MBTI Personalities and Zodiac Signs

MBTI Personalities

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The four cognitive functions which were developed by Myers and Briggs to give 16 personality types were first identified by Carl Jung who was interested in typology as well as astrology. He considered astrology the science of antiquity and believed that it can offer valuable insights regarding different types of personalities.  

The personality type assessments are scientifically proven but it’s not possible to scientifically prove astrology. Different zodiac signs are associated with different characteristics. Characteristics assigned to the 12 zodiac signs can be seen in the 16 personality types defined by MBTI. 

MBTI Personality Type and Zodiac Signs

Here’s a guide comparing zodiac signs with personality types to see which matches the best. If you’re unaware of your personality type, you can take the AI-assisted MBTI test available on our website. The personality test offers help in identifying which personality type matches which astrological signs.  


Personalities That Sync With Pisces 

Compatible with Pisces
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INFP and Pisces

If INFPs were to be considered a zodiac sign they would be Pisces. The dominant characteristics of Pisces are sensitivity, compassion, and intuitiveness. They have a dominant artistic side and are known to be mysterious. Pisces, just like INFP, have a mysterious nature. They share several qualities making them a perfect fit for the INFP personality.  

Creativity and imagination are a specialty of people with these traits. It makes it easier for them to stay connected to their emotions and cope with other people’s feelings as well. They love the fantastical world and can often get lost in their thoughts and ignore reality. The Pisces zodiac sign is a perfect match for INFP. 


ENFP and Pisces 

Another personality that’s a great match for Pisces is the ENFP. There are many common qualities between this star sign and this personality. Their dominant traits also include being imaginative, sensitive, and creative. They’re great in social gatherings and being among people brings out their creativity.

They’re not big fans of small talk and prefer having deep and meaningful conversations. The ability to communicate effortlessly makes ENFPs an ideal match for Pisces. Identifying and exploring a variety of ideas matches well with Pisces’ characteristics.  


Cancer and INFJ 

The type of personality that fits perfectly with the traits of Cancer is INFJ. Cancer personalities are highly sensitive like the crab that represents them. They have an intuitive nature and like staying within their protective shell. It’s a safe place for them as it makes them feel emotionally protected.   

INFJs, like Cancer, possess a strong sense of loyalty. They’re protective of the people they love and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their comfort and safety. INFJs, similar to Cancer, are good at reading people and understanding their nature. The sign and personality share traits of being private and moody. 


Leo: An ideal ENFJ 

MBTI matches
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ENFJ fits perfectly with the characteristics assigned to Leo. ENFJs have an outgoing nature and they love being in the spotlight. They don’t lack confidence and are willing to use every opportunity that comes their way to make the world better. Leo, like ENFJ, has a reputation for being brave and strong. They have warm and generous hearts and they’re interested in making people smile.  

They’re also interested in deep and thoughtful conversations that allow them to learn something new. Listening is one of their dominant traits. They will always make time to listen to others and console and make them feel comfortable. Leo and ENFJ share the trait of being charismatic and charming. They like using humor and wit to make others happy and get their attention.  


Compatibility With Aquarius 

INTP and Aquarius

The perfect zodiac sign that matches perfectly with Aquarius is INTP. The common traits that are shared by them are independence, analytical skills, and intelligence. They have a logical perspective of things and can stay focused on finding the solution to their problems.   

Their independence is highly valuable to them. They prefer to explore the world on their terms rather than following someone’s directions. The love for independence is their defining characteristic. Exploring new concepts and adventures gives them energy and motivation to do their best in life.  


Aquarius: Ideal Match for ISTP 

Assigning a zodiac sign to ISTP personality is not an easy task. It’s mainly because of the unpredictable nature of this MBTI personality. They don’t have any set rules and prefer to live in the moment. They have their terms for dealing with situations.  

ISTP is another personality that syncs with Aquarius and makes these a perfect pairing. The sign is known for being rebellious and independent. The common traits related to the zodiac sign are being inventive and progressive. These qualities are present in ISTP personalities as well.  

Both Aquarians and ISTP are analytical and logical thinkers.  

Although ISTPs are not huge humanitarians or eccentric people, they do share a lot of traits with Aquarius making them a great match. 

Sagittarius and ENTP 

ENTP personalities have vast reservoirs of energy and this makes them a perfect fit for the characteristics attached to Sagittarius. Sagittarians love having fun and adventure as it gives them the perfect opportunity to have unique experiences. These traits are associated with ENTP.  

People possessing these qualities enjoy learning interesting things and finding creative solutions to their problems. ENTP people are constantly moving and don’t like to stay stuck in one place. ENTPs’ curiosity makes them a great fit for the Sagittarius zodiac sign.  


Suitable With Scorpio 

INTJ and Scorpio

INTJ are introverts and are often misunderstood as dull and indifferent. They’re considered the same as Scorpions because of their shy and introverted nature.  

Scorpions are known for their independent and intuitive nature. They’re honest people who are not afraid to speak up. They like sharing their opinions as speaking their minds gives them satisfaction. They have polished analytical skills, making it easier to handle complex problems with grace and dignity.  

INTJ and Scorpions are mysterious personalities. They’re smart and can be stunning at times. These qualities make it pretty clear why INTJs are considered synonymous with Scorpio.


Scorpio and ENTJ 

Scorpio’s personality characteristics also go well with ENTJ. The sign has an affinity for power and ambition. These qualities are also found in ENTJs. They have an intense drive to succeed in life by being sure of what they want.  

Intellect is one of their most dominant traits. They have all the essential ingredients of an effective and successful leader. They’re rarely doubtful of the decisions they make and are willing to make the tough calls as well. Scorpions and ENTJs also share a passion and mysterious nature. The dedication is inspirational. ENTJ and Scorpions never do anything halfheartedly.  

Virgos and ISFJ 

The zodiac sign that does the best job of defining an ISFJ personality is Virgo. The common characteristic associated with ISFJ is practicality. They have an unwavering focus that allows them to be successful in whatever they do.    

ISFJ is proud of the work they do and the effort they put into every task. They’re known to be perfectionists as they constantly strive for excellence. They’re kind and patient individuals who are deeply concerned with the well-being of the individuals around them. Loyalty and trust are highly valuable to them. The characteristics of ISFJ personality are widely associated with Virgo.


Libra Is a Perfect ESFJ

ESFJ personality is represented perfectly by the zodiac sign Libra. Astrologers say that people belonging to the Libra sign are social butterflies and cooperative. They have a balanced personality. Their communication skills are great and allow them to connect emotionally with other people. These traits are also associated with the ESFJ personality.  

Being around people gives them happiness and energy. They love establishing relationships and assisting people in need. They’re easy-going and people pleasers. Another trait shared by Libra and ESFJs is the sense of justice. They always want things to be fair.  


Suitable With Capricorn

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Capricorn and ISTJ 

The zodiac sign that matches perfectly with the ISTJ personality is Capricorn. Their personality is defined by loyalty and responsibility. According to astrologers, people belonging to the Capricorn sign are organized, dutiful, and extremely patient. These traits are the core of their personality and make them a perfect fit.  

ISTJ has a practical mindset and prefers to be realistic. They’re dependable and don’t abandon people during difficult times. All these personality characteristics are common among Capricorn and the MBTI personality ISTJ. 


Capricorn and ESTJ 

The zodiac sign that represents ESTJ in the best light is Capricorn. People with an ESTJ personality have an iron will. They’re driven people who don’t rest until they have achieved their goals.  

ESTJ personalities like to keep things organized and have a proper schedule. They like to set rules and regulations for whatever they do, making it easier for them to achieve success. This dominant character of ESTJ is shared by Capricorn.  

Capricorns, like ESTJ, are trustworthy and ambitious. They work hard to get the desired results and they have high ambitions and aren’t afraid to take on leadership roles. They have a staunch belief in their abilities which gives them confidence to take a chance and make hard decisions.  


Taurus and ISFP 

The characteristics of ISFP and Taurus are an excellent match. The common traits associated with ISFP personality are loyalty, independence, and practicality. They have a free spirit but their feet are firmly on the ground.  

ISFP like Taurus are not big fans of socialization and like to spend quality alone time. Following other people’s philosophy of life is not easy for them. They would rather find their own way. Nature and their materialistic surrounding are important to their happiness. ISFP, like a true Taurean, has a sensual personality and like enjoying the luxuries of life. 

Gemini and ESFP 

Gemini and ESFP are brilliant matches as they share many characteristics. Their curious mind is always looking to explore something new and intriguing. They’re intellectual people with highly active minds that are constantly in search of new and exciting experiences.  

Meeting different people is their way of satisfying their curiosity and being adventurous. It paves the way to explore the environment and be inspired to do great things. They’re also known for having entertaining and expressive personalities. They don’t like hiding their feelings and opinions and prefer to be straightforward.  

They’re born to be the life of the party and be the center of attention. Instead of running away from the limelight, they embrace it. They find a lot of pleasure in making other people smile. Entertaining with interesting stories and breaking the ice with jokes is in their nature.


Aries and ESTP 

The zodiac sign that has common personality traits with ESTP personality is Aries. Both are known for their ambitious and outgoing nature. Their energy is unmatched and they do everything with a lot of enthusiasm. Like ESTP, Aries is always willing to indulge in any adventure that comes their way. They understand that to achieve their ambitions they need to take risks.  

ESTP and Aries have a natural knack for solving problems and getting results. Another quality Aries share with ESTPs is being impulsive.  


Final Thoughts 

For every MBTI personality, there’s a zodiac sign with the same type of personality. Taking a look at the characteristics associated with different personalities and zodiac signs helps in understanding different pairings and why they work.   

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