Advice on What It’s Like to Date a Scorpio

Dating a Scorpio

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Life is incomplete without love so everyone tries to look for it in their own way. Dating is a common way of finding that special person who’ll light up your life. But going blindly into the dating arena is daunting.

Personality tests and astrological signs are useful in giving some insight into the types of personalities and estimating what their preferences might be. Our website has an AI-assisted personality test that can offer assistance in knowing personalities. The free personality test combined with the information given by astrological signs is highly valuable to navigate dating life.

The 101 on Dating a Scorpio

In the astrological world, Scorpio is notorious when it comes to dating. They’re introverts and don’t share their feelings and opinions which makes it hard to figure out what they want. They quickly establish intimacy but down the road have trouble trusting people.

But romantic relationships offer a great chance of growth to Scorpions. Every relationship transforms them a little and they emerge as a changed people. The change is mostly positive and assists them in making their relationships successful.  

Scorpios are good judges of character and can tell from a few dates whether they want to go any further or not. Commitment and loyalty are precious traits to them. 


What to Expect When Dating a Scorpio

Scorpio traits
Photo by Ben Mack

Getting to know a Scorpio is a huge challenge as they’re not the sharing type. But once you get to know them you’ll find them to be lovely people with a lot to share.  



You can count on a Scorpio to never quit. They dive into things without fear of heartache and failure. They’re fully capable of dealing with any adversity that comes their way. When in relationships they don’t shy away from troubles and acknowledge that there are going to be challenging times. They believe that adversaries bring couples together and help build a stronger bond. If their partner is struggling with something they’ll do their best to make their suffering go away.  


Strive for the best 

Scorpios aren’t in favor of building short-term bonds and they don’t invest much in temporary relationships. They give their heart and soul to a relationship only if they see it surviving the test of time. With Scorpios, you’ll never have to worry about things done half-heartedly. 


Intuitive nature 

The water sign has an intuitive nature and can notice even the tiniest detail. Their ability to read the situation keeps them one step ahead of others which improves their ability to adapt.  

Scorpios have a deep understanding of the world around them and aren’t superficial at all. They can see through the appearance of things and get to the bottom. They’re great at communication as they have an idea of what the other person is thinking even if they don’t say anything. They understand their feelings and wish that their partner possesses the same awareness. They’re always ready to comfort their partner when they’re emotionally suffering.



Scorpios are good at discovering people’s hidden agendas and they have no plan of keeping these agendas a secret from their partner. Hiding things from their partner is not in their nature. They lay the foundation of their relationship on honesty. Although they have a secretive personality they prefer to be as open as they can be in their relationships.  



Scorpios take their time to fall in love because they’re not the type to make rash decisions. They want lasting relationships so they consider every step that they take. Once they find a compatible person they’re not going to leave them and will stay by their side through thick and thin.  

They may seem mysterious in the beginning as they don’t open up easily and their mysterious aura attracts the attention of many people. But their intuitiveness allows them to know whether the other person is being sincere or not. They don’t show interest in superficial people and reserve their attention and affection for those who are serious and genuine.



Once Scorpios learn to pacify their intense emotions and healthily deal with them, they become best friends, partners, and healers. Their sensitive nature makes them compassionate.  

Whenever they see someone struggling they’re going to be the first to offer a helping hand. It’s painful for them to see people around them in a dark place. They’re not afraid of darkness and tough situations as they know how to find hope and light during dark times. They want to enlighten those around them as well. 

Passionate and protective 

The dedication of the water sign is unparalleled.  Their passion runs deep and they’ll always do things that they love. They’re motivated people and excel when they decide to follow their dreams and true desires. Their motivation is contagious and it gives their partner the energy and desire to do their best as well.  

Scorpios don’t want to do anything that hurts their loved ones as they’re not willing to lose them. They would never allow anything to disrupt or threaten their relationship. Their partner’s feelings always come first and they’ll never make their partner feel lonely or helpless.  


Challenges You Should Expect When Dating a Scorpio

Challenging Scorpio traits
Photo by Ryanniel Masucol

No one is perfect and sometimes people can act in a way that impacts others negatively. Even though Scorpios, with the best intentions, can often hurt other people as their worst traits can sometimes dominate their best selves.  


Unpredictable emotions 

The mood swings of the water sign aren’t easy to get used to. It can make their personality too unpredictable for their partners. It’s hard for others to discern what’s going on in their mind because of their secretive nature. Their bad mood can come and disappear without any warning.  


Scorpios can get obsessive regarding things they adore. When they get into a relationship they establish an irrational fear of losing the other person. They want stability and everything done according to their desires. Their controlling behavior can be too much for their partner. Everyone values their freedom and doesn’t like it to be taken away by someone else. They may feel like their Scorpio partner is holding them back.  



Jealousy is never a good sign in a relationship. Scorpio’s jealousy can sometimes be so intense that it suffocates a relationship. They’re loyal to a fault and they have trouble trusting their partner. They constantly doubt their partner’s sincerity and loyalty which can create a huge schism in their relationship. No matter how hard they try, Scorpios are unable to let go of the suspicion that the other person is going to hurt them.  



When one person is too secretive and doesn’t like sharing then it becomes hard for the other to anticipate their feelings and thinking. Scorpio’s secretive traits can make their partners uncomfortable. They may feel ignored and left out and see their behavior as being indifferent. They don’t want to show any vulnerability as they’re afraid of getting betrayed but their partner may feel that they’re not considered trustworthy.



Scorpios are closed-off people but they don’t like it when the other person acts secretive. They want their partner to share everything which isn’t fair as they’re holding a lot back. Scorpios get upset when information is withheld from them and their desire to know everything makes them nosy.  


Best Date Ideas Suitable for Scorpio Personalities 

Scorpio date ideas
Photo by Dede Avez

Making a good first impression is good for the relationship to bloom into something meaningful. Planning dates is a challenging task as you need to come up with ideas that the other person finds interesting. It requires having some knowledge of your date’s preferences.  

Here are a few interesting ideas for those dating or planning to go on a date with a Scorpio.  


A historical tour 

Scorpios have a lot of interest in history. They love going to old buildings, cemeteries, and museums as they want to know about the lives of people who lived before them. To make a strong impression, plan a historical tour for a date and you’ll find the water sign happy and satisfied. If there are any old buildings with an interesting story or unusual design, you should take them there. It will be memorable because they’ll get to experience history and see beautiful landscapes as well.  

Zoos and animal sanctuaries 

Scorpio personalities are animal lovers. A visit to the zoo is bound to pique their interest as they’re always interested in checking out rare and dangerous animals like lions and huge snakes. They find pleasure in seeing animals being taken care of.  

Volunteering in an animal sanctuary is also among their favorite things to do. They want to see animals safe and cared for and they want to do their part in ensuring their safety.  


Themed parties 

Scorpios love mysterious things. They love going to parties that have a mysterious aura like masquerades. The water sign likes dressing up to impress and they prefer to showcase their secretive personality through their dressing. Themed parties and masquerades offer them a perfect opportunity to have a great time.  

High-end restaurant 

Scorpios like eating delicious food. To make a lasting impression on your date you should arrange a fantastic and luxurious meal for them. Create a romantic setting by using candles to establish an ambiance. Make sure that everything is delicious. If you have the skill to cook a delicious meal then use it to impress your date. If not then you can just take them to a good


Final Thoughts 

The Scorpio star sign is always looking for consistency and stability. Their relationships are filled with loyalty and they expect the same level of sincerity in return. They’re difficult to read as they’re not used to sharing so it requires a lot of patience and maturity to get to know their true self.  

With all this information you just read, hopefully, it will help you to decide whether dating a Scorpio personality is the right move for you, in case you had doubts!

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