How to create a LinkedIn Profile ? 7 Expert Tips with Sample Profiles

how to create a linkedin profile

LinkedIn profiles of some of the most successful people in different fields with tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. You can also practice free mock interviews for free and get feedback from artificial intelligence about your skills and personality.


LinkedIn is the biggest business-oriented networking website that is designed specifically for professionals. A professional and impressive LinkedIn profile helps in establishing a professional online brand and opens countless doors of networks and opportunities.

Employers and recruiters use LinkedIn to search for good candidates. The platform also allows companies to showcase credibility by highlighting their achievements in the industry.

A LinkedIn profile is often a requirement of almost all job applications so it is essential for successful career. Make sure you have a good LinkedIn profile when applying for jobs.


Tips on how to create a LinkedIn profile


Choose a good photo:

Showing your face is important for getting a job because potential employers want to see who they are working with. A LinkedIn profile with a good photo is more likely to get more views than photo less profiles.

It is important to remember that the profile is your professional brand. Avoid using selfies or cropped photos as profile picture. A professional headshot is helpful in getting attention of the recruiters. To get a professional photo you do not need to get proper headshots.

Wear appropriate and professional clothes and get decent pictures in which the face is clearly visible. The clothes should comply with culture of target industry or company.


Use interesting headline:

The headline is important as it is your Job title and company. Customize the headline so it makes your unique skills. The headline should be trustworthy and approachable. To check out what a good headline looks like you should check out profile of Katie Clancy.


Work on summary

The next step is to fill up the “About” section. Avoid filling it with just work experience as it will be boring and repetitive. It gives you an opportunity to express your interests and passions and showcase your personality. Make sure you mention your interests, career goals and motivations.

If you have little work experience then it is necessary to fill up this section. Write it in short paragraphs instead of one long one because it improves readability of the summary.


Add comprehensive and organized experience section:

Highlighting work experience is a crucial part of a LinkedIn profile. The work experience section needs to be properly organized. Use short paragraphs and bullet points to improve aesthetic appeal of the content.

The work history is supposed to highlight your accomplishments and successes. Using statistics to establish credibility is a smart idea. It will offer some context to the readers as well like a teacher can add that in their experience they also taught kids with special needs.


Highlight unique skills

To get attention of potential employers you should work on optimizing the LinkedIn profile. The best way to optimize is adding some personal information. Fill skills and volunteer section as it gives you a chance to brag about all the cool jobs you have done. Volunteer experience is excellent for adding professional strength to the profile.


Ask for LinkedIn recommendations

To showcase your true professional value make sure that you get recommendations from other professionals. Recommendations from other professionals add credibility to your profile. Best LinkedIn profiles have several recommendations that put your specific skills in the best light.

When you get recommendations from a professional ask them to be specific for example a good recommendation the supervisor can give should start like,” The (candidate’s name) was in charge of an incentive program that increased the sales 10% within six months.” The statement complements the candidate while sharing facts.


Be accessible

Make sure the contact information is properly filled. Give an active email account and include link to your portfolio or a blog. You do not need to add the address as it is not essential. Adding social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter to showcase your personality.


5 best examples of LinkedIn profiles

Katie Clancy:

She has an excellent headline. Her descriptive summary includes rich media. Her profile has links with images of gorgeous houses and beaches. The images fit nicely with description of real estate industry and Cape Cod.


Gijo Mathew:

His profile has a professional headshot and he made his profile stand out by adding a banner photo. He has created a compelling profile with 45 recommendations from professionals belonging to different industries.


Rohit Bhargava:

He has a long list of skills and extensive knowledge of the industry. The long list of work experience showcases the depth of knowledge. He has taken story-time approach to share job description which showcases his skill set as he is a bestselling author.


James Alan Hatch:

The list of projects on his profile is a clear demonstration of his expertise and passion. He is a coding expert and even his hobbies are related to coding.


How to Create a LinkedIn Profile Conclusion

Optimizing the LinkedIn profile will put you on a fast track of getting serious job interviews. Once you start getting interview calls, it is time to prepare for one-on-one conversation. Make sure that you prepare for the interview questions. You can practice interview questions by using a service known as Interview School.