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What Is an Aptitude Test?

An aptitude assessment allows employers to assess the abilities of a candidate by using a variety of testing formats. The assessment tests the candidate’s ability to perform tasks and react to work situations. It can check problem-solving abilities, numerical skills, prioritization, etc.

The tests are psychometric and multiple choice and there is only one correct answer. Your score is compared against other candidates taking the same test. You can practice by taking advantage of an aptitude test online for free.

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Types of Tests

Aptitude Assessment
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There are different types of aptitude tests for organizations to choose from to test potential candidates. Here are some of the different types:


Diagrammatic reasoning aptitude test

It is effective in testing logical reasoning abilities with the help of flowcharts and diagrams.


Numerical reasoning aptitude assessment

It tests mathematical abilities via averages, percentages, etc.


Verbal reasoning aptitude assessment

The assessment checks the candidate’s ability to assess verbal logic.


Inductive reasoning aptitude test

The test helps test one’s ability to identify patterns and analyze data in a pressurized environment.


Situational judgment aptitude test

It is designed for testing problem-solving abilities.

Logical reasoning

The aptitude assessment tests the ability to identify patterns, sequences, and relationships between imagery and shapes.

Abstract reasoning

These tests are just like IQ tests and they assess candidates’ general knowledge and their ability to use it in different situations.


How to Prepare for Aptitude Assessments

Aptitude Test
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To check the aptitude, the test is usually done through an online platform. But that is not always the case because some organizations invite candidates into the office to take the test. Every company has a different recruitment process so it is essential to be prepared by investing in aptitude test practice.

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Common questions

The questions of the aptitude test depend on the type of job the candidate is applying for. The interviewer may ask the interviewee to identify missing numbers, images, or a shape. The questions may include a written scenario and answer questions related to it. The verbal tests have a specific format where the questions can be answered with ‘true’, ‘false’, and ‘can’t say’.

The questions of each type are designed to test the candidate’s ability to process the information and make decisions. You can use an aptitude test example to get familiar with questions of different types of tests.


Aptitude test tips

Aptitude test practice is an excellent way of getting familiar with questions and performing well.

You can always ask the recruitment consultant or the company you are interviewing for about the type of questions you should expect. You can find a relevant aptitude test example online and practice.

There is no way to be certain about the questions you may get during the test but practicing allows you to prepare for potential questions you may get during the test.

Here are some key preparations tips to remember:

  • Practice
  • Know the test type
  • Use online tests
  • Stay focused and alert
  • Get feedback
  • No distractions
  • Follow instructions

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Benefits of Taking an Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test Practice
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Hiring managers can use aptitude assessments to check the suitability of the candidate for the job opening. The tests are a tool to see how potential employees deal with the challenges of the job they are applying for.

Taking aptitude tests is effective in measuring one’s level of expertise and performing best in these tests. Here are some benefits they offer:


Staying informed

Taking practice tests helps stay informed about the aptitude results. Understanding weaknesses and strengths allow you to score well for job interviews.


Determining expertise level

The test allows you to determine the level of expertise and share it with the hiring manager.


Making improvements

One of the biggest benefits of the assessments is identifying areas that need improvements.

Guiding training decisions

Knowing the results of the test lets you know which training course is best suited for you.

Advancing the career

Taking an aptitude test lets you know whether you are properly valued in your industry or not. If you have improved your skills expertise and level of competence then it is time to move ahead and advance your career



An aptitude assessment allows organizations to identify the right talent for the company. Practicing using well-designed and effective tests allows candidates to show the recruiters they are best suited for the job and advance professionally.

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