate
  • ISFP-The Artist
  • INTJ-The Architect
  • INFP-The Mediator
  • ESTP-The Persuader
  • INTP-The Thinker
  • ESFP- The Performer
  • ESTJ- The Director
  • ENFP-The Champion
  • ESFJ-The Caregiver
  • ENFJ-The Giver
  • ENTJ-The Commander
  • ENTP-The Debater


Find out suitable careers for each personality type


Benefits of MBTI

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test is one of the most respected and common tests for assessing personality. The test has a lot of benefits to offer for example

  • Establishing a targeted plan for the development of career
  • Resolving and avoiding conflicts
  • Creating and maintaining cohesive relationships
  • Promoting unique strengths
  • Understanding your personality and be more self-aware
  • Identifying and developing plans
  • Creating a plan for personal development
  • Improving communication skills
  • Enhancing emotional intelligence
  • Choosing a perfect career


How does Myers Briggs personality test help in the Workplace?

Every organization wants to hire people that are valuable and can contribute to their growth and success. It is essential to understand that MBTI is not a selection tool but a tool for development. Employers can use MBTI to identify the weaknesses and strengths of potential employees. The test also allows them to offer employees a chance of growth.

Taking the test during recruitment allows interviewees to identify candidates that possess the qualities they are looking for. It increases the efficiency of the hiring process.


Difference between MBTI and other tests

MBTI is unique, like other tests. First of all, it does not completely qualify as a test because there is no right or wrong answer. It does not evaluate an individual’s mental health or offer any diagnosis. Unlike other psychological tests, the results of MBTI are not compared against any scale or norms. The results simply offer information that helps in understanding one’s unique personality.


Validity and reliability of Myers Briggs Personality Test


The MBTI test is a common choice for evaluating personality because it meets the validity and reliability standards. But humans are complex beings and it is not possible to fully decipher their personality traits. In 1992 The Committee released a book on Techniques for the Enhancement of Human Performance and National Council and it suggested that there is no well-designed research to justify using MBTI in career counseling programs.


Free Personality test using Artificial Intelligence

The latest version of MBTI

The Myers-Briggs Personality test is easy to administer and that is one of the reasons it is a popular psychological instrument. There are different versions of MBTI available on the internet.

An MBTI test must be administered by a qualified and trained practitioner. The tests also include a follow-up of the results. Nowadays it is possible to administer the questionnaire online through CPP, instrument publisher, Inc. After the test you receive a professional interpretation of the results.

The MBTI test is offered on our website. We use AI to interpret the results of the online personality test so the follow-up is quick, reliable, and efficient.


Final thoughts

The Myers-Briggs test was developed for development purposes. It helps in identifying an individual’s personality traits which can assist in making the best personal and professional decisions.