Agreeableness as Big Five Personality Trait 

Agreeable Personality

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Understanding the different personality traits helps in making better professional and personal decisions. The big five personality theory is one of the theories that attempt to provide some insight into complex human personality.  

A person’s personality is an amalgamation of five traits. It means that an individual can be dominating one of them and also have some level of other dimensions as well.  

What Is Agreeableness?

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It is one of the five main dimensions given by the OCEAN theory. The dimension describes a set of broad individual differences in ways a person relates to other people and their ability to put their needs above theirs.  

Agreeable people are well-liked as they do not like conflict and prefer to cooperate and establish a healthy relationship.  


Key characteristics of agreeableness

Just like any other personality trait, being agreeable has an impact on the behavior of a person in the workplace and at home. Agreeable individuals display the following dominant traits:  

  • They don’t have any difficulty interacting with people because of their flexible nature.   
  • Agreeable people are popular because everyone likes them.  
  • The needs of other people are important to them which is why they tend to take care of others, especially in difficult situations. 
  • They are considerate, helpful, and kind.
  • They always show their sensitive nature. 
  • People with high agreeableness refrain from judging other people.  
  • Making friends is easy for them.  
  • They are perceptive and altruistic. 
  • Collaboration is one of their strengths.  
  • They don’t like confrontation and always prefer to de-escalate tense situations. They are even willing to sacrifice their point of view or needs to calm down the situation.  
  • Agreeable people are humble and down-to-earth.  


Influence on Workplace Behavior

Agreeable Personalities
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Choosing a career and hiring new employees are difficult tasks. Knowing the personality traits is effective in making the most suitable decisions. People can choose a profession that suits their personality.  Being aware of the dominant traits makes it easier to assign them the work that is most suitable for them and get the best results. 

Agreeable people make excellent leaders. The characteristics that determine their behavior in the workplace are :



Altruism is a valuable asset for leaders. They can put the needs of others before their own. They are empathetic which makes them aware of other people’s feelings. Once they see someone struggling they cannot ignore it and find ways to help them.   


A trustworthy leader is crucial for ensuring the workplace functions efficiently. Agreeable people are honest and make great leaders because other people can rely on them to help and guide them through all kinds of situations. They can see the best in other people and their positive attitude can bring the best out of them as well. 



They never try to seek confrontation. They prefer working in a peaceful and tension-free environment. They always use dialogue to resolve conflicts in a workplace, making sure that the situation does not escalate. 



Agreeable personalities are always cooperative. They are considerate of the person working around them which creates a comfortable environment. Making sure the needs of everyone are taken care of is a critical quality of a good leader.  

Benefits of Hiring Agreeable Personalities

Hiring new people is a lengthy and time-consuming task but every company has to do it to ensure the work gets done. When managed efficiently, they can contribute a lot to the success of the company. Adding agreeable people to the team can help in boosting productivity as they have a lot to offer.

Hiring them is an excellent decision because of the following reasons:


Great interpersonal skills

They tend to establish strong friendships in a short period. These people are also good at maintaining their relationships. It is rare for them to have a fallout with anyone because they dislike confrontations. Such people are effective in creating a stable working environment.  


Excellent team workers

Teamwork is crucial for the success of a workplace. There are a lot of people working in different capacities in an office and they have to establish communication to make sure everyone is on the same page. People that score high in agreeableness love working in teams and can ensure everyone is at speed and can keep up with the workload.  

Their easy-going and approachable attitude paves the way for creating a healthy work environment. It encourages other team members to be honest and open with each other regarding their concerns and queries. 


Highly resilient

When they decide to accomplish something they always find a way to do it. They understand their colleague’s needs and work hard to find the best ways to accommodate everyone and get the best performance out of them. They are highly resilient and don’t give up just because things get tough and hectic.


Best Career Options 

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Knowing the dominant traits of a personality makes it possible to find the most suitable career path. People are often unhappy with their job because it does not match their personality. Our website offers reliable personality tests that can help you identify your personality traits and assist in selecting the best profession.  

Agreeable personalities should consider a career in the following fields: 

  • Human resources 
  • Sales 
  • Teaching 
  • Politics 
  • Fundraising 
  • Marketing 
  • Public relations 

Impact of the Environment on a Personality Trait

A human personality is an amalgamation of a variety of traits. Some traits are more dominant than others. The degree of the traits presented by an individual depends significantly on their innate personality. The environment and surroundings also play a role in determining the traits of a person.  

Agreeable people can also become competitive when faced with intense competition and crucial opportunities. Research says that increasing the dominance of a trait is possible.  

  • A person can become more agreeable and positive by increasing exposure to positive people and environments.  
  • Taking jobs that involve collaboration provides a lot of opportunities to get involved in situations that demand a positive attitude.  



Being agreeable is widely considered a strength because there are a lot of positive things attached to the trait. The strength of agreeable people is finding pleasure in catering to other people’s needs and showing empathy. Understanding the trait helps make sense and best use of one’s tendencies. 

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