Top 11 Famous People with INTJ Persoanlity

INTJ Famous People

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This article not only lists the top 11 INTJ famous people but also provides you with interesting facts about these celebrities and their empowering quotes. 

Definition of an INTJ 

INTJ Personality
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

INTJ is the acronym used by the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) to describe introverted people who prefer to use their intuition, thinking, and judging preferences. These preferences are used by INTJs to receive information, make decisions, and interact with the outside world.  

Introverts tend to be quiet, serious, contemplative people who like solitude and spending time with a small group of friends. 

Although they have a reserved nature, INTJs are confident people who are determined to achieve their goals regardless of challenges. 


INTJ characteristics  

INTJs are highly intelligent people, and they are known for their innovative ideas.  

Dedicated to perfection, they pursue excellence in everything they do.   

The INTJ personality has diverse characteristics which seem at odds with each other, yet these traits don’t stop INTJs from living successful lives.  

They are cautious people who think before they leap out into the unknown, but they are not afraid to try something new. They are logical and analytical but also amazingly creative inventors. 

Every personality type has its weakness too. INTJs tend to focus on the big picture rather than people, and they value logic over emotion. So they can be viewed as cold, clinical, and arrogant.  

However, never misunderstand them. INTJs not only have their interests at heart, but they are always thinking about how to make the world a better place to live.  


Famous People and the INTJ Personality 

Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash

INTJs refuse to let anything or anyone stand in the way of their goals and dreams, so it’s no surprise that many famous people have this personality type.

As well as their personality strengths, famous INTJs use their cognitive preferences to help them maintain their incredible success.



The intuition preference is essential for famous INTJs. It helps them to receive information, discern people’s true motivations, and create a healthy life/work balance. 



INTJ famous people are often called upon to make important decisions about their careers.  

Their sharp logical brain helps them to make strategic decisions under pressure and avoid mistakes.  



Although INTJs are more adaptable than other thinking/ judging personalities, they like to be in control of a situation.  

Famous people work in highly volatile industries so by making careful judgments about situations and people, they can live the orderly life they desire. 


INTJ Famous People 

Famous INTJ People
Image by Iván Jesus Rojas from Pixabay

Thomas Jefferson, Former U.S. President 

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president of the United States, a Founding Father, an American statesman, and a diplomat. 

He is regarded as America’s apostle of liberty due to his powerful advocacy for democracy, liberty, and freedom, and he was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence.  

Jefferson was an architect and he designed his own home, atop an 867-foot-high mountain on his Monticello property, it took almost 40 years to complete. He also designed the rotunda at the University of Virginia. 

Besides his political achievements, Jefferson was an avid archaeologist, a wine expert, and an avid collector of French wine. 

He also popularized some of America’s most beloved foods, like mac ‘n’ cheese and French fries. 

INTJ characteristics 

Thomas Jefferson was an introvert and was described by his peers as being “eloquent as a correspondent, but no public speaker.” (The White House, Presidents, Thomas Jefferson). 

He was a passionate person but preferred to voice his ideals, beliefs, and values through his pen. After Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence, he worked hard to make its iconic words a reality. 

Jefferson was meticulous and pedantic about everything in his life. It is believed that he may have had an obsessive-compulsive disorder 

He spent 15 hours of the day with his books, 3 hours practicing his violin, and the remaining 6 hours eating and sleeping.  

His determination and diligence to create a new country where people can enjoy truth, justice, and liberty, has made America the great country it is today. 


“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

“Never put off till to-morrow what you can do to-day.”


Michelle Obama 

Michelle Obama was the first African-American  first lady in the United States from 2009–2017. And she is the wife of  Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States. 

Michelle used her influence to make a difference in the community. She helped to support military families, worked to end childhood obesity, and motivated young people to finish their education. 

She even planted a vegetable garden on the South Lawn of the White House in 2009. She wrote about it in her book American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America.  

Michelle wrote an autobiography called Becoming which was made into a documentary on Netflix. 

In 2020, she started The Michelle Obama Podcast, which is available on Spotify. 

INTJ characteristics 

A great example of an INTJ, Michelle Obama is a strong, intelligent, confident, and ambitious woman. She likes order and structure in her life and she is even called “Mom-in-chief,” at home.   

During her 8 years at the White House, Michelle’s integrity, charisma, powerful speech-making skills, and social justice achievements inspired people not only in America but all around the world. 

Michelle Obama’s popularity was also due to her willingness to reveal intimate details about her private life. 

In an unprecedented 2018 interview with Glamour magazine, she talked about herself and her family. While most celebrities prefer to remain tight-lipped about their personal lives, Michelle took a risk, and her vulnerability helped voters to connect to her and her husband Barak. 


“I have learned that as long as I hold fast to my beliefs and values – and follow my own moral compass – then the only expectations I need to live up to are my own.”

“Just try new things. Don’t be afraid. Step out of your comfort zones and soar, all right?”


C. S. Lewis, Author 

C.S. Lewis was a British novelist, author, and scholar. He is regarded as one of the most influential writers of his time. 

In 1950, Lewis published his most famous book, the children’s fantasy story The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. He also wrote six additional stories, which became The Chronicles of Narnia. Stories from this series have been turned into television shows and successful films. 

Over his writing career, Lewis has written about 40 books, which include The Screwtape Letters, Surprised by Joy, That Hideous Strength, The Problem of Pain, The Four Loves, and a Grief Observed, 

C.S. Lewis was friends with the legendary Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien, and they were members of the writers’ group the Inklings, which was a literary discussion group at Oxford University.  

INTJ characteristics 

C. S. Lewis was an introvert. As a child, he avoided party invitations as the noise of the children made him exhausted. 

During his maturing years, he preferred his books for company and liked spending time enjoying the peace of nature.  

His introversion helped him to focus on his writing and he loved learning about new subjects. 

His inventive mind and clever writing skills brought to life unique tales and characters. He also visualized fantasy landscapes in his mind to help him get to sleep.  

Despite the challenges in his life, especially his beloved wife’s death from cancer, C. S. Lewis remained dedicated to his writing and used it as a catharsis to release his grief.

His epic tales of bravery, love, loyalty, and friendship are still inspiring readers all over the world.  


“Feelings, feelings, and feelings. Let me try thinking instead.” (A Grief Observed)

“Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success.”


Jane Austen  

Jane Austen was an English novelist. She is one of the most famous 19th-century authors, and her novels are among the most widely read books in English literature.  

She is best known for her social commentaries on English life, and her realistic portrayal of the romantic lives of middle-class English people.

During her lifetime she published four novels, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, and Emma 

Persuasion and Northanger Abbey were published together posthumously after her death in 1817. 

Some of her novels have been turned into teleplays and films such as Emma, and Pride and Prejudice 

INTJ characteristics 

Jane Austen had a keen desire for knowledge and learning and possessed a natural writing gift from a young age. 

A strong-minded woman, Jane was passionate about her ideas, values, and beliefs. She was not afraid to use her writing to draw attention to the social issues of her time.  

Jane Austen was a smart strategist, and her novels were always well thought out and executed. Her writing showcased a clever use of multiple character points of view, a sharp wit … and subtle criticism of England’s economic class structure.” (CBC, Books, 2018,2019) 

If Jane Austen was alive today, she would dislike being a celebrity. While she spoke of fame and fortune, she preferred to stay in the comfort of her own home or the company of like-minded friends.  

A highly intuitive person, Jane’s novels testify to her clever understanding of human nature, which is revealed through her character’s insightful observations of their world. 


“It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.” Sense and Sensibility

“Laugh as much as you choose, but you will not laugh me out of my opinion.” Pride and Prejudice


Isaac Newton 

Isaac Newton was an English physicist, mathematician, and inventor, and a leading figure in the Scientific Revolution in the 17th century. He is famous for his contribution to science, in particular, the field of optics, mechanics, and mathematics. 

He invented reflecting lenses for telescopes to produce clearer images. He also developed anti-counterfeiting measures for coins, and the use of ridges on many coins is still in use today.   

Although his law of gravity breakthrough was believed to be inspired by being hit on the head with an apple, this may not be true. When Newton was asked how he discovered the law of gravity, he replied, By thinking about it all the time.” 

INTJ characteristics 

Isaac Newton is an excellent example of an INTJ. He had a brilliant mind and viewed the world in a logical, analytical way. He was curious about how things worked and liked to accumulate knowledge and learn new things. 

From an early age, Isaac Newton had a shy, quiet nature, and he was often bullied at school. But he chose to improve himself by concentrating his whole attention on schoolwork.  

As he got older, he was still withdrawn and had difficulty connecting with others, and often had anger problems. 

He was so occupied with his theories and inventions that he sometimes forgot to eat. By extensively studying his journals and biography, some scientists have come to the conclusion that Newton may have had Asperger’s or Autism.  

Regardless of his struggles or supposed disorders, we can thank Isaac Newton for his determination to bring his incredible ideas to reality. His ground-breaking theories and revolutionary inventions have changed our world. 


“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

“Live your life as an Exclamation rather than an Explanation”


Charles Darwin  

Famous INTJs
Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

Charles Darwin was an English naturalist, geologist, and pioneer in the field of biology. He is best known for his scientific theory of evolution by natural selection which has become the foundation of modern evolutionary studies and a fundamental concept in science.    

His father, who was a doctor, hoped Darwin would earn a medical degree at Edinburgh University. But Darwin was more interested in natural history and the sight of blood made him sick, so natural history became his career choice. 

Darwin formulated his revolutionary and controversial theories after returning home from a voyage aboard the HMS Beagle. He then published his thoughts about evolution and natural selection in the book On the Origin of Species 

Darwin has been described as one of the most influential figures in human history, and he was buried in Westminster Abbey.  

INTJ characteristics 

Charles Darwin was an introverted solitary person who enjoyed long walks in the outdoors. He was fascinated by the natural world, often collecting plants and insects. 

We can see from his intensive study and theories that he valued knowledge. He was curious about the world and had a systematic approach to his work. Charles Darwin was such a hard worker, he suffered from ill-health. In 1882 he was diagnosed with heart disease and died shortly afterward. 

Although he “knew his radical ideas would be met with stiff opposition” (Natural History Museum, Collections, Lotzof) from the scientific and religious community, he stuck to his convictions. Interestingly, his book became an instant best-seller.  

Whether you agree with his theories or not, you have to agree that Charles Darwin was a brave man. He teaches us that we should never comprise our ideals or beliefs even when we are faced with challenges. 


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

“I am not apt to follow blindly the lead of other men”


Elon Musk 

Elon Musk is a South African-born American entrepreneur and multi-billionaire investor. 

He co-founded Paypal, is the Chief Engineer of SpaceX, and is the co-founder, Product Architect, and CEO of Tesla, Inc. 

Tesla, Inc created the Model 3 compact executive sedan. It was more affordable than other Tesla models and it became the best-selling electric car. 

In 2019, Musk caused an uproar in the social media world when he joined the social media service Twitter. His account @elonmusk became one of the most popular accounts on the site, with more than 85 million followers as of 2022.  

In April 2022, Musk made a bid of $44 billion for Twitter, which would make him the sole owner of the company.  

INTJ characteristics 

Elon Musk is the epitome of the INTJ personality. He is logical, analytical, creative, confident, ambitious, and goal-oriented. 

Even from a young age, Musk was a high achiever, smart inventor, and a successful businessman. At the age of 12, he developed and sold a video game called Blastar to the PC and Office Technology magazine for $500. 

Musk can filter out distracting information, which is a key indicator of high intelligence. One of the most hardworking entrepreneurs, Elon Musk has an incredible work ethic. He used to work 120 hours a week but has cut back to 80 to 90 hours. 

As well as pursuing his own goals, he has the public’s needs in mind. In April 2022, Musk tweeted that he wanted to “make Twitter better than ever by enhancing the product with new features, making the algorithms open source to increase trust, defeating the spam bots, and authenticating all humans.” 

A true visionary, Musk is always thinking of the future and his incredible ideas have revolutionized space technology and are still transforming the way we live.  


“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.”

“If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. Otherwise, it’s not.”


Ludwig Beethoven 

Ludwig Beethoven was a German composer and a piano virtuoso during the Classical and Romantic periods. He is widely regarded as the greatest and most important composer who ever lived. 

He learned from other musical greats like Haydn, and when he was 17 years old, he performed for Mozart in Vienna. 

Beethoven has left behind an incredible legacy of musical achievements. During his lifetime he created 722 works, including 9 symphonies, 35 piano sonatas, and 16 string quartets.  

He was an eclectic composer who liked to experiment with multiple musical genres. As well as chamber music, he composed songs, canons, cantatas, variations, bagatelles, overtures, dances, opera, incidental music, and marches.   

INTJ characteristics 

An interesting INTJ, Beethoven’s personality is as complex and diverse as his music, which has been described as inspiring, dramatic, intense, introspective, anguished, heroic, triumphant, and joyful 

Beethoven was hot-tempered, ill-mannered, suspicious, stubborn, and self-involved, and he often oscillated between optimism and pessimism. But he was loved by his friends. 

Although he was an introvert, his passion was to create music that the whole world could enjoy.

He has been called the “sad genius, whose life was pock-marked with misery.” (Ketchell, The Conversation, 2020). Although he enjoyed a brilliant career early in his life, Beethoven experienced many challenges that contributed to his pessimistic attitude.  

His family had financial problems, Beethoven’s older brother died six days after his birth, and Beethoven had ill health. What was most devastating to Beethoven was his deteriorating eyesight and he was completely blind by the age of 46. 

One of the most important things to note about Beethoven is that he didn’t let his problems stop him from pushing the boundaries of creativity and creating fantastic music.  


“I am not very well satisfied with the work I have thus far done. From this day on I shall take a new way.”

“There are and always will be thousands of princes, but there is only one Beethoven!”


Christopher Nolan  

Christopher Nolan is an acclaimed British film director, producer, and screenwriter. 

Nolan’s films have not only accrued over $4 billion at the global box office, but they have allowed him to work with the best actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale.   

His most notable films are Batman Begins, Tenet, The Dark Knight, Dunkirk, Interstellar, The Prestige, and Inception. 

INTJ characteristics 

Christopher Nolan is an intuitive, ambitious, hardworking, innovative, and creative film director.  

He has enjoyed success due to his tremendous skill at making “classic crowd-pleasers” that are “fiercely original, meticulously crafted [and] expertly assembled”. (Ames, Looper, 2022). 

Even though the film-making process is expensive and time-consuming, Christopher Nolan has an incredible work ethic. In an interview for People magazine, he expressed his willingness to “put so many other aspects of [his] life on hold to create something truly memorable and ground-breaking.” (Smith,, 2020) 

To keep himself fully focused on creating his film art, he doesn’t have a cell phone, email, or social media accounts as he believes they are a distraction.  

He is one of the most visionary film directors of our time.  Nolan’s sensational films contain complex plots that defy belief but capture our imaginations. We love his characters as they are realistic but unique. His clever use of film technology blows our minds. 


“If you’re trying to challenge an audience and make them look at elements in a different way, you’ve got to give them a familiar context to hang onto. But you have to be very aware that the audience is extremely ruthless in its demand for newness, novelty and freshness.”

“Breaking rules isn’t interesting. It’s making up new ones that keeps things exciting.”


Jodie Foster 

Jodie Foster is an American actress, director, and producer. Since she was a child, Jodie has been working in the film industry and she is still one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood. 

She first came to prominence when she took the role of Iris, a 12-year-old prostitute in Taxi Driver. Her performance was critically acclaimed and nominated for an Academy Award.  

Among her many accolades, she won a Best Actress Academy Award for The Accused, and The Silence of the Lambs. In the 1990s, Foster made her screen directorial debut with Little Man Tate, and she produced Nell, for which she received an Oscar nomination for best actress. 

Her other celebrated films are Contact, Panic Room, Inside man, Flight Plan, and The Mauritanian.  

In 2013, Foster received the Cecil B. DeMille Award (a Golden Globe for lifetime achievement in the film). 

INTJ characteristics 

Jodie Foster is identified as an INTJ as she is strong, smart, confident, independent, and passionate about her beliefs. She is an interesting introvert as she likes solitude but doesn’t like being alone. 

From her film choices, we can see that she is bold and courageous and not afraid to accept risky acting roles that other actresses avoid. These choices also show that Jodie is intuitive and clever, and she knows that challenging roles make her a better actress.  

Foster has successfully managed to keep her private life away from the prying eyes of the media. This is amazing really as she has grown up in the glare of the Hollywood spotlight. 


“I always play strong women. I’m not sure how to play weak. I really don’t know how.”

“I prefer to commit 100 per cent to a movie and make fewer films, because it takes over your life.”


Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe is a New Zealand-born Australian actor, director, and musician. He is known for his on-screen smoldering intensity, acting versatility, and ruggedly handsome good looks.  

Crowe’s film career took off with the film Romper Stomper, in which he played a neo-Nazi.  

His notable films are L.A. Confidential, The Insider, A Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the Word, Gladiator, American Gangster, Robin Hood, Broken City, Man of Steel, Noah, and The Mummy.  

Crowe also starred in and directed The Water Diviner. 

In May 2010, The Australian Post released a set of postage stamps featuring Crowe as Robin Hood from the blockbuster film. 

INTJ characteristics

One look at Russell Crowe’s career, and it’s easy to see why he is called an INTJ. He is confident in his abilities, independent, motivated, committed to his career, and is not afraid to speak his mind.  

INTJs are known for their pursuit of excellence in everything they do, and Russell Crowe is a classic perfectionist. He “sets his professional bar high and expects his colleagues to follow him over it.” (Bunbury, Sydney Morning Herald, 2016)

He has also been described as a “multifaceted artist” who is supremely talented but has made the headlines for the wrong reasons.  

He has a bad temper and has displayed some erratic behavior in the past. But Russell realized the error of his ways and has apologized for his angry outbursts, and has tried to mend his ways.  

While he can be challenging, arrogant, and reserved, he can also be down-to-earth and happy to talk about his life.  


“People accuse me of being arrogant all the time. I’m not arrogant, I’m focused.”

“I want to make movies that pierce people’s hearts and touch them in some way, even if it’s just for the night while they’re in the cinema; in that moment, I want to bring actual tears to their eyes and goosebumps to their skin.”



Although we admire INTJ famous people and think that we could never achieve their level of accomplishments, living a successful life is attainable.  

You don’t have to be a celebrity or rich to live the life you want. This is how you can live your best life. Choose the right career that suits your character strengths and talents, work hard, and never give up on your dream.  

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