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How to prepare for an interview

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Job interviews are tough and nerve-wracking. If you have an interview in your schedule then it is essential to be mentally and physically prepared. There are some steps you can take before and after the interview that will ensure leaving a lasting impression on the potential employer.

How to Prepare for an Interview

If you want to do well in job interviews and secure a job then it is essential to take time to prepare for it. According to a study from JDP, applicants spend about seven hours researching the company they are interviewing for, before the interview. About 64% of the candidates also make time to know about the interviewer. 70% of the interviewees practice their responses out loud as it gives them confidence. 62% prepare anecdotes they can share with the interviewers.

Here are some interview preparation tips that will allow you to perform impressively at an interview.


Analyzing the Job

Interview Preparation
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The first and crucial part of preparing for a job interview is analyzing the job posting in detail. Reviewing the job description allows you to what the employer is looking for in a candidate. When you are clear about what the employer wants, you can prepare accordingly.

Use the job posting to create a list of knowledge, skills, personal and professional qualities they want in their recruits. It will prove critical for the success of the interview.

Making a Match

Interview Preparation Tips
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After making a list of the qualifications mentioned in the job description, you must list the assets. The list allows you to match your assets with the job requirements.

The list of assets must include the following things:

  • Qualities
  • Skills
  • Knowledge bases
  • Certifications
  • Experiences
  • Professional qualifications
  • Computer skills

Listing them out during interview preparation will make sure that you remember them during the interview. It will also ensure that you are prepared if the interviewer asks to share a situation where you were able to demonstrate a particular ability or skill.

Practicing and preparation will make you ready for answering job-specific questions. Preparation also helps in answering behavioral questions in the best possible way.


Researching the Company

Questions for Practice Interview
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Before attending a job interview, it is essential to know the company you are hoping to become a part of. It is vital to the success of the interview. When you know about the company you can start a conversation with the interviewer and show them that you are interested in the job.

Getting information about the company is easy as everything is available on the company website. To get a sense of how the company compares to others in the industry by reading industry-related articles. Company reviews from clients are also an excellent source of information. Getting to know the company is a vital part of interview preparation.

How to prepare for an interview – practice interview questions

Practicing interview questions is vital for giving the right answers. Knowing you are well-prepared for the coming questions boosts confidence as you know you will not be scrambling for an answer.

While practicing, you must conduct the mock interview in the format of a real interview. If you are giving a phone interview then with the help of a friend you can practice giving one on the phone. If it is going to be a panel interview then you can ask your friends to be on the panel. It will allow you to become familiar with the environment.

If you are going to give a virtual interview then do a mock interview so you are comfortable using technology and ensure that everything runs smoothly during the real interview.

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