4 Personality Colors and Their Traits

4 Personality Colors

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Human personality is complex and an enigma that researchers are trying to solve. There are different types of personality tests that have been developed in hopes of getting some useful insight into versatile human personalities.  

The purpose of all the tests is to find different aspects of an individual’s learning styles, perception of others and the environment, social comfort levels, leadership styles, and many other metrics.  

True Colors Personality Test

True Colors Personality Test
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One of the popular tests used to find the personality traits of an individual is the true colors personality test. The test is labeled as a questionnaire to test personality and temperament. All the questions in the test make a person self-reflect using hypothetical situations. The test is designed to assess different aspects of a person with the help of a questionnaire. Based on the answers, the person is placed on four spectrums of color.  

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4 Personality Colors 

Color Personality Test
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The 4 personality colors in which individuals are placed are blue, green, golden, and orange. These colors are used to represent major types of personalities. The results of the test showcase a person’s dominant traits and give a color that is most closely associated with your behavior, thought pattern, inclinations, and preferences.  

A person does not fit perfectly in just one color because everyone is a unique combination of these colors. However, there is going to be one or a combination of colors that will be more dominant than the others.  


Key characteristics of true color personality test

The four colors used in the true colors test are used to represent different traits of unique human personalities. Here are some of the key characteristics associated with each of the colors. 



Compassionate and caring 

The blue personalities are brilliant at identifying and gauging the feelings of those around them. They thrive when in relationships and they are pretty social and always show compassion towards others. Blue personalities are always trying to ensure that their group is successful and comfortable. If they find someone struggling in their group they do not hesitate to offer a helping hand.  

A blue person is faithful and loyal. You can count on them to stand by you through thick and thin. They have a big heart and are not afraid to show generosity because they want others to follow their lead as well. They are trustworthy and have an enthusiastic nature. Blue personality types tend to put others first and work hard to ensure that they take care of those around them.  

They avoid conflict at any cost. If any conflict arises, their basic instinct is to defuse the situation and find a peaceful solution to the problem. They have a sensitive soul and can easily get upset over small things.  


Blue personalities love getting praise and appreciation from others. The validation of other people gives them confidence and happiness as it lets them know that they are being heard. They look for opportunities to interact with others as it helps recharge their energy and provides the inspiration they need. Careers that require a high level of collaboration and coordination are best suited for them.  

Traditional and rule followers 

Blues are not a big fan of change and prefer to do things their way. They are traditionalists and like to stick to their old and tried ways even though they are not the best and most efficient way of doing things. Their inflexibility can often lead to conflict with others. They are unlikely to suggest a new way of doing things or volunteer a fresh idea. They respect things that have endured the test of time and find them reliable. 



Green personalities are intellectual and cognitive-oriented people.  

Highly intelligent

People falling in the green spectrum have exceptional analytical skills. They are great at identifying patterns and are great at gathering information before making any decision. These personalities love learning new things and enjoy the challenge. Sometimes their focus wanders but they have the caliber to take in a lot of stimuli. 

Big thinkers 

Green personalities are problem solvers. They manage to find a solution to any problem even if it’s unexpected and unorthodox. They have a sharp eye for seeing underlying trends in the data and this skill helps find the best course of action.  

Green individuals make brilliant business owners as they are strong leaders with an ability to get people through crises.


Individuals with green personalities can be stubborn and inflexible. They make their decisions based on facts instead of their gut feeling. They are only convinced when the argument is backed by solid evidence.  

Expressive and caring 

A green personality type does not like to hide their feelings. Their values and beliefs are an integral part of their life and they are not willing to abandon them. When they are loyal to someone they are not afraid to show it. They are reliable friends as you can trust them to stand with you even in the most difficult situations. Their personality is charming and their nurturing nature attracts others to them.  

They seek stability in life and want to live in peace. Becoming a part of a group is exciting for them. They love getting appreciated and are down-to-earth. 



True Color Personality
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Gold personalities love structure and are natural-born leaders.  

Hardworking planners 

People with gold personalities make great leaders. They are serious about their responsibilities and put a lot of emphasis on punctuality. These individuals like accuracy, and organization and always take decisive action.  

They are dependable and trustworthy people. They will always show respect to those who respect them. Gold personalities are exceptional at planning things and they do not have much patience for surprises.  

Rule followers

Rules are important for green personalities. Deadlines are important to them and they work hard to always deliver on time. They want clear instructions because they don’t appreciate it when they have to guess others’ expectations.  

They are real people and are good at identifying unrealistic scenarios and making them realistic. Golds cannot imagine breaking rules and will follow them no matter what. Their affinity for the rules can sometimes create conflict.  


The rules following gold are highly traditional. Common values and family time is precious to them. They lack patience for people who don’t understand the importance of social norms and traditions.  

Golds find structure dependable and they want everyone else to feel the same as well. They thrive when the proper status quo is maintained and respected. Others may find them inflexible and cold but they prefer to stick to their clear picture of the world. 



Orange personalities are known for their adventurous nature. 

Action takers 

Orange personalities have too much energy and they are always looking for action so they get to use their boundless energy.  They don’t bother over-analyzing situations and worry too much about optimal direction.  

Instead of relying on evidence or facts, they prefer to base their decisions on gut feeling. They are most inclined to go for a riskier path because they find safe options boring. They are ready to take risks because they believe that they can reap bigger and better rewards.  

Orange people like to be in control of situations and don’t appreciate being bound by rules and commitments.   


Orange people don’t like structure as they find it confining. They get a lot of excitement and energy by living in the moment. Their true joy lies in the present and they don’t spend much time contemplating the past.  

Oranges believe that planning dampens the thrill of things as it takes out the spontaneity they crave. Their desire for a thrill can often lead to risky behavior as well.  

Orange personalities want freedom in life. They can easily get bored and often seek thrill by competing in dangerous activities. These individuals find it hard to work in one place for a long time and change jobs a lot. Whenever their current job starts being less challenging, they switch in hopes of finding a more challenging workplace.  

Social butterflies

Orange personalities love meeting people and being part of a group. They are extroverts and find it easy to mingle with others, especially those who have the same view of the world as them. They have charming personalities that attract others. Their charismatic optimism is contagious and gets them attention without even trying. Their carefree nature makes them popular among people.  

Orange personalities do have trouble establishing deep relationships. They don’t have the stamina to commit to a relationship and give it time.


Final Thoughts

All personality tests are developed to explore various parts of a human personality. Companies use them in hiring processes in hopes of finding the best candidates for their organization. The true colors test is just one test among many that help put people in different categories and understand their characteristics in a better way. 

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